It’s so small. Oh goodness, no room. I don’t know how we’re
supposed to sleep here. [MUSIC PLAYING] [BREATHING] [SQUEAKING SOUND] Hey guys. So we’re in Berlin! [MUSIC PLAYING] Now we’re going to
go to a restaurant. Specific restaurant
or just a restaurant? How do you get in? Let me see this
place looks good. Oh, danke. Important conversation,
that candle is lit. Stop it. They’re so salty. Guys. Caoimhe. OK. It bubbled all the
way up my nose. But I’m a little
more bubbly now. Can I get the porcini
mushroom risotto? Mashed sweet potatoes,
chipotle dip? Why did you say
that so confidently? Can I have the chicken
wings and French fries? Can I get some
French fries as well? You are very hungry? It’s an American thing, yeah. I get everything and
I eat everything. Can I get the filet
of beef Caesar salad? Garlic bread, onion rings. 250 gram sirloin, medium. Caesar salad, chicken
wings as well. Caoimhe’s entire meal is four of
these and fries, and that’s it. I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll take over. Thank you. Let me just take another bite. Looking at my eyes. They’re really blue right now. Aren’t they really
blue right now? Yeah. They’re really cool. I am stealing Rachel
away for the night. Why? OK. So apparently, like, Amberg
is a town, just in Germany, and it has the world’s
smallest hotel. It’s like the world’s
smallest hotel, but like the actual
history of it is that it’s meant for couples. And it would be weird
if we all four went. I don’t even know if
we all can all fit. It’s the world’s smallest hotel. So I’m stealing her away. Is that OK? We’ll just find a new hotel. Singles night. Yeah. So don’t tell her. It’s a surprise. It’s going to be fun, though. I know, but like that’s
so like odd and fun. So we’ll go to an other one. Yeah. [LAUGHING] I don’t know how
she got outside. Well, I’m just saying. We– Need better ketchup, Tyler. You have to catch up. Ha, you were just fried. You’re doing better
at this, Caoimhe. Sorry, I was just winging it. If any of you guys
are colorblind, I actually do want to know this. Let’s say you see this color. It’s red, right? So well you might not– so, it’s red. But you are taught,
since you’re younger, that whatever color
this is, is red. Even if it looks kind
of yellow or blue, did you always know it was red? Do some people see colors
completely differently? Yes. Basically, like what
if this is red– Definition of red– Looks like– it looks
kind of like yellow. Colorblind, though. What if you see it as like blue. If you see as blue, then
your perception of blue is our perception of red. And you get taught
that blue equals red. That’s crazy. And you didn’t
order French fries? Don’t even know. It’s funny, because I caught
all of that, just in the corner. [MUSIC PLAYING] So as a surprise,
Tyler is actually taking me to the
world’s smallest hotel, which I’m really excited about. Because it’s like, what is
it like eight feet wide? It’s eight feet. It’s a little romantic. A little romantic. OK. So the hotel was built as a way,
because back in the olden days, people could only get married
if they owned property. So it was like, couples would
go to get married, they’d spend the night and,
then they’d sell it to the next couple in line
who wanted to get married, who didn’t own property. Now it’s thought of as
a place that couples go, and if they spend
the night there, they essentially live
happily ever after. Crazy. Crazy. Let’s go. Have the key. You got it? Yeah. Let’s do it. Wait, what? It’s huge. This isn’t small. Oh. Caoimhe and Derek
will be so mad. We got in a normal
hotel, and they got like a very, very small one. So. Wow. It’s so big. It’s huge. Oh my god. Wow. At least they were nice enough
to give us to two pillows. It just hit me, this entire
hotel is one room though. This is the bedroom. It’s six floors. It’s actually, yeah. It’s literally six floors. It’s very nicely decorated. I really like the
concept that they did where it was like a
hidden thing behind the wall. It’s so small. Oh goodness, no room. I don’t know how we’re
supposed to sleep here. But it’s funny. Because look at how much
actual room we have down there. It’s the living room. There’s the bathroom floor. What’s this? A fridge. I don’t need that right now. And there’s the bedroom floor. And are you already asleep? Derek, you want to
give the room tour? There it is! Ta da! It’s great, right? So big. Yes. Nothing really
interesting in there. It is a closet. But I think the two of us are
a bit too tall to lay this way. So we’re going to
have to lay this way. I like that the shower
is attached to the wall. This bed is so cozy though. Is it? Yeah. Come sit. Come sit with me. It is comfortable. Right? Imagine like the people
that made this hotel. They’re like yes, we’re married,
and all this love stuff. And respect, and we’re sitting
here in our blanket igloos. This is an ice way
to spend a night. You hear this guy? Me too. You’re the i-glue that
holds us together. That’s it. [SOBBING] There’s no TV. There’s no Wi-Fi. Hey, but I bet you our
hotel still bigger than Rachel’s and Tyler’s. For a small hotel, there’s
a lot of room in here. It’s not that small. I must say, my expectations
rose when I walked in. OK, keep it going. We’re such children. OK. I’m done. I’m over it. That was fun for
like 2.2 seconds. Ready? Ready? I think I have the loudest
clap in the world, ready? Wait. You liar. You pushed the light. The trick is to make your
hands look like webbed hands. OK. And then when you clap, make
sure that when you clap, they’re like between. [MUSIC PLAYING] Did the music just turn on? [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING] [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] I think we nailed it. OK. We’re tired. We are. We’re so tired. We need sleep. Should we got to sleep? Do you want to go to sleep? Yeah. Then yes. Yes, we should. [MUSIC PLAYING]