For the next part of staycation in Bangkok, we are still in the area of Pathumwan to be exact in BTS Ratchadamri, we would like to stay in a hotel called Hansar Bangkok For the direction itself Stayers can look here When you go out from the BTS There will be signage of Hansar Bangkok and this is the BTS which name is Ratchadamri Wait The BTS is called Ratchadamri and then Towards that way is the way to Hansar Bangkok Let’s follow our schedule today in Hansar Hotel Bangkok The easiest way to go here is to go directly from Exit 4 from BTS Ratchadamri and walk 100 m, stayers will see the signage of Hansar Hotel If you happenned to visit the same location They are in one complex of Ex-Four Seasons Hotel which has been rebranding and known as the complex of Hansar Bangkok and Anantara siam Hansar Hotel provides all suites type room So you can mix and match your preference according to our needs So Stayers, i am in their room right now In Hansar Hotel Bangkok i would like to take you to see how our room looks like tonight let’s start from the front door when you enter here From the entrance, this is the door This one, oh can’t be opened :p They have washing machine here The aromatherapy is so good let me ask them what flavor they bring to the room and then this is the minibar and these are all kitchen utensils another minibar by the way, if you stay in Hansar for this type of room The type luxury with view They will not allow you to create fire or cooking using the cookpad you should pay deposit around 2000 Baht to use the electric stove So if you are staying here and you want to do some cooking, please let the receptions know that you request the usage of the electric stove and by the way For all these minibars it is a complimentary for us and will be replenished daily So it is free for all of us and it’s already included for the booking if you want to stay in this type luxury with view so this is the desk room ( working ) quite nice, simple but nice and this is a non-smoking room Thank You and this is ohh it’s the bathrobe supplies and amenities if you are keen on taking this to your home that’s all the price because the bathrobe and the slippers were really cute This is the big TV This is the big bed for today Tadaaaa and this one, we have the view of Wait a minute, why can’t i open this :p yes woahh The view is directly go to Lumphini Park, so this is lumpini Park and this is the business district area in Bangkok City wow, it’s very cool to have this kind of view it literally is amazing By the way, it’s the BTS. Can you spot it? This is the BTS The BTS Ratchadamri, according to the opening video we head towards this street goo directly and then arrived at Hotel we are going inside the room again I want to give you the taste of their bathroom Here As what i’ve said earlier, this is so cute This is like yukata from Japan This is because they are influenced with modernism and Japan style So it’s quite similar to them from the bathrobe to the slippers Let me try their slippers The slippers is like this gengs so cute But these are all not for free so don’t forget about it This is the Body lotion savour pour l’emmand ylang ylang Okay They have bathtub here This is the rain shower and their closet By the way the closet has no flush here so if you are already used to have flush don’t forget to bring your wet tissue and this is Their shampoo, conditioner Body wash from RIIN let’s go outside again so for all of you who asked what type of rooms that we stay tonight maybe i’ll take my seat first The type is luxury with view so this is like the most standard level in Hansar bangkok There is also just luxury type but they have no view so it can be your consideration in choosing room type so in this Hansar Bangkok They have 96 rooms in every floor levels and all of them are suites type So if you like staying at this Hansar Bangkok We recommended this Hotel because The first thing is the strategic location it’s very near from the BTS if you happenned to be like us who doesn’t like traffic in Bangkok, it will save a lot of your time by taking BTS from Ratchadamri The price for this Hansar Bangkok is categorized quite affordable compared with the Hotel near this Area They have Anantara Siam and then Renaissance Ratchaprassong in Bangkok Grand Hyatt, usually they take prices from around 3 million idr per night per room but with this type of room, you can get the price from 2 million idr ++ it’s around 5000++ baht but according to the exchange rate last time when you watch this movie, eh this video i mean :p why did we choose luxury with view type? because we really like Bangkok City View The skyline of Bangkok is really thematic and also scenic, the view we got from here is Lumphini Park, a lot of Thai People have their activities here like tracking jogging, playing golf so it’s really really cool to have this kind of view The decoration in the room is quite detail We ourselves really love the way they put it inside the room because not a lot of hotel that has detailed design like this By the way one of the room feature that you can try is their pillow menu Start from the warm hard one, soft one or medium it will be according to your own preference Stayers can soak in their swimming pool and their jacuzzi which is located on the 8th floor The sqimming pool here is designed with an open area and you can breathe the freshness of the air so you will not feel hot here and you can chill with your loved ones here Here, they have like MMA or Muaythai if you want to see here They have it on 8th floor it’s just beside the pool and the gym so the MMA and the Muaythai is only for Hansar Hotel guests and residence owner so if you happenned to be here you can directly ask to their reception or employee what time they are open for public because they only have it at certain time thus you can try if the MMA is not enough, you can go to the gym just beside the facilities They have 3 elliptical machines and treadmill with IPod docking station, along with other fitness tools here good morning stayers, so it’s been a really hectic day a busy day yesterday, so today i try their breakfast in bed tadaa, this is what i ordered this is basket of bread fresh fruits sunny side up with bacon and ham This is the dragon fruit, and this is orange juice and i ordered hot chocolatte Hansar! Let’s eat well by the way for the breakfast in bed you can order this at the price around 300-500 baht they have continental breakfast, american breakfast and also they have package for eggs only and it can be ordered from 7Am-11 AM and the breakfast is from 7-11 AM and when you ordered this, it needs like 30 minutes to your room so please prepare if you are already too hungry you could wait around 20-30 minutes more Besides the room service that can be ordered Breakfast is available at Elefin Restaurant and it’s also available for take away if you are leaving before the breakfast time The breakfast system in Elefin Restaurant is the combination of A La Carte Menu and Buffet The A La Carte Menu is the combination of Thai Food, western food and mostly organic and healthy food, for the buffet you can enjoy pastries, juices, fruits and condiment which is so great Hansar Bangkok is really a nice place to stay if you want to escape a moment from the Bangkok madness So that’s all the recap journey of our staycation Thank you for watching and remember It is not about the place that we go but about the memory that we create Have a blessed journey ahead stayers see yaaa