What’s going on Nation? Today We’re going to talk about the difference between the high bar squad and the low bar squad now both of these Exercises are ones that you [should] have in [your] workout arsenal when you’re going to the gym However, the one that you’re going to pick for your workout needs to be specific to what your goal is Versus which one you think is going to build the most amount of muscle and what I mean by [that] is These are not the same exercises Okay the form changes when you do a high bar squat versus a low bar squat and a lot of people probably like 99% of people can lift five to ten percent more weight when they low bar squat versus their high bar So people automatically assume that because they’re lifting more weight. They’re building more muscle. So the first point I want to make to you guys is in terms of building muscle as Long as you follow the proper range of motion because some people think the high bar squat has a bigger range of motion and it Does but it’s not enough to say that it’s going to build more [muscle] Okay, the range of motion is pretty much the same with that being said the amount of muscle You’re gonna build doing one exercise versus the other is the same now in terms of building strength Yes, most people can lift more weight when they low bar squat So you’re going to have an easier time [getting] your numbers [up] if that’s what your goal is Now let’s talk about the reasons Why these exercises are different terms of building strength, so I’m going to show you guys an example real quick using this 5 pound weight [okay], and this is going to help me explain the difference [between] high bar squat and low bar squat if I take this [5] pound Plate and I hold my arms straight out like this I have to generate more torque more power in my Shoulder to hold this weight out here now if I take that same 5 pound weight, and I place it [on] [my] elbow It’s going to get a lot easier for me to hold it up like this now I didn’t just instantly gain like 10 pounds of muscle in my shoulder To make this exercise easier to do or to hold this plate in the air, but because it’s closer to my body I’m changing the center of gravity of how I have to hold this [I] don’t have to generate as much power or torque in my shoulder to keep my arm outstretched like This now if I’m going to relate this to the high bar squat versus the low bar squat high bar squat is more like this where low bar squat is more like that and the reason is because When you high bar squat now get the bar at my shoulders in a second when you high bar squat The bar is going across your shoulders and as you perform the movement the distance in [relation] to your hips and your knees is Much larger when compared to the low bar squat So you have to generate more torque in your joints your hips and knees to move the same amount of weight up and down now because when you low bar squat the distance in [relation] between the bar on your back and your knees and hips going forward and back like this is much shorter Your body doesn’t have to generate as much power to move the same amount of weight That’s why you can lift more when your low bar squatting so let me get under the bar real quick just to show [you] guys Proper form for those of you who have never seen each of exercise before So high bar squat just like this your chest is up okay, and as you go down You keep your chest up all the way down all the way up. Just like this now pay attention to the bar in Relation [to] my hips and my knees, okay? So the bar is on the top of my shoulders all the way down all the way up now If I go to a low bar squat get your hands a bit wider. I’m just going to force it down Just like this. It’s like [3] to [4] inches lower on my back and the movements a little different You spread your feet out a little bit more and as you go down You can see the difference between where the bar is in relation [to] my knees in my hips and what I’ll do is I’ll pop the bar up here. Just like that. You guys can see the difference again So that little bit of a change and where the bar is being placed is Making a huge [difference] in terms of how much weight you can lift So when you go to the gym, and you’re trying to figure out what’s the best variation for you to use it depends on what your goal is [now] if Your goal is general fitness. Maybe you’re doing crossfit, or you’re just [bodybuilding] Weight isn’t really going to be the biggest determination for you now, obviously you always want to be lifting heavy You want to focus on Progressive overload you want to be adding weight when you can But when you get to the squat [rack], and you’re trying to figure out do I want a high bar squat or low bar squat Remember, they’re two different exercises the form is different So yeah, you might be lifting a little heavier on the low bar squat But if you’re thinking about your your goals in terms of other exercises you can do You should probably stick [to] high bar squat because that’s going to help you set up [for] more Exercises because when you high bar squat you have to keep your chest up and keep your core tight [that’s] going to set you up [for] front squats [that’s] going to set you up for clean is going to set you up for Snatches it’s going to have you in that position of where you need to be in order to perform these other movements now if you plan on being a power lifter and Obviously knowing you can probably squat more Doing the low bar squat then that should be the movement that you focus on when you do your lifting. Why? because when you go into a powerlifting meet if One dudes high bar squatting and he’s stronger than you chances Are you can still beat them with your low bar squat so you want to come in and have your game ready to go now if you’re a power lifter But you enjoy high bar squatting just make sure like six to eight weeks before you before your meet you get yourself back into the groove of Doing a low bar squat to make sure you’re at your best because if you’re going to go into the meet with a low bar But all you’re doing is high bar in the gym your body’s not going to really be ready for that extra weight or that extra load So you have to obviously train and prepare for it so with that being said I Also, want to show you guys some some stretches to help you get better at performing squats And we’ve talked about these [before] so [let] me get this bar out of the way Now whenever you’re squatting no matter what you’re doing You’re putting your shoulders in a compromised position and a lot of people forget this fact When you get into a squat like try