So, as you can see right now,
I don’t have a bartender.She had to go take care
of ginger ale.
Because the bartender’s
in charge of that. – Let me ask you a question.
– What’s that? – How we doing right now?
– Slow. Now, what are you gonna do
to proactively change it? – Um…
– Could you do something? – Could ice glasses for them.
– Lisamarie:One, two,
three, four, five!
– Ice glasses?
Could you put ice
in glasses for them?
– Right now–
– What could you do to help? I could… uh… Jon:
Is there anything
that you can think of
that you could do to help?I think if I iced glasses, I’d be in the way more
than anything. Is there anything
that you can think ofthat you could do to help
this situation?
Could you go say
hello to people? Could you tell them,
“We’re falling behind, We’ll be with you in a moment,
thanks for coming”? Could you do something
to make these people’s moment better than this? Because right now, you see their faces,
are they happy? – No.
– Okay, so what
can you do about it? Because you gotta do
( bleep) something. – You gotta stop standing here.
– Okay. – Move, do something.
– ( laughs ) – We have a bartender!
– What do you want? I’m trying to figure out
what to do. We’re all trying to do this
for you, dude. Yeah, I’m just–
I don’t know what to do– Well,
you better get together. Didn’t we spend all day
making these drinks? We did. Like, come on, make a drink.
You know how to pour. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go,
let’s go, let’s go. It’s got to be accurate
as well as speed.They’re trying to go so fast
that they’re not pouring
the right amount of liquor, so I’m having
to dump the drinks which is making it
even slower for them because what are you
doing now, Heather? – Remaking six drinks.
– Remaking more drinks. You can’t speed up the pour.
You can’t cheat the booze. Otherwise, the balance is off,
and your drink is soda water.