Hi, I’m Lara from En Route Traveler and I’m staying at the boutique hotel Maison Vy in Hoi An, Vietnam. Maison Vy is a Vietnamese owned and operated boutique hotel located just minutes away from the charming Ancient Town of Hoi An. The hotel has a sophisticated, global chic vibe and does not skimp on details or hospitality. Rooms are designed to pamper
travelers after a long day. And common areas like the lush garden and outdoor pool always feel intimate and luxurious. The hotel is an amazing value and includes a number of complimentary meals and services. Guests are fed Western or
Vietnamese style breakfasts. In the afternoon, High Tea is served with beverages and a snack buffet. Finally, the day ends with complimentary foot soaks placed in the room. The longer you stay at Maison Vy, the more Privileges you accrue. We only stayed two nights and in addition to the previously mentioned perks, we received free laundry service, airport pickup, bicycle rentals, a delicious vegetarian family-style dinner, and coupons for cooking classes and area tailors. Our conclusion? If you’re looking for a sumptuous
stay without blowing your budget, don’t look any further than Maison Vy. Now it’s your turn! Have you ever stayed at Maison Vy or another fabulous hotel in Hoi An? If so, leave your comments for other travelers below. If this video sparked wanderlust, we’d be so grateful if you gave this video a thumbs up , shared it with a friend, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Until we meet again, remember to stay restless and seek more. Hi, I’m Lara from En Route Traveler and I’m staying at the boutique hotel, Maison Vy in Hoi An, Vietnam. [voice from bathroom] And I’m pooping in
the hotel! Boo!!!