Yo, that’s the dude. Hide, that’s the dude add me on facebook as well K, I’m gonna go find him What’s up Jake Paulers you’re probably wondering, Jake what are you doing? And I’m just like, yo, read the title of the video and look at the thumbnail Ericka! Oh, haha Yo, what’s up? We’ve been waiting for you, I missed you so much (I’ve missed you guys too, what’s going on?-) Ericka still works here? Yeah I thought you fired her. I said mean stuff about her on Twitter ’cause I thought you fired her Did you actually tweet about her? Yeah, I thought she was gone, bro She’s working here still? She’s going on a date with those two kids Oh, that’s right Yeah, you are I am Aight, watch out for the snake in your bed Are you serious? Did you put something in here? Yeah, yeah there’s actually a snake in your bed Why do you think I’m already filming you right now? Is there really a snake in the shower? No, it’s over here, Shut up It’s under your covers I’m gonna start locking everything in here… There’s nothing in here get out of my room She’s strong, yo Yo, what’s up? There’s a bunch of random people in my house so, I’m gonna mess with them (laughing) If you’re gonna come into my house, I get to.. spray you with.. What is this called? A leaf blower? Alright, have fun guys I don’t know what they’re shooting but it’s pretty lit Like I said, it’s always lit her at the Team 10 house! If you’re new here, I’m Jake Paul and this is the Jake Paulers! and we go hard every single flipin’ day, bro Indoor skate park Hit it! oh! Weak First try Oh and um, yes, that is a good night Jake Paulers you always know the most savage things on this channel happen at night You already know what we’re about to do ’cause of, again, the title and the thumbnail So, don’t even have to explain it. It’s not click-bait! I used click-bait once It worked πŸ™‚ I feel really bad about it πŸ™ I’ll probably use it again in the future Y’know It’s Youtube, you gotta do what you gotta do Typical Youtuber stuff This one’s not clickbait we’re gonna- Again, I don’t even have to explain it You already know what we’re going to do Jake, get out of your house okay I am trying to shoot get out, get out! Okay, I’m getting kicked out of my own house And I’m about to get kicked out of some pools Get out! Okay, bye! Get out! Okay Yeah, well Umm We’re out here now So… Jake! Okay! I’m leaving! Rude! Chad, Jesus, Jesus, geez, geez Cade, Thank you, get out! Bye Are you ready to do this? It’s cold, bro The pools are heated, it’s fancy hotels It’s fancy hotels Who’s car is that? It’s nice Let’s go Shotgun! Aw, man Guys, I’m here with Yes Theory Introduce you guys to- Oh my god, my mic! I lost my mic Hello? Hey what’s up Jake Paulers? How are you? What’s up guys? We are Yes Theory, We’re also based in LA Uh, we made videos, adventure videos, where we get out of our comfort zone and we travel the world doing it boom ok so you guys have hotels lined up for us to go to so it cold out side so we are going to jacuzzi hope