I’m sensing there’s
a lot of reasons why this bar is failing
and most of them lay right on the lap of Rod. So, I wanna pull
the staff together. I wanna hear from them
what their view isas to why his bar is failing.Okay,
did you cash your check? – I did.
– Good for you. Yeah! So, you realize it shouldn’t
have gotten that far? – Yeah.
– It’s about managing.
Right, guys? – Absolutely.
– And that’s what’s
not happening here. You’re coming to work
every day, but you’re not managing. Look at the kitchen.That kitchen
was ( bleep ) disgusting.
You didn’t even know it. Good point. What does the marquee say?
Your liver what? – Heather:“Obey your liver.”
“Obey your liver,” okay.I grew up in this business. I grew up
managing live venues. My friends
when I ran The Troubadour was Fear, Black Flag,
The Dead Kennedys,what was the name
of the band last night?
God bless America. ( screaming ) – Why wasn’t it
on the marquee?
– It’s a good question. Rod won’t let me change
the board. And I said,
“you gotta change the board.The band’s gonna be there
in an hour.”
He does it
when he wants to do it. You won’t let anybody else
change the marquee. There’s nobody responsible
to change the marquee in a live music venue? – ( laughs )
– Talk to me. What? Say something.Your reactions,
or lack thereof,
scared the ( bleep )
out of me.
Do you realize you could
solve this in 30 seconds? – You wanna watch me solve it?
– Sure. –Joe, that sign is now yours.
– You got it. I expect it done every day,
every show correctly, right? No problem. How long did it take me
to solve that? Less than 30 seconds.