Hey you guys Phoebe here from Little Grey Box
with Matt behind the camera Today, we are in Brisbane because we are kicking
off our #squadSQ adventure with the amazing team at Singapore Airlines and
all our friends on #squadSQ Now today we are going to be flying from Brisbane
to Singapore, where we’re gonna meet up with the rest of the squad from there we are
going to be flying to two amazing destinations on the Singapore Airlines
network, we are going to Paris we are going to Hanoi and then we are going
back to Singapore. We are going to be in the National Day celebrations it is gonna be
both Matt and my’s birthdays on the trip so we are so so so excited you guys and
what’s really cool is today we are flying Business Class… oh my god! Repping for the people so we’re gonna get in there we’re gonna show you guys everything on the
plane we’re gonna do a full review we’re gonna show you inside the Business Class lounge
and we’re gonna show you where to stay when you get to Singapore and you
need to be close to the airport… Let’s go… it’s adventure day! (music) Alright so we are gonna take you guys
with us right now into the SilverKris Lounge here at Brisbane International
Airport I spent years looking up at all these people in here wondering what
is in there, what goes on in the promised land? (music) Pro tip you guys… don’t make a rookie
mistake of eating too much food in the lounge because you know they have
amazing food on board and we are going to show you… but for now, it’s time to board
let’s go get our business on get to go We get to go in fancy queue skipping
we’re one of those people that get to board early and you know how you give
them the snide look like… look at them boarding early
that’s me! Give me the snide look! (music) I have never been this excited to board a plane Normally I’m the last one to get on
and then today I’m like… let’s go Pilot: the flight heading for Singapore
your’e looking at 7 hours and 45 mins…. Pilot: Weather-wise… (indistinct announcement) So we are on board an A350-900 you
guys and the cabin products today, these are their medium-haul new
regional class cabin products cabin products just refer to
pretty much the fit-out so I thought we’d start by just doing a
little bit of a tour, I have resisted the temptation to look at anything and now we’re
going to go through and try everything out So that can move so if you’re
in the reclined position you’re relaxing, you’re having a nice time
you can put that back the pullout table…… wait, let me… wait oh wait! there’s a latch
they’ve thought of everything so that… look how far out that comes oh my goodness so you could have it all the way back
here you could go here you can have it open all the way They’ve got this great divider here But of course, if you’re like Matt and I
and you know each other you can push that down really easily
now one thing I will say that’s really good is they have these huge partitions
here so if you didn’t know the person you were travelling with
or sitting next to… you put this up
and you sit back here… you can’t see them So your seat width you guys
your seats are a little bit slimmer but that makes sense to me that these ones are a
little bit more slim if it’s your medium-haul kind of a flight you don’t need that huge
big sofa space this is more than enough the seat itself, very comfortable
good back support, not too high feet touch the ground nicely
they’ve also got these, I haven’t figured it out yet they’ve got two arm rests and here, mind my complimentary slippers and then some kind of a bed light
oh and then if I’ve got the bed out i’ve gone full flat… off I really like this I like to have a lot
of surface to put my things on got a little drink holder so I don’t have to take out my tray. Got an area here where
you can charge all of your things so you’ve got your two USB ports if you were working on something because…
you’re a businessman in Business Class you can plug your laptop in. Noise-cancelling headphones I can vouch for these I’ve used them before
they are absolutely fantastic they give you some soocks
you saw the slippers before… There is an eye mask and a bottle of water which I guarantee you they probably refill for you so you only use the one. Let’s hope somewhere in
the future some very clever person comes up with some kind of a bag that
meets that hygiene need but maybe it plastic I’m guessing you can pop that out? oh my goodness that is so slim
look at that! But now, let’s take this seat for a spin
because I want to see what she can do Let’s go full flat stop… just stop oh my god you know how some of them are like flat
but like the feet are still down and you feel like your legs are gonna break off?
this… this is flat let me assume the sleeping position okay so my seatbelt is on
and then I’ve got all my stuff stuck down here that’s why I look so awkward You know I once had one of the
Singapore Airlines hostesses tuck me in that’s right I went to the bathroom I put on my pyjamas
because I’m that person and I came back and she was there waiting for me and she
pulled the doona over me and tucked me in and when I woke up… she had put chocolates next to me! this is your Business Class blanket
experience it’s a little more plush it’s got that luxury edge to it,
and of course a pillow So they bring out your tea…
fantastic but here’s the thing they also
do things like this they bring out this beautiful little dish because they know
you might not want your teabag in there all the time and I know that is such a
simple thing but it’s little things like that and that’s the kind of stuff I want
to show you guys today all those little things that
make this experience head and shoulders above the rest All in the detail (music) Take a special note you guys while
you’re watching this of how the stewardesses dress the table this is
not by accident they go through a really rigorous training, I went to the training
facility once… to be completely upfront I was not looking forward to it I thought it
was gonna be boring… it blew my mind! so they place everything in
certain spots they’re trained and tested this is not an accident, things aren’t
just thrown, you’re not thrown a tray It’s full silver service (music) So this is Book the Cook,
you need to prebook this… That’s some tender fish this is my favourite dessert
I tried the banana version of this on an economy flight
I was really upset because I thought they might not have it in Business
they’ve got it… this is unbelievable so it’s like…. what even is that a pudding?
some kind of coconut pudding and then they put ohhh my mouthing they put
some kind of a mango sauce on it and then they have fruit and coconut
shavings it tastes…incredible (music) Well, that was incredible It went like that, I’m feeling relaxed,
refreshed, ready to go, let’s go find our hotel I feel really sorry for the poor person
who had to lift my bags If your that person and you saw this really
heavy burnt orange bag and you were really hating the person that packed it, that person was me
and I apologize, I appreciate you Did you have a good flight? yeah that was amazing…
it was really enjoyable What was your flight highlight?
your fly-light? highlight…. was the food Hey there’s my bag oh careful there’s a lot of valuable
stuff in there Welcome to the future what happens if you lay down in front of it?
