Hiii!!!Namaskar!!!what’s up???Hope you all are doing good.I’m also doing good Today let’s make Wheat parotta Its really easy to make I’ve been getting requests for this since i posted the “varutharacha chicken curry”.That time I kept this wheat parotta along with chicken curry in the pictures So I thought to make it today itself I feel so happy to know that many of you have tried my “mampazham payasam” Got so many photos.They were so good Those who haven’t tried it yet,please do try Last day I made a mistake while telling you the last date of our challenge I was so lost when I came back from my home.May be that is the reason So the last date of our challenge is 15th june Don’t get panic.We have few more days to go So please don’t forget to send the photos and videos Now let’s see how to make wheat parotta first take a bowl Those who have seen my chapathi video might know that how I make chapathi I’ll show it once again to avoid your doubts Pour 1 glass of water into it Its not cold water or hot water but the normal water only. Add enough salt into it Add 1tsp of sugar Add 2 tbsp of oil into it.I’ve added sunflower oil here.You can use any oil you want You can add olive oil also if you are very health conscious Mix them properly with a spoon Now add the wheat flour/atta into this water little by little Take 2 glass of atta in the same glass in which you have measured the water Add only 3 -4 tbsp of flour into the water and mix well.Do not add the whole powder together into the water It is very easy to kneed dough for chapathi in this method.I’ve got so many good responses for my chapathi recipe Those who haven’t tried this tip,please do try it and feel the difference Again add more flour into the mix and blend properly Its very easy to mix any flour in water,if you add the flour little by little into the water And its a bit difficult to mix the flour in water if you pour water little by little into the flour and we might feel its a tough work Chapathi making was a hectic job for me in the beginning Now its a very easy job for me The water content is more in the dough.So add the whole powder into the mix and blend properly with you hands Now I’ve added 2 glasses of flour into 1 glass of water Mix it with your hands and if you feel like the water content is still more in the dough add some flour accordingly If the consistency is perfect it won’t stick in your hand I need some more flour here.So adding 2 more tbsp of flour into it So this is the correct measurement for me.1 glass of water and 2 glass plus 2 tbsp of flour But it varies with the quality of flour you use You finger should goes into the dough smoothly without sticking anything in your finger,then the consistency would be perfect Kneed the dough well till you get the perfect texture Kneed the dough properly with your hands to get soft chapathi/parotta/poori You can kneed the dough just like this from your neat kitchen counter top Thus you can make a soft dough very easily This is really soft even now.So we can make a soft dough quickly This is enough You can feel the softness by touching the dough itself If you have enough time,keep it closed tightly for about 2 hours to get a very soft parotta If you are in a hurry,keep it closed for atleast 20 minutes I’ve enough time now.So I’m going to keep it for 2 hours We can make parotta after 2 hours Use a wet cloth to cover the dough and close it with a lid Let’s wait for 2 hours Its 2 hours now.We have a soft dough here Gently kneed it once again for 2 minutes Make maximum number of balls from the dough in the size which is slightly bigger than the balls we make for chapathi Make balls in the size like how we roll to make aloo parotta So make maximum balls from it Here I’ve got 11 balls and I just spread the balls gently and kept them in a plate I spread some oil in the plate in order to avoid sticking them in the plate Now pour some oil above each balls I never suggest this as a healthy dish.Because we need to add enough oil to get a soft parotta which is not at all a healthy way Its not so complicated to give this to young people But people who have cholesterol problems,stay away from this dish.Or please don’t have it more Occasionally you can have this but do not have it regularly Its because of the so many requests from my followers,I’ve decided to do this recipe Some people used to add/milk/egg curd while making wheat parotta I didn’t add any of such items in this.I’m doing this as same as we make chapathi with some extra oil in it This is my version or the CW version of wheat parotta Let’s spread each balls into a flat form I’m doing it from the counter top only.If you keep it for longer period,you can spread it with your hand itself Oil is the main ingredient in this item.So if you add more oil in the balls,you can spread them as bigger as you can You can use a roller to spread the parotta if you feel it difficult with your hands.But try to spread them in the maximum size Thus we get the soft parotta The procedure is the same in the parotta made