Hey guys, it’s Paul at Rapids Wholesale.
Are you looking to replace some of your bigger equipment in your kitchen? Check out the new
Star-Max line from STAR. These will be their new griddles, char-broilers and hot plates.
Check out this video. Hi, I’m pleased to introduce our new and
improved line of Star-Max counter cooking equipment. Our Star-Max brand of counter cooking
equipment has been in the market for over 20 years and now we’ve introduced a lot
more enhancements to the product, made a more attractive product, and certainly the best
value in the industry. First, I would like to talk to you about our new countertop cooking
griddles. We’ve improved this by going to a one inch thick griddle plate. In the medium
duty segment, no one offers a one inch thick griddle plate. What does that one inch do
for you? It provides even heat distribution and plenty of stored energy for high volume
situations. We offer two control versions, a manual control, and a thermostat control.
As you can see, we’ve gone to a all stainless steel front. We’ve eliminated the polycarbonate
black panels on the design. So we’re going to get a product that looks good for a longer
period of time. And then we’ve changed from plastic knobs to metal knobs. The metal knob
will last longer, look more attractive on showroom floors and provide a better appearance
for any type of kitchen that is for display purposes. And lastly, with all of our new Star-Max equipment,
we offer a two year parts and labor warranty. That is unprecedented for a medium duty line
in our industry and provides a great value for your customers. Next, I would like to talk to you about our
hot plates. Again, we’ve improved the hot plates tremendously in the new design. We’ve
taken our heavy cast iron burners and improved them up to 25,000 btus per burner providing
quick heat up for the sautéing and enough energy to boil large pots of water. Again,
you can see the looks of the unit match the griddles. We got an all stainless steel front
as well as metal knobs to provide that attractive appearance. And next, our new char-broilers. We’ve upgraded
the char-broilers from their old design with new looks as well as performance improvements.
We still feature our heavy duty 40,000 btu cast iron H-shaped burners which over the
years provide unparalleled performance and reliable service. But we’ve enhanced the
performance by going with heavier duty all stainless steel radiant on the inside. So
we provide even heat distribution across the cooking surface as well as high heat for that
char-broiling need. We also feature in this design double wall construction. Compared
to most of our competitors, the double wall construction ensures the heat from those burners
radiates up to the cooking surface and away from the refrigerated base below. If you have any questions about this new equipment
line, feel free to give our experts a buzz here, or you can jump on our online chat.