Hi jet-setters it’s Calvin we’re at
London’s Heathrow International Airport today and we’re going to go on some
lounge tours we’re gonna look at three of the Star Alliance lounges at this
Airport Singapore Airlines United Airlines and Air Canada Okay guys we’re in the B wing now in the first two lounges we’re gonna go to are the Singapore Airlines lounge and the Air Canada lounge
they’re actually right beside each other so it’s really easy to lounge hop
I just can’t do a commentary live in there because they get kind of fussy
about filming but you get to see what the lounge just look like what kind of
food they have and what kind of cocktails they have let’s go upstairs okay guys I’m in the shower room at
Singapore Airlines this is always a total glam luxury thing to do before you
go on a flight what makes you feel totally relaxed after training it to the
airport and all the check-in procedures I love it this one’s a not a huge shower room but it’s really well kept and it’s really sharp okay guys the next time we’re going to
go to an is the United Airlines Lounge this is the largest one of the three
that we’re gonna tour today and the largest one for Star Alliance at Heathrow – so come on up! so guys…. I think the airline that wins best
lounge out of those three is United they had a great design really amazing
cocktail fantastic bar good food and really nice showers all of those lounges
were amazing but I give it to United on this one so if you guys like that video
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time everyone happy travels