Hi everyone my name is Rowdy Farooqi and I
am the director of programming at Southall TV… you can probably tell that I’ve got
a very bad flu… but no way was I going to miss this opportunity to wish you all a very
happy new year… and it’s not just me but the whole team of southall tv wanted to wish..
so here is Natalie from Southampton, “This is Nat from Nat Bollywood wishing you avery
merry 2014, Happy New Year. Sukvir Sodhi is in Hayes, “New Year’s wishes from Southall
TV”. Cameraman Sharanjit sends his wishes from Southall, “Happy New Year 2014”.
So once again a very happy new year from Southall TV… and I am told that there is a New year’s
dinner and dance happening tonight at Charisma Restaurant in Hounslow… so if it’s your
sort of thing then check it out… there is a link in the description for further details
and I’ll see you on the other side of tonight’s celebrations.