Hey folks, it’s Paul at Rapids Wholesale.
Are you in the market for a new panini or sandwich grill? Check out these from Star. Today we’re going to talk about the Star
Manufacturing Pro Max heavy duty two sided grills or panini presses with the 4 million
life cycle hinge system. They come in both aluminum and cast iron. The unit on the left
is aluminum. And the unit on the right is cast iron. The unit on the left is a standard unit, um
control knob and large stainless steel grease trough. And the unit on the right has electronic
timers. Pro Max is used for high demand. This hinge system is a compression spring
hinge system. All the other manufacturers traditionally use a torsion spring hinge system
which would be the same as a garage door that goes up and down on a house. Plastic coated,
water resistant conduit. And one of the other things that STAR does is they actually cap
off the to and the bottom that no other manufacturers do where the conduit goes in there. The other thing that you are going to notice
that you can raise the unit, come up you have adjustments on the back here for the height.
These units are available in smooth and grooved, this unit here is grooved. The hinge mechanism,
it’s been tested for over four million cycles. As you can see, the unit comes straight down
three inches vertical on the product and comes straight down on the product giving even contact
front to back and not smashing the product forward making a mess on the griddle surface
itself. Easier cleanup, faster production. Also, look
at the much larger grease or food trough for food particles that come out onto the griddle
surface. Much larger than the competition has. The Pro-Max panini is manufactured in Smithville
Tennessee. This is a U.S. made product. The thermostats also range from 175 degrees Fahrenheit
up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit on this unit. Optional programmable timers and food menu
items are also available. You can also get guards on the tops and the sides. Burn guards
put on the unit. Some of the options, menu options that can be used on these paninis
for breakfast are breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage,
fried potatoes, specialty omelets. Lunch/dinner menus include panini sandwiches,
rueben sandwiches, quesadillas, burritos and wraps, hamburgers, kitchen sandwiches, cuban
sandwiches, grilled vegetables, salmon, tuna, let your imagination run wild with the STAR
PRO Max panini grills! And should you have any questions about this
gear, feel free to give us a buzz here at the shop or you can jump on our online chat.
We’re here to help.