In today’s video we’re gonna be doing the “Someone’s Getting Naked” Challenge. So, we each have on the same number
of articles of clothing and we’re gonna be doing
different challenges. Whoever loses the challenge,
takes off an article of clothing. By the end of this,
one of us is gonna be getting naked. And that being said,
we’re gonna get this thing going. So, for those of you that don’t know,
this is Robby Epicsauce. He does the craziest challenges
on the internet, period. But we’re gonna get absolutely wild
for you guys today. We’ve got a whole bunch
of challenges listed, and Kristen’s going to be reading them off.
She’s also gonna be the judge, so she’ll be determining
which one of us gets naked. And by the look on her face,
it’s probably gonna be both of us. Alright, let’s get this thing going. So this next challenge,
what we’re gonna be doing doing is trying to do a flip
from one bed to the next. I’m guessing that this is
going to be a big massacre and one of us is gonna end up
bleeding on the ground. That being said,
let’s get this thing going. Okay, Matt, you’re going first. Honestly, *** this. – Okay, so.
– Oh my God. What’s the best way to do that? It’s a good shot between the beds too – and like you have like no head room.
– Yeah. – So if you flip…
– What about… Oh, my gosh… what about like the chair?
Like if you go too far? Just don’t like go too short and land on your head and then (inaudible). – Yeah, okay.
– Alright. – Whoa!
– Whoo! – You did it!
– Yeah! Oh my God! – That was pretty awesome.
– I don’t think I’ll be able to *** do it. You can do it, man, you can do it. I am so… I am so ***. – You can do it.
– Can you push this closer? Hell, no. Do you want me
to do your countdown? – Okay, yeah.
– Three, two, one… Whoo. – You made it!
– I did it. You didn’t think you could do it
but you did it. I’ll give you that one though, cause I feel like mine was not
quite as slick as yours. Like… – I don’t know, yours looked pretty good.
– Holy shit! – Can we watch that back really quick?
– Yeah, i’m sure. Okay, so Matt, I used my hands for that one so I’m gonna go ahead
and give that one to you. Yes! I’m happy to take a W
any way I can get it. I’m just happy that I’m gonna be be not showing you guys
my *** for a little while longer. Cherish the moment. So, it looks like Robby’s gonna be
taking off an article of clothing because he did happen to use
his hands on that flip. I will… the shirt. Yeah. So, we asked people on Robby’s channel who had the better triangle tattoo and now we’re gonna let you guys decide. Vote on who has
the better triangle tattoo. I got the Triforce, he has the… Just the YouTube play button. So, who’s got the better triangle? Let us know. Leave it in the comments. – Yeah.
– There’s one, like, rap… like, make up a rap song about yourself that you have to rap for 7 seconds. And licking your elbow. Okay, you wanna do the handstand one? Yeah. I really like the rap one.
I have a song in mind. What’s the one that goes,
da-da da-da we are up in Atlanta. I think it’s Panda, right? – Oh yeah, Panda, Panda, Panda.
– Is it Panda? I actually don’t know the words at all. Yeah, I don’t have any rapping skills. I am (inaudible).
I am with (inaudible) now. Okay, let’s the the headstand thing. – I really don’t wanna do…
– Okay. For this next challenge
what we’re gonna be doing is seeing who can take the best selfie
while doing a headstand. Seeing as how I do have
a very flat spot on my head from bumping into the roof earlier, I’m guessing I’ve got
the advantage on this one. I got a beanie and I got long hair. – How about if we do it with a pillow?
– Alright, fair enough. – Okay, let’s do this.
– Alright. So, right now I’m gonna be seeing seeing if I can take a better selfie
than Robby while doing a headstand. Only the problem is, I can’t take
a better selfie than Robby while I’m standing straight up. So, this is gonna be kinda difficult. Ow, where did my phone go? – Okay.
– Dude, this is great. Photo mode, back to selfie version. Ah, yeah, it looks like
my head’s turning red. Oh, your face is so red. Oh, I got a couple selfies in there. Let’s see ‘em, let’s see ‘em! Ooh, actually that’s not bad. Kinda blurry, kinda blurry. – Little bit blurry. Oh, that one’s in focus.
