Hi jet-setters it’s Calvin I’m at Buenos
Aires Ezeiza International Airport today and I’m flying United internationally
so I have access to the Star Alliance lounge and this is a really cool lounge
in the Star Alliance Network because it kind of has a feel that you’re going to a
Argentinian lodge or Argentinean farm or something like that it’s got a lot of
really neat decor so let’s go inside and see what it’s like okay everyone that’s the Star Alliance
lounge at Bueno s Aires Ezeiza Airport lots of fun it has a really unique
atmosphere they have some cool drinks that you can have and really some unique
local snacks both on the sweet side and the savory side especially when I was in
there so I definitely recommend popping in there if you have a chance in Buenos
Aires so if you guys liked that video hit that thumbs up below and if you’d
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love to take you guys along until next time happy travels everyone