Introducing Skope Pegasus Pegasus is Skope’s premium commercial refrigeration
range. The Pegasus Series has both 1/1 and 2/1 gastronorm
options available. Pegasus 1/1 Series Horizontal Chillers & Freezers The gastronorm 1/1 series has a front breathing
system, enabling them to be built against back and side walls to make the most of your
valuable space. Designed to be dependable, this series incorporates
1/1 standard gastronorm tray dimensions. Pegasus 2/1 Horizontal Chillers & Freezers Incorporates 2/1 standard gastronorm tray
dimensions Pegasus Vertical Chillers & Freezers Pegasus Upright or vertical chillers and freezers
are ideal for commercial kitchens and other areas requiring the storage of food products. Incorporates 1/1 and 2/1 standard gastronorm
tray dimensions, enabling complete integration with your other catering equipment. The Skope Pegasus series also features Pizza Preparation Fridges Specifically designed for pizza establishments,
Pegasus horizontal pizza cabinets provide quick access to fresh ingredients, combined
with preparation space. Sandwich Preparation Fridges Pegasus preparation chillers have been designed
to blow chilled air over the pans, to ensure consistent temperatures are maintained. Buy your Skope Pegasus chillers & freezers
from sydney commercial kitchens today.