– That’s, yeah. There we go.
Look, it looks like I’m having fun. – Oh, that’s from last night.
– Yeah, that’s Spongebob. – That’s the best I can do.
– Dude. That looks pretty terrible, I know. I’m definitely posting mine on Instagram. Let’s see if I can do this. – How is it?
– Oh. Get behind me. Get me. That’s pretty crazy. – Oh.
– Right on. Oh my God.
My face is probably so red. Yeah. So let’s check out those selfies. Okay, so we got this guy. – That looks pretty cool.
– We got… Ooh, we got that one. – We got that one.
– Those look too cool. Dude. I really like these actually. – It’s so much better than mine.
– Dude, these are actually really *** dope. Yeah. I’m gonna concede that one. I believe that I did fail.
Which means I’m getting naked. – Whoo.
– We’re getting naked. So for this next challenge
what we’re gonna be doing is seeing who can rap better. And to judge this, we have
our friend here, Rucka Rucka, who is a world renowned parody rapper. Hey everybody on the internet. . I’m about to judge a rap battle
between these two guys. He’s kind of an OG when it comes to this, so we need an expert to judge. Okay guys, just one rule. If anybody jokes around
about like YouTube YouTube or PewDiePie
or anything on the internet, you will be demonetized
and the battle is over. And, GO! – Okay.
– Who’s going first? – Who’s going first?
– Me. – Okay.
– I’ll go first. Do you have an idea
of what you want already? No, I’m just gonna start talking I guess. Okay. – Let’s just go.
– Okay. Go. Go Matt.
Go Matt. Go Matt. I am here rapping with Robby,
he is so sloppy. I am a pro, he’s just a copy. He can’t do this
cause for him it’s just a hobby. I said I’m a pro, now all you *** know. Get on the floor, and dance a little more. Here goes Robby, he’s the Epicsauce. But I’m the real boss
when it comes to this shit. He can’t hang with my mother*** clique. He’s so really slow,
he don’t know how to rap. I might have to pull out my gun
an bust a cap. This *** thinks it’s really just a game. I’ma put it in his head
and blow out his *** brain. He don’t really want it, he’s a *** joke. I might pull out my neck and
mother*** choke this mother*** fool. Alright, that’s the best I got.
Robby, hit it. Holy shit!I don’t know if I can outdo that. You can do it. Come on,
come on, bust it. Let’s just go. That was the best I can do, guys.
I am not a rapper – so I apologize to any rappers.
– Dude, this is gonna be… I’m gonna lose so hardcore. – Oh no. Oh no.
– You got this y’all, – come on, man.
– Okay. You got one chance.
One opportunity. – Mom’s spaghetti, come on.
– Mom’s spaghetti. I’m with FunnyMeNow, I’m with Rucka Rucka. I’m gonna beat him up. I’m gonna *** it up.
I’m gonna *** you up. I’m gonna—oh, I can’t.
Aah, it hasn’t even started yet. That was just a intro. It was just a intro.
Mom’s spaghetti, come on. I’m a copy, what are you saying?
You copied Matt G. You even copied his *** name, Matt, my boy. Okay, that’s all. Okay,
I don’t think I can do this. Okay, ***, okay. Aah.
Dude, you don’t even… – Are you 8 Mile choking on the camera?
– Dude, I am so… No, you so *** won that one.
That was so good. – That was so good.
– Give it a shot. Give it a shot, man. – No. I can’t man.
– You gotta, come on. You blew me out of the water. You can do it, bro, come on. – Oh, I’m so blanking right now though.
– Give it a chance. – Just say some shit.
– Just start rapping, – just start talking, then start to…
– Go slow. Go slow and that helps. Okay. Just start talking over the beat and like – to the rhythm and it’ll start to rise.
– Yeah. – Watch, man.
– Okay. My name is Robby. I play with dildos. Thigh slap. Thigh slap. Matt slap. Rucka Rucka here,
what are we doin’ in the house, yo boy, mo, yo boy. Matt you think you’re cool,
no you’re not, you’re lame. *** you, dude. You don’t even know my pain. You do dares for fun, I don’t—
oh ***, aah! Dude, you definitely won that one.