taking your hands And pushing them back like this this isn’t where my hands need to be to be in a squat position that [push] [back] [even] further so you’re putting a lot of tension here and a lot of you guys who feel pain throughout like your Forearms it’s mainly because your shoulders are getting jacked up when doing your squats So I’m going to show you a couple shoulder movements the first [one’s] called a shoulder breaker And these are warm-ups that you can do Before you start your exercise routine or you can even do these like every night or every morning when you wake up So they’re super easy to do For this movement what you’re going to do is get on the ground just like this you’re going to keep your arm at a 90 degree angle right here, and then you go all [the] way back and all the way forward Just like this and when you do this movement you do not want your shoulder blade to come off the ground so this is my range of motion right here as far as [I] can go you don’t want to force the movement like this and Get your shoulder off the ground that can actually lead to an injury, okay? You want to slowly work the area keep everything pinned down nice and tight? And you’re going to do [10] to [12] reps on one side and then switch to the other side 10 to 12 reps, okay? And you’re going to do two sets of this The next exercise is called a shoulder breaker and for this movement you can do it a couple different ways my personal favorite way to do This is by taking a straight bar like this this is a PVC pipe and just standing straight up and going up and over down to your butt up and over and back to your thighs and as you get better at [doing] this and you increase your Flexibility, you’ll be able to grab closer and closer on the pipe back and Forth Twelve times two sets the other variation [of] this is Doing it with the bungee if you have really tight shoulders This is going to be a bit easier for you to do So are you going to do is take the bungee pull it so there’s tension Up and over touch your butt up and over touch your thighs and as you become more flexible just wrap the bungee around your hands keep tension on the bungee up and over touch your butt up and over touch your thighs and And ten or twelve repetitions two sets Now it’s also going to be very important for you to work on your flexibility in your lower body This is a warm-up that I like to do before I squat and before I deadlift Okay, what I like to do is a simple like knee raise cross body knee raise We’re alternating cross body knee raise And what I do is I start off like this Nice and slow And I am actually driving my elbows down as I’m moving my knee and I’ll go back and forth and for this one I don’t do it for reps, and I don’t do it for time I do it until it feels good, and I feel things loosen up and as I go back and forth I’ll raise my knees higher and higher and higher and higher and I’ll just keep going back and forth [like] this And you’re going to feel your lower back crack You’re going to feel everything warming up and your lower back, [and] it’s a really good thing to do especially in a gym That’s super busy because if you can’t get on the floor to do the next stretches This is going to be obviously [a] better option than doing nothing [so] with that being said let’s go to the floor This one you guys have seen a lot especially in my deadlift videos. It’s an alternating toe to hand right touch You’re going to do is lay down on the ground. Just like this bring up your left foot Roll over bring that toe to your hand come back to the middle To the other side toe to hand come back to the middle And you’re going to do 12 reps per side again for two sets Another variation of this is called the scorpion, [and] it’s basically just doing it the opposite way laying down on your chest [and] you’re going to come and touch your hand Come back to the middle touch your hand come back to the middle [touch] your hand. 12 reps per side Completing two sets now I’m going to show you guys a couple more variations You don’t have to do all of these every day. Maybe pick like two to three to do I’m just trying to give you guys as much of as many [options] as possible to help you guys stay loose These ones are going to help with [your] hips And this is a great for those of you who have a really hard time squatting in general what you want to do is grab a pole keep your chest upright and Then use the pole to help you come down and get into that squat position of having your chest up like this Because a lot of you guys are gonna have a hard time getting into this position especially if you’re tight, or if you’re a beginner And this is going to help you sit there you can take your elbows and push your knees out just like this Stay down for like 15 to 20 seconds Come back up rest for a second come back down you [can] do this two to three times just stretch it out Make sure you feel nice and loose Come back to the top and repeat and The last one I want to show you guys is something that helps with your hips and this is something that I actually do every single day because I have tight hips especially on my left side So this is a figure [4] and it’s easiest to find something you can kind of straddle like this to get into position So what I like to do is get as close as I can it’s like a couch or a wall and then lean back Put one foot up Bring the other foot up and over and then once I’m in place Try to sit your butt back down and push your knee out and as you do this you’re going to feel everything stretch all throughout here throughout your gluts and hips Hold this position for like 15 to 20 seconds and then what you can do is go to the other side and go back and forth [two] to three times until you feel nice and stretched, so obviously guys videos about high bar squat versus low bar squat hope all the information beginning of this video is going to help you out and then obviously if you’re having a hard time with Flexibility and getting the form down do these stretches you’re going to be happy you did if you want more great tips information Be sure to join us on MuscularStrength.com and as always More good stuff coming soon If you’re looking for a website that lets you build your own profile interact with other community members Log your daily meal plan and add your own custom foods Find the exact routines you are looking for to reach your goals on a weekly basis New recipe ideas to help improve your meal plan and you enjoy learning new things to take your workouts to the next level Join Muscularstrength.com. 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