My name is Max Zahir.I’m the owner of Celebrities
Sports Grill, Yucaipa.
I’m Ryke Zahir,
Max’s brother. Now I’m his investor,
silent partner. Max:
My brother Ryke and I
were deployed overseas
working as an attachment
with Special Forces.
On October, 2012,
my brother was hurt
in Afghanistan. We came under an ambush. It was an enemy
grenade and I tried
to throw it away and as soon
as it left my hand, it just blew up
right in the air. My eyes got hurt
pretty badly. We medevac’d him
here in United States. After that it was just very
difficult for me to go back. I knew
it was gonna be a very long road
to recovery. I wasn’t
be able to work. And I just didn’t wanna,
you know, put my life on pause. Because I had
a past experience
in restaurant and bars, I thought, “Why not
just purchase my own?” Max:
We invested about
Ryke did invest 50/50.He trusted me
with his money. ( patrons cheering ) At the beginning we were
doing very, very great. ( cheering ) We were making
about $200,000 a month. And then I decided
to give back to the community. – Max: There you go.
– Man: Thank you, bro. Woman:
So Max posted
a video online and it was him giving food
to a homeless veteran. – Thank you, man.
– You served this country
and you deserve better. ( sobs )
Thank you, brother. He posted the video,
we did these fundraisers, and he made $20,000 on it. – There’s a lot
of us out, bro.
– No, I know. The guy turned out
to not be a veteran and we got a lot
of negative backlash. Sabrina:
So they started saying
that he was a “crook.”
“What did he do
with the money?”
It just started a big,
big snowball effect. The money’s still sitting
in the account.I’m afraid
if I take it out
people will say
that I used the money
for my own
personal reasons. Here we’re doing
the right thing, trying to help
the community. And in return, we’re getting
false accusations to the point
that I just lose it and I have to
say something. – I served with Navy SEAL…
– People have donated money
to homeless veterans… – and Delta Forces.
– that have not
received a dime. – Where’s all the money?
– Max posting the things
on the Internethas definitely put
a damper on business.
He is only thinking
about what he’s feeling,
defending himself. Would you like my apology,
or you’re gonna keep lying? The social media thing,
that’s embarrassing.But there’s
a lot of problems.
Nothing’s ever consistent.
We run out of food. We’re always outta liquor.
It’s ridiculous. This bar’s currently
$750,000 in debt. Max:
We tried to put
the bar for sale.
We didn’t get
any response.
That was the last resort
and if Jon
doesn’t come here
and help us out,
we’re done. Announcer:
Before Celebrities closes
its doors for good,
Max and Ryke have agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books
and make the call for help
to “Bar Rescue.”
– ( slams )