with maida.I always felt it easier with my hand itself Don’t be panic if you see some cracks in the middle of the parotta like this. I’ve added enough oil in it and spread it into the maximum size Now sprinkle some atta on the top of it It helps us to make layers in the parotta.Also it helps to avoid sticking of the dough while we spread it again Slowly flip it and sprinkle atta flour on the other side also It should have enough oil.Then only this tip work out well Fold it from one end in this way like you take pleats while draping a saree Do it in the same way as I do We should get pleats/layers like this.Here I’ve got 7 pleats in total Keep the pleats like facing upwards .We should be able to see them on the top Now slowly fold it in circular direction like this Insert the end portion into the middle from downwards.It would be fine when you spread it We have got a dough in this type The pleats should be seen on the top like layers You can understand about it when you make 2 or 3 parotta Keep it aside and pour some oil on it It will become more soft if you keep it like this Spread the remaining balls like this and keep them aside When you cook,start from the 1st roll.By then,it would be very soft.Hope you all understood I’ll show you the procedure for one more time, Spread it into maximum size Sprinkle atta flour on both sides Gently make pleats Fold it in a round shape keeping the pleats upwards Insert the end portion downwards Pour some oil and keep it aside Place it in an order so that you can fry the parottas in the same order as they fold It becomes soft when you keep it on rest for longer time I have folded the whole 11 balls here Take the 1st one and spread it slowly It looks like a disc now. Spread it into the size of a parotta.Do not make it too thin Spread it either with your hand or with a rolling rod I prefer to spread it with hand because it is really soft now I prefer to make parotta of this size Keep it aside and spread the remaining in the same way You are free to use a rolling rod.It is not necessary to do it with your hand itself But do not put more pressure on the rod while you spread the rolls.It should not be too thin that’s why I prefer my hand to spread this You can see the layers while you spread the rolls My son love to eat “coin parotta” which is available in a very small size Now let me spread these 11 rolls So,the 11 rolls had been spread into the shape of a parotta.Let’s cook one by one now Put a pan on the flame and heat it upto medium level When it is heated up,put the parotta one by one Do not fry the parotta in high flame.Keep the heat in medium Like chapathi,flip the side after 10-20 seconds You can see the layers very clearly I’ve kept the flame in medium. This is very easy to make.But I never make parotta using maida/all purpose flour. The procedures are same for maida parotta also.But we can spread it into a very large size when compared to wheat dough It may broke if it is atta flour I’ve used here the pure wheat flour Flip the sides.If you feel like the oil is less,spread some oil on it Thus you will get a glazing parotta We cannot make parotta without oil.If parotta is made,oil must be there Fry it till you see a golden colour here and there on the parotta This is perfect Make sure it is cooked well.It would be fine if you keep the flame in medium I can see some golden colour here and there and also so many layers Hope you also can see the layers here. So the 1st parotta is ready here Keep it aside on a plate and fry the remaining in the same way I’ve already made ‘Saravanabhavan” style vegetable kurma as the combination for wheat parotta My elder son love this combination very much He always used to order chapathi – veg kurma or parotta-veg kurma,whenever we go to saravana bhavan He told me to make this as the lunch for him to take away to school I’ve tasted this wheat parotta for the first time,when I came to Salkara restaurant,Dubai.And then I made a try at home The 2nd one is also ready here.Fry the remaining parottas also Hope you can see the layers here.Let’s serve these parotta,after frying the remaining parottas The whole 11 parotta is ready now. Slowly press them whole like this to get more layers Since it is clearly seen in it,no need to do this step If you don’t have enough layers,just press it from sides. So the easy and tasty layered parotta is ready now Everyone,please do try and send your feedback to me You can keep it soft for longer time,if you keep this in a casserole If you feel it slightly hard after keeping it for some time,just spread some water in it and heat it for 10 seconds in the oven Thus you will get back the softness Normally,it won’t become hard Even you can steam it for some minutes in a steamer. But oven is the better option So,everyone please do try our easy and tasty wheat parottait at home This is how I’m going to serve this Its really soft.Let me taste it now This is realllyyyyyyy yummyyyy!!!!! You must try it out atleast once See you all with a new recipe.Till then thank you so much