Hey guys, Paul at Rapids Wholesale. We got
Lorne here from Star Manufacturing. He’s going to go over some components of the Ultra-Max
and the Star-Max char-broilers. Thanks Paul. You betcha. So what we’re going through
and highlighting here from Star Manufacturing is the competitors medium duty burner in comparison
to our Star-Max and Ultra-Max. Obviously our Star-Max is our medium duty and then our Ultra-Max,
which is the burner we see right here, that’s our heavy duty cooking counter top cooking
equipment. The H burner is a 40,000 BTU burner, it’s located every 12 inches and the H style
prevents clogging of the burners. So it’s very efficient. The next burner you see is
a 40,000 BTU burner it’s located every 6 inches, and that also has the dual hole construction
that prevents flame wavering. And then lastly, we’ve also upgraded on the Ultra-Max our
steel radiant. We’ve gone from a stainless steel which you’ll find in most burners
and or most char-broilers and we’ve got this is a cast steel. It prevents the warping,
and then the heat and cool cycle is not as hard and brittle causing failure in that.
And then lastly, we have the Ultra-Max and Star-Max knob which is all metal now, compared
to the plastic knobs that you see sometimes standard in the marketplace. So again just
featuring the quality of our products and hopefully you find great value in that and
choose Star. Thank you.