Seren cess made it into their little capsule hey good morning guys and welcome back to the vlog we’re in Kuala Lumpur at the airport here staying at The Container Hotel or the capsule hotel by container and so we came in here last night let me show you a little bit of our experience last night as we checked in all right guys we made it here to the hotel this is a capsule hotel right here and it looks kind of industrial kind of like a container it is by container hotels alright capsule so check in the window here oh yeah look at that guy right there there is a bed right there you just crawl right in it looks like anyway we’re going to get our capsule so check it out alright we’re looking for four oh sure this way oh we’re going into the mix yeah cool – Lehman area for a while four or five to okay these are the showers and the bathrooms here look at that industrial look here you get all exposed pipes huh rain shower yeah Walker right here’s what a single looks like little fold down table right there and your bed you crawl into next area is the male or female area all right let’s check it out we’ve got nice grass carpet I think this is the area that’s not for couples right and so it’s like one person oh look at that this is like the community area a lot of different books cool sitting area kind of industrial cables and things all right so cool little area to hang out oh yeah so here this is the male the male restroom right here which is empty right now check it out big select a locker room kind of area a bit like something you’d see in a gym toilets and showers cool see all of these keys these are for all of the luggage lockers right here ference s made it into their little capsule how you guys like it it’s pretty cool that’s like a fort huh yeah yeah I don’t know your desk area yeah put on your desk there if you’re working on the mirror to a good vanity area nice how’s the Wi-Fi yeah my try – yeah that’s amazing that you have it right here did you see your slippers yeah I did what I didn’t like what a quick plug good night guys see in the morning I check in they gave us each a bag like a bathroom back and it comes with let’s look a bath towel and a bottle of water and I don’t know that what’s this a breath of fresh air she’s brush kit let me open it the party’s kinda open you yes go ahead I want away my friends open it that’s being what it is toothbrush and toothpaste oh yeah that’s really cool there is also a fan up in the corner like a white noise fan are you gonna turn it on yeah right here they also offer earplugs there’s a little sign over here if you need to your plug so you can call in get earplugs and also thing of a wake up call now that’s wrong we got up we took showers how was your shower gel showers are really nice I mean granted everything is going to be small right everything’s like miniature yeah that’s like the style of the hotel right so it’s kind of an experience also yeah but the local shower pressure was super good and the water was plenty hot so rain shower oh yeah there was a rape sale I didn’t use the rain shower I just use like spray the handle can help on rose yeah I just preferred that but yeah there was research even notice I mean I slept good you know when we finally got the sleep we got in kind of late last night but yeah we yeah we didn’t actually like go to sleep until around 1:00 but yeah and there were like six people coming to going is this why it’s all time but that white noise at the white noise box that really helped yeah and it was plenty dark so yeah yeah and my I think that the the place like they kind of design kind of reminds me of like maybe you’re staying in the dorm for dauntless off of the divergent right it’s really industrial [Music] do you guys think that this hotel attend like for like like who would be a good match to come and stay here yeah I think maybe like a Spectre back crackers it is really when you get out of plane you go to sleep for a while until your next plane yeah okay yeah if you just let captain on long trip to and you don’t need to put today but you need to shower this is a good place to come for a shower so yeah you’re going to get hey there you think it’s come to take a shower is that cool maybe people who were only going to be here for a few hours you don’t you don’t need like a whole hotel be disappointed yeah you just want to sleep for a little while and then you get going so be good like short stay okay also like if you’re just like wanting to have an adventure because this is very unique so this is the first time that we’ve ever stayed in something like that something a container hotel so if you’re out for an adventure out for something new this is that’s right that’s what I was going to say – you want like an experience write all of the information and all of the stuff that you need if you think you might want to check out this hotel or down in the description below you can go ahead and check those out and we want to thank the capsule hotel definitely we’re providing this for our families we hope you guys have a really great day thank you smiling [Music]