Welcome back Comrades! In this video we will be giving you a full
tour and history lesson on the famous brutalist hotel, The Hotel Cosmos. The hotel is located
in the centre of Chisinau which is the capital of Moldova. It was built as one of the premier
hotels in the city aimed top ranking soviet officials choosing to holiday in Moldova. The building is a shining example of brutalist
architecture and was built during the reign of the USSR. The unusual balcony design, tilted
roof and large illuminated signage have made the hotel as somewhat of a land mark in the city. This man is the famous communist Grigory Kotovsky, who commanded a battalion
of soviet troops that captured Ukraine, which was then absorbed it into the newly formed
USSR in 1918. Grigory lived a colourful life as he was previous a robber and gangster who
was sentenced to death for having a shoot-out with the police. He managed to escape and
joined the Bolsheviks but was eventually stabbed to death by his deputy for cheating with his
wife. To the left of the hotel is a soviet mosaic
which was installed in the 60s or early 70s, before the hotel cosmos was built. The communist image shows a man and woman together, animals around them with
smaller images of farm workers in the fields. Hotel Cosmos was designed by an Architect
from Leningrad, Mrs Mrs Koliubaeva in the early 70s. The government then instructed a Moldovan building
company called “Monlit Stroy” to start its construction in 1974. The building took
8 years to build and was completed in 1982. The tour continues into the dining room which
has somewhat of a utilitarian design but was a nice setting for the breakfast. The strange combination
of the flat and curved ceilings work well and are easy on the eye. As we go down the stairs from the dining room
you can see that the entrance of the hotel has not changed since it was constructed.
The walls, floors and columns are clad with marble and the entrance area includes a pond,
bar, checking in desks and seating area. My favourite details in the entrance are the
curved ceiling plenums which look like something out of the future. As we carry on up to the room we are going
to take the old passenger lifts with their timber veneer doors and linings. They once
would have a lift operator to press the buttons for you but those days are now long gone. I stayed in a comfortable suite which was
like taking a time capsule back in time. The highlights of the suite included
the old wall paper, the carpets, the chandler and the dresser with the telephone. But my favourite feature
double bed with a radio and love mirror built into the head board. Sadly the hotel management
have screwed the balcony doors shut so I could not gain access to the balcony to see the full view. The bathroom and toilet were somewhat basic
but the hotel is currently undergoing refurbishment so you may not have long left to enjoy the
quirks of the Hotel Cosmos. And that’s it comrades. Let me know what
you thought to the hotel in the comments below And I will see you in the next one!