Something to look forward to everyday
Hi, Welcome to Chucky’s Cafe How may I help you today
It’s a nice change from having a soda all day long to getting a little bit of something
different It’s a new addition to the mess deck
something that you wouldn’t think to see on an aircraft carrier
allowing Joe Navy to have a hot gourmet cup of joe
We are all surprised that we actually have a Starbucks that actually tastes like Starbucks
and the prices that are cheaper than a regular one next in line
how can I get for you? hot mocha It’s benefiting Sailers by giving them the
hometown feeling I guess Starbucks you usually don’t find it on ships
especially on warships the Navy sent representatives from the famous
coffee maker to ensure that the taste is just how Sailers remembered right now we are out at the sea
and so when we were in port
you know like the Starbucks right across the street
and we are so used to getting one every time we go to work
it’s just rejuvenates everybody and keeps everybody upbeat and everything so we go home
to Carl Vinson so a little bit of home now you are thinking
why is the Vinson letting some big corporation come onboard and drain Sailers of their hard
earned money you are in for a surprise to know where the
profits go you can’t use cash
you have to use Navy cash card? all the money goes back to the crew
if you need a whipped blended pick-me-up stop by the Starbucks at the starboard side
of the mess deck between 0830 and 1000
and get yourself a heaven in a cup