All ranges come set for natural gas. If you range is connected to LP gas and you’re experiencing issues such as flames being too high or yellowish or sooting or staining to
your pots on the top burners and or the oven contact your installer or LP Gas Company to make sure that your unit has been
properly converted to LP. After your installer or LP gas company has completed the proper LP conversion, Your oven burner and
top burners should be working fine. If your range has been converted properly
to LP and you still have issues with
sooting or yellow flames on your top burners, Call 1-800-GE CARES for a complete set of new LP burners. Once you have received the burners, follow these steps to install them. Remove the grates, lift the cooktop, and pull out the silver
piece. Place the new set of LP burners in the same place as the silver piece that you just removed. The flames on your top
burners should be fine now.