Do you think it would hit you? That’s amazing! Isn’t it! It’s like Roomba
but really big (music) So we have checked into our room here at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
we’ve actually stayed here a couple of times and every time
we love it. So if you are coming to Singapore you’re just going to be here
for a couple of days you want to do some sightseeing or maybe you just want to
stay somewhere close to the airport Crowne Plaza Changi Airport is your jam
this bathroom is huge look at the space in here you’ve got a bathtub and from in
the bathtub you can see the TV which I love and don’t worry if you want some
peace and quiet a little bit of….. privacy you can just bring this down
Lot’s of glass in here which I personally like it feels really bright,
spacious, airy. Look at this! this looks like some pandan layer cake macarons
white chocolate a personalized message We’ve got a beautiful fruit bowl there
I’ma gonna be tucking into that then over here behind me… oh you guys this bed is so
comfortable we have stayed here a few times like I said and every time we get
a really good night’s sleep on that bed it is really cozy really comfy these big
block out curtains come across they block out all the light so if you are
jet-lagged, you are tired…don’t worry you’re gonna get a good eight, nine, ten, eleven,
twelve hours sleep whatever you need and then the pièce de résistance this trip
they have hooked us up with a runway view room look at this if you were traveling
with kids or maybe you just love planes this is your spot you guys look at this
watching the planes takeoff and land it’s so cool and I love these huge glass
windows best of all it is really really close to Jewel which we’re gonna be
checking out tomorrow Well I am feeling rested
and refreshed and you guys we have got Club Lounge access and
you know what happens in Singapore Hotels in the Club Lounge? They put the free
food and drinks and here at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport that’s from 5:30 to 8:30pm (club lounge baller music) So we just got a text…
that the rest of the #squadSQ has touched down they will check into
their rooms and they gonna be down here shortly so we’re gonna have a bit of
reunion and meet Kate and Olly from KoTravellers who we haven’t met before (indistinct squad chat) Alright you guys the whole squad has assembled… so there area a few faces you know we’ve
got Luke from Backstreet Nomad, we’ve got our very good friends Phoebe and Chris
from The Curious Collection and Phoebe is very pregnant and you know what guys
you wouldn’t even be able to tell unless she turns on the side. My Matt and then
two new faces we’ve got Kate and Olly from KoTravellers
and this is your #squadSQ 2019! Gooood morning you guys, we had an amazing
sleep last night we are feeling rested we are feeling refreshed and we are
feeling ready so we toddled down here to the Club Lounge where we had a
beautiful private breakfast very fancy very lovely and now that we’re all
fueled up we’re just gonna finish our coffees and then we are going to head
over to Jewel I am so excited I’m so sick of seeing it on the Instagram and
YouTube and everyone else doing it and me not doing it (music) Jewel is a nature-themed entertainment complex
located here at Changi Airport and the centerpiece, of course, is the
incredible Rain Vortex this stunning waterfall you can see behind me now it is actually the world’s largest
indoor waterfall and in the evening you guys this thing comes alive with a
night show, a night light show and that’s something we’re gonna try and catch
tonight but if you didn’t know really what you was all about think of it as
kind of like a really cool shopping mall you’ve got restaurants you got plenty of
entertainment you’ve got lots of shops and there’s a loads of other things to do
which Matt and I are going to go check out in a minute Now interestingly it is connected to all
three of Changi Airport’s passenger terminals and it is on the land side, so that
means you don’t have to be checked in and departing on a flight to come and
visit it instead you’re just a regular citizen you just come and you just check
it out and what’s really cool is that there are some participating airlines that allow early check in
so you can go to the airport, check-in, drop your bags and then come and spend the day here before you
go through to catch your flight But for now, Matt and I are going to go and
see what else there is to see and do here at Jewel (music) It’s Kate and Olly from KoTravllers! Trolling Kate and Olly on Instagram! (music) If you come up to Level 5 here at
Jewel, you will find the Canopy Park Now it is SGD$5 per person to enter I
believe and it is well worth the money you guys the views of the Rain Vortex
from up here are by far the best The gardens are stunning, there’s the foggy bowls
there’s beautiful kind of flower sculptures You’ve got this beautiful jumping net
kind of experience over here which is an additional cost but it
is really worthwhile we’ve had so much fun take your time relax maybe grab a
bite to eat once you get out the other side but whatever you do
make sure you come and do this (music) So all the water that comes from the Rain
Vortex funnels down here it’s incredible It’s well worth coming down to the bottom
as well don’t just stay up the top check out all the viewing platforms and then
come down here because this is awesome it’s making me dizzy looking at it (music) The light show at Jewel happens every
hour on the hour from 7:30 until late I would say about 11:30 or so…
now there are plenty of places that you can watch it from all over Jewel but you
guys I have to say if you did spring for the Canopy Park Pass you can get a re-entry
stamp like we did which means you can come up here and watch the show from up here
and for 5 dollars Singaporean I would recommend it because there are far-fewer people
and the views are insane Now you guys that brings this video to a close
we have had an amazing time flying from Brisbane to Singapore and spending a
little bit of time here it has been so good to finally see Jewel and tick it off
the bucket list. In our next video we are we are going to be heading to Paris
as part of our #squadSQ trip so make sure you come back and catcht that video next week Alright you guys that is it from me
I really hope you enjoyed this video now if you don’t already, be sure to
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and I will see you next week… Love ya!