How did you like the game? Hey broz! Pumafootball invited us to Gladbach for a home game against SC Freiburg. Since it’s a pretty long way to Gladbach for us, it’s time for a F4B Road Trip! We’re gonna show you now, what this looks like. Yo Loris, you know what I bought when I got gas for the car? Haven’t had it for a pretty long time. Bifi. I can already smell it. That’s how much I wanna eat that. Let’s play “If I was you..” when we get to the lounge. Alright. But since I’m driving, I won’t do anything with alcohol. (60min later) What is your favorite thing to do here? Who allowed you to eat that? Screaming at people. If I was you, I’d take a shot. Disgusting. What are we doing now? We’re gonna scare Martin. Martin is so easily scared. Fabio is on the toilet and I got his phone. Have you seen my phone? You’re laughing! If I was you, I’d chug the beer down. Okay now.. Who’s got my phone? Have you seen my phone? A red one. Didn’t want to ordner a beer also? Yeah I’d like to have another beer please. At this point SC Freiburg was leading 1:0 against Gladbach. To bring more spice to the game, Fabio decided to bet on the match, ending 2:1 for Gladbach. (1:1 equalizer) (1:1 final result) I nearly got the number of the girl. I wouldn’t say she was that good looking. I have a long drive ahead of me. Coffee won’t work. Could you recommend something else? Yeah we have something new on the menu, called “punsh”. Would you like that? How much is that? 5€. With card please. Clearing that up, of course it was staged. We don’t want him to get any trouble. Is it possible that you’re a darts pro? Michael van Gerwen We’re finished. Good night.