Let me try the Gumbo. My expert Chef,
Ron Duprat, is revisiting
Spirits on Bourbon in New Orleans,
Louisiana. I wanna test
whether the Gumbo is still being
cooked properly. Last time, he literally
threw up from it. Let see what happens. Okay, guys,
this is the moment
of truth.Cross your fingers.I approve.You did an excellent job■ since the last
time I was here. It’s just cooked
to perfection. The Gumbo is great. And in Louisiana,
that’s critical. I applaud you for that. Brad:
Well, thanks a lot, man. We’ve
been working hard
to keep up to
your standards. We did it. Now, let’s check
the temperature. Ice cold. Wow, perfect
178 degrees.Everything is clean,the Gumbo recipe
is perfect, consistence, I mean,
the fryer is clean,perfect, everything
is date label,
that’s an
excellent job. Brad:
Ron loving the Gumbo
two years after he left
and still saying it tastes
the same meant a lot to us.Just proved that consistency
and doing the same thing
and the recipe is right,
it’s important.
Brad making magic. Tell me what
you think about that. Excellent. Fantastic. That’s what I was
hoping to hear. This exact same
way two years ago. My compliment, man, you’re doing
an outstanding job.Jon Taffer
would be very proud of
what you’re doing.
that’s what you were
always pushing,
consistency. Our sales
last year were up over
a million dollars and it’s still growing
to this point.Since the show,
we’ve already went
through over
a hundred thousand
skeleton cups.
We’re buying
so many cups we had to buy
a warehouseto store all these cups in.Right here,
the order just came in.
That’ll last us
maybe three months.Over here, we
have our graveyard
of barber chairs.
So many people
come in the bar, they got shots
in the shot chair, we just go
through them. ( cheering ) The shot chair
revenue has been
unbelievable. Every night
we’re going throughfive to six bottles
of liquor
just out of the shot
chair alone.
Yeah. I knew this chair
would be a hit. It’s a moneymaker and it’s great to see
the money coming in.