. That was so… Leave it in the comments.
Who won that? We have to get more opinions. But Rucka Rucka, you’re the one
that really matters for this. – You decide.
– Who won? You decide. Who won? Who’s next? You decide (inaudible). Now, I’ve been judging hip hop battles
for a long, long time. – Okay.
– You know that movie, “8 Mile”? – Yeah.
– That was based on my life. – It’s not a joke.
– Same, same. – So, yo, yo man.
– ‘Sup bro? – Lemme ask you a real question.
– Alright. You had some really good rap skills,
rhyme skills, right there. I don’t believe you, but okay, – I’ll take the compliment.
– Are you…can I ask you? are you from a white trash background? You sounded like
some real trash right there. Hmm, you know, I’m not, but I’m trying to get
into the trashy lifestyle. I’m really trying to get in with that. I don’t bathe anymore so I’m
stepping up my game, folks. Alright, well, the… So, I considered all the details and all the facts, and listen guys… – He won. He won. So hard.
– Well, here’s the thing, who rapped better? Him. Who name dropped other YouTubers more? You mentioned me on a couple of occasions. – I did.
– That helps with the judges. As you know, not even if it’s me, but the fact that in 2017, collabing and mentioning
other YouTubers in a terrible rap is where hip hop is at right now. – I gotta give this one to Robby.
– No *** way. You know what? And I have to
get more naked than I am. – Cause we put our clothes back on to go outside.
– Dude we did… – So, we kinda messed up.
– Wait, what were we at? I think I was at my pants. – I was just in pants.
– I’m gonna be pants and underwear now. Oh shoot. I think I was already shirtless. Did you not tell Rucka
what you were playing? Oh yeah. His face is like… Oh, it’s a vote,
do you wanna get naked too so you don’t feel uncomfortable? I don’t know if… I don’t know if
that’s a good idea right now. This is the room for
uncomfortableness this weekend. How many of you emo girls out there wish you could be me right now? Dude, Matt destroyed me.
I just kept choking, man. – You had some good…
– That was some good shit. – You got rhymes.
– Do you remember Matt G though? Hopefully I can win this next round otherwise I’m gonna be streaking
through the hotel room. Do we know what the next
challenge is gonna be? Uh, we have to think of a good one. Alright, well, thanks to Rucka Rucka
for judging that for us but I think he’s gotta hit the road now,
is that right? Hey guys, good to see you. Anyway, I gotta get back to Detroit and bust some caps,
if you know what I mean. [SCREAMS] So, for this next challenge
what we’re gonna be doing are headstand push-ups, and I don’t
have a whole lot of clothing left so I really hope I win this. I did win the push-up competition earlier which gives me a little bit of hope but this guy did the handstands better, so that’s not a good sign. That being said,
let’s get this thing going. Okay, ready? Go. – Oh God.
– One, two… three, four, five… six, seven, eight… nine, ten… thirteen… fourteen, aaahh… 30 seconds. – 30 seconds.
– How many did you do? More than you. I look at you and all I see
is your junk just popped open. I was just gonna say,
like Dude, that was, – you’re gonna have to blur.
– Was my junk coming out? I think Robby won
the headstand push-up thing. Although he was cheating a lot. So, actually, maybe we both
need to get naked. – Wait, shall I take off my pants?
– Alright. Here goes mine. Oooh. – Did you?
– Whoo! Oh my God,
oh did I just see your ***? Okay, here we go. – Let’s see if I can.
– Can you back flip them off? Oh shit. Nope. That was a really fun video. I think that the better challenges might
have actually been on Robby’s channel. So definitely make sure to go
and check that out. I got a link in the description. And this guy makes
crazy videos all the time. You should definitely check him out. But, I’m always up for a good challenge so make sure to leave me your dares
in the comments section. Make sure to like the video.
Subscribe too if you haven’t don’t that. For God’s sake,
Bell me for notifications. And I’ll be seeing you guys as soon
as possible with a brand new video. Alright, thanks guys. Bye.