The ZAbroad team visited the only Springbok Bar on continental Europe two weeks after it opened and it was a ‘lekker kuier’ if ever there was one Owner Troy tells us about the history of the bar and we meet several South Africans cheering for the Bokke against Argentina and we also have the honor of meeting South African ambassador Koloane and other embassy officials who came out to show support for this Proudly South African business My name is Troy Spears I’ve been here for two years. I’m originally from Durban in South Africa and yeah this is my bar. It came around probably nineteen months ago I met a friend of mine previously to this, I was in private security in Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan. When we moved here to the Hague I met this guy who’s an ex-Dutch Marine commander. I was also in the British military and it turns out we were working together 20 years ago on a job. When I looked into this this bar it turns out he actually owned the building and so things fell into place which I’m quite happy about and here we have the first Springbok bar in mainland Europe. There’s some other Springbok bars in London. One in Shepherds Bush and in one in Covent Garden The rest are in South Africa and I think there’s 2 in the States Springbok Bar and grills But, yeah, we’re the first one in mainland Europe first one in The Hague which is super important and it looks like we’re getting a good following which is awesome. We’re on Facebook websites and I had a good support for our first win today against Argentina. Yeah, so hopefully we can continue this, continue getting the support from from fellow South Africans fellow Southern hemisphere people I am Anene Botha from Kathu in the Northern Cape I am Alida Agenbag and I am from Calvinia in the Northern Cape where the meat is great! I’m Carmarie also from Calvinia and we just want to go to the “Vleisfees” Hi, I’m Kaylie and I am from Cape Town Sterri Stumpies I think the ‘biltong, droewors, chili bites Hi everyone that knows me. We miss you and I am almost back for a lekker kuier I want to send greetings to my Dad and my sister and the rest of my family wherever you are. Everyone who knows me. Unfortunately, I am not back soon The room where she stood in, is actually called the Indaba and Indaba in Zulu is ‘the story’ And this room has many a story to tell What we would like is to continue that as South Africans. All people that leave, expats, when they leave their home countries they like to make their own roots in the country where they reside in So, for me, when I came here and I found out how many South Africans, how many NZ, Aussies, Tongans, Samoans, Fijians you know it’s very important that we keep our roots in the Southern hemisphere and it’s very important we can push that to people in the north like we’re pushing the rugby here in the Netherlands it’s a very new sport and last year after the Rugby World Cup it went up 22% in the Netherlands so for us, I sponsor the women’s team here I’m looking to sponsor the women’s Dutch national team in 2017 So, it’s a very important sport that’s growing and it’s important to me as a South African that we can continue pushing rugby continue pushing it the sports that we love and enjoy in Europe basically Where are you from in South Africa? Kwazulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg And you’ve been here for 2 years? Yeah, 2 years. It’s a 4 year stint. Well, we don’t know everybody who is here, but we are making initiatives you know we have sent out an invitation twice inviting all the South Africans who are in the Netherlands to come to the residence so we can meet them, tell them what we can do for them as an embassy but also find out from them what challenges they face whatever support or systems they need from us But also to create a platform for them to network amongst each other so, the numbers are growing we had a fairly decent turnover last time it was about 262 South Africans across the racial spectrum as well, so You know, with the opening of the new bar here, isn’t it great to feel a bit of home here? Well, it’s good. I mean it’s going to create an area where some Africans can mingle what sport but network as well because it can be quite lonely outside if you’re not at home But to meet other South Africans who may assist with getting jobs or other opportunities but also people to talk to makes a big difference Do you miss SA? Definitely, there’s no place like home unfortunately, some of us need to deliver a service. What do you miss most? Well, comparatively speaking, I miss our weather the food and the people in general. We are lovely people as a whole, right? Are you positive about the future of SA, like we are? I am, i mean recently, as you know, we had our local government election and the ruling party didn’t do as well as it had done in the previous election but they accepted gracefully the result of the election and they did not question that That in itself tells you that our democracy has matured and that the organs of the state are functional and that the independent of other institutions that are supposed to be an oversight are also functional, so, for me nothing show better the maturity of our democracy Lindu Mbata, I work for a company called Elsevier and I live in the Hague. From Jo’burg. And how long have you been here? Many, many years. What do you miss most from home? This company. I’m from a town called Mamre along the West Coast of SA The thing I miss most from home is probably my family. I work for an oil company over here. Shout out to my mom and my dad I’m Sandisa. I’m from East London. What I miss from home? Probably the warmth, warm people back home and my friends and obviously my family as well. I went to Affies and I have been living in the Netherlands for 2 years Well my name is Lindsay Louis and I’m the Third Secretary bilateral at the SA embassy among which include cultural attache portfolio I think cultural relations between South Africa and the Netherlands is quite buoyant. I think nearly every month we sort of have cultural exchange between the two countries. Of course, Afrikaans is the sort of binding factor or the glue because of the historical link between the two countries I am from Somerset West and I studied at Stellenbosch University . Two…three years now. It is fast, a bit, people are very direct which we sometimes have to get used to because we have this whole English thing of being polite. What do you miss? The warmth. I miss the warmth of people I miss chaos, a bit. Yes, warmth and chaos and food, I guess Traditional South African food, like vetkoek or potjiekos but of course we have our braais. We bring around South African from all over Europe. I have friends from all over and we make sure that now and then, I’d say every three months, we get together and have a nice braai. I’d like to say hi to everyone back home. I represent everyone. You’re watching East West South Africans Zabroad! From more great content and interviews with South Africans all over the world subscribe to us on YouTube or visit our web page