We have taken 3 masala dosa , which cost us SGD 4.5 Very cheap ! You should visit this place Name of his shop ” Guru Tffen center.” We are going to little India This area is an Indian town in Singapore Mostly Indians are staying here They are now Singapore’s citizen. Let’s see this place This is Tekka Food Center You will get Indian , Pakistani , Bangladeshi all types of food here. Sri Lankan’s foods are also available. This is a South Indian Food Stall. We will Take Dosa from here. See how Dosa’s are getting prepared This is price chart. Elango is the name of this person. Mr. Elango is preparing ours masala dosa. Feels really great if you get South Indian food , outside India Mr Elango is missing home , as he is from India. He hasn’t visited home from last 4 years His parents are there in India. He was telling me that from last 4 years he is in Singapore. Hasn’t visited home , and not meet any family members. We as a Tourist really enjoy the new places . But they actually feel bad , as they can’t go home whenever they want Because its far from India He was expressing me his sadness to me. You should come here to eat. We have taken 3 masala dosas at total SGD 4.5 So , SGD 4.5 means . Rs . 225 as per Indian currency So, three dosas was Rs. 225 only. So, this is the calculation here. You should visit here. If you feel that food is costly in Singapore It’s actually not .. Come to Tekka Hawker Canter. Guru Tiffen center It’s a South Indian Stall. You will get good quality food with absolutely low price. You can get all South Indian Dishes. Also you will get Veg , Non – Veg all options in this Tekka Center. Indian , Pakistani , North Indian , South Indian , Bangladeshi , Sri Lankan’s So , Thank You!! Will definitely will visit. I was telling him . I will upload his stall’s review on YouTube Thank you and good job !! He was telling me that , you will get best rate in his shop. Punjabi Food Stall You will get Biryani How much is the price ? Mutton Biryani SGD 5.50. This is Little India. Indian Market in Singapore Mostly Indian & Specially South Indian’s See .. Flower Stalls are looking like , we are in India. Feeling like , roaming around Indian Market in Indian. If you want to eat Indian Food , See Indian Culture in Singapore . Then come to his area. It’s called Little India. Very Famous place. Take the help from Google. It’s really feels great to see Indian Culture outside India. If you are Bengali Then you will get good Bengali restaurants between Mustafa Market & Little India area. Now we are travelling in Bus. You can swap your EZ link card in Metro and Bus both. refer my previous video.. Must purchase EZ link card. It’s called EZ link card. Just take bus , swap your card and you are good to go to your destination. No cash payment needed This types of buses runs here .. Double Decker buses too. We arrived to our Hotel ibis bencoolen Singapore