Architecture not only about buildings instead of necessarily about the creation of one object but it’s really about that sort of symphony of many elements that create the environment we all occupy Our security is a complex process. I always say it is not about a sudden inspiration or about Coming up with a brilliant idea You know it’s really about studying very thoroughly many many layers that inform the project in Allowing slowly to emerge the best solution Mm. Arson is a very particular project in a very unique location It’s right on one of the very beautiful beaches in southern, Florida And I was very surprised by how narrow the land is in that part of the peninsula and also about how prominent This building would be it’s almost sort of like on top of the ocean The building itself or the project itself has given us the opportunity To explore that connectivity between water and water water and land and on the big opportunities for views Both from the inside out and from the outside into the project that were being offered to us with this very unique location In this case nature is water sand Vegetation, but it’s it’s also light it’s also Sun. It’s also sky. You know it’s also comfort for the people I Don’t think we’ve ever worked on a project that had all of these conditions. Where else can you have? this expansive horizon line of the water and at the same moment be Connected to this lush elevated landscape and views back to the city those kinds of juxtapositions Just don’t happen. You know in any other place Given that the vision is about connecting you to the landscape then The choice of materials was to reinforce that we use what we think is the appropriate? materials for every solution for every particular condition we think in this case Glass becomes very appropriate glass is one of the materials that has had enormous advances Technologically what we used to know as glass a hundred years ago It’s completely different and our glass can act differently to different conditions No, glass obviously allows us to a very literal Transparency what glass can also be very protective the pallet of glass is enormous What we have here on the table are basically the materials identifying the apartments themselves And as you see it’s always a very simple palette a very natural palette And we use the materials the way they are you know and we use the materials because of what they are? Minotti and manoda cuchini bring absolute sophistication to this beachfront living All of the materials were chosen for their warmth for their luminosity for the natural Because they have such a strong Knowledge about stone when you walk into these kitchens You don’t see a kitchen you see the beautifully sculpted island, and then you see the backdrop floor the ceiling of the warm wood The amenities are a series of services Where people would be able to gather to party to be alone to be in groups? So there is different swimming pools for different age peoples with different conditions of privacy There’s a very very unique spa There are different gardens So it’s been a very sort of holistic way of understanding both the public spaces of the building And the very unique private Apartments that people would be able to party right away It was our intention to bring this June scape into our project and make it part of the project you want to take these Elements you see the sand you see the colors You see the blues of the ocean and you want to bring this all into your design We captured this element of framing the entry drives through evergreen hedges And they create this kind of tunnel effect everything flows out into the landscapes and so people you know they’re Completely immersed with the landscape, and then you know have these dramatic views to the ocean To live at mm. Oh Sh in means to wake up to the sunrise to be on a terrace with no boundaries you know with no Obstructions to look over the waterfront to walk through your private unit never losing sight of the skyline Beyond and Retire at the end of the day overlooking a lush garden It’s about living with a meaningful connection to the landscape and you know having the best of both worlds