(upbeat music) – Well, good morning. It’s about a quarter to
seven in the morning. I’m in the first class lounge, Singapore Airlines have
the KrisFlyer lounge, in Heathrow, terminal two. I’m flying on the early morning flight, the ten past nine flight, SQ305, over to Singapore from London. And, first of all, we’re gonna have a look around the lounge. The concept of the lounge is, according to Singapore Airlines, is a home away from home. It’s been designed by the company Ong&Ong. You got things like these
authentic batik screens, lots of places where you can hide away, and chairs that have their own power, so that you’ve got some way of making sure that you’re ready for their flight. And of course you’ve got dining as well. (upbeat music) Well, as you’d expect
in a first class lounge, as well as the buffet, there’s
a choice of cooked dishes. Here you’ve got signature
dishes and western ones. The signature ones, are nasi lemak, Singapore laksa, chicken
curry, and mie goreng. And the western ones are
eggs Benedict or eggs Royale. Full English breakfast
or homemade waffles. (upbeat music)