Who would I shtup? Hey. I’m Guy Branum, and this is Bar Talk at JFL. [♫ Funky theme music ♫] Who is your current comedy crush? Who do you, every time you see them, you’re just like, dazzled? I love Ike Barinholtz
(Guy) Oh yes. I love him. I love his career, like– I did the CBS diversity showcase and I took a lot of meetings after and I went and they were like, “Who do you want to be?” and I’m like Ike. I want to be Ike. He has — he has a behind-the-camera career and an in-front-of-the-camera career,
(Shukri) Yes! (Guy) He’s a great writer,
(Shukri) YES! (Guy) I mean that’s the dream!
(Shukri) He’s everything! (Guy) Yes.
(Shukri) He’s everything. (Guy) Who are your icons? If you were to make a Mount Rushmore of comedy, who would be on that? I think just … I mean there’s so many people out there, but I would say, to start, I would have Tracey Ullman,
(Guy) Yes. I mean,
(Guy) Classic. (Shukri) Come on.
(Guy) Smart characters. (Shukri) Yes. And Kim Wayans.
(Guy) Oh! (Shukri) Ahhhh.
(Guy) Amazing. (Guy) She was giving us everything.
(Shukri) Everything! (Shukri) Everything, and such a pioneer
as a black sketch actor, so … I mean really inspirational for me as a kid, to watch her and be like,
“this is what I want to be.” Is it hard being … like, there aren’t a huge number of black women who have
been able to be on sketch shows since shows like MadTV and In Living Color went away, (Shukri) Right.
(Guy) Is it hard to be in an industry that doesn’t necessarily always have a place for you? Ummm … it’s changing and I’m very inspired by A Black Lady Sketch Show, I did the panel today, and so I’m like, we’re making … we’re making steps moving forward so I’m trying to focus on
being positive about it and honestly I went to a great gatekeeper like, the New Faces Creators panel here and it’s like, “forget about the gatekeepers,
make your own content.”: I want people to feel inspired to do that, like … Don’t let anybody’s “No” prevent you from actually moving forward
with what your “yes” is. (Guy) Yeah. [♫ Funky theme music ♫] (Guy) Shukri!
(Shukri) Yes! Are you willing to play a game with us?
(Shukri) I would love to play a game! I love games! Shukri, we are going to play “Question Bucket”.
(Shukri) Okay. Here I have a container from a container store.
I call it a bucket. It is robin’s egg blue.
Inside, there are a bunch of random questions. You have to answer them from your gut, okay? (Shukri) Okay. Personal Questions? (Guy) I mean, they’re a mix of questions. Some will be deeply invasive and go to your very core …
(Shukri) Oh-oh! Some of them will just be
“What would your drag name be if you had a drag name?” Okay. Alright. What do you love most about the Just for Laughs festival? Meeting people and hearing what inspires them and then taking that home with me and then just duking it out and makin’ it happen for myself. I don’t like how emotionally healthy you feel.
[Shukri laughs] You should be angrier. Who are you dying to meet at this festival? Who am i dying to meet? That’s a great question. I feel like everybody’s been so approachable, so it’s like, you see someone, you walk up to them! I talked to Anthony Anderson yesterday! (Guy) Oh, that’s very exciting!
(Shukri) I mean, that’s very cool! (Shukri) Black-ish, guys! Black-ish! Alright. What is the best piece of advice you ever received? That’s a great question. Ah, ah! Best advice that I — Oh! I’m gonna give a shoutout to Dave Rath, my old boss. He’s like … when I worked with him, he said, “Shukri, Hollywood is small and it only
gets smaller from here on out.” So, made me realize — I need to act right.
(Guy) Yes. And I need to behave, because it’s like, you know it’s the whole “whoever you’re meeting on the way up is the people you’re gonna be meeting on the way down.” So, get your shit together. [Guy laughs] I wasn’t being bad when he said it, either. (Guy) Alright. What did you want to be when you grew up? I think I wanted to be a clown like I am now, yeah. (Guy) It’s beautiful. This is uncomfortable, how beautiful it is. Alright. This one deeply controversial: cake or pie? I don’t like sweets. Fuck you. Fuck you and your adorable thin little frame,
(Shukri) Oh, no! (Guy) I don’t need to hear this. (Shukri) Oh, a savory, a savory, like savory pot pie!
(Guy) When you do indulge, A savory pot pie?
(Shukri) Yeah, like a — not a chicken — I’m like vegetarian. So maybe like a, like a a vegetarian pot pie.
That sounds so wack! (Guy) no it doesn’t!
(Shukri) I’m wack. I’m realizing right now, I’m wack… (Guy) It could be delicious.
Are you vegan or are you vegetarian? I’m a vegetarian who dabbles in the pescatarian world. (Guy) Okay I mean, if you allow me butter in the pastry, I can make you a beautiful, like, root vegetable pot pie, we’re gonna roast those root vegetables we’re gonna highlight their sweetness… (Shukri) Okay, gun-to-head though, cheesecake! Alright, now the truth comes out. Me, I used to be a cake man, but I have slowly over time converted to pie. Final question you will select yourself. We’re running out of questions, Shukri.
(Shukri) I know. Who is your celebrity crush? Oh, God my, my … my Hall Pass list? It used to have like Larry David on it, used to have Jason Bateman on it (Guy) Those are very different choices. [Shukri laughs] Oh, I feel like I need to shut up now! (Guy) You have a very handsome boyfriend
who I met just moments ago, But if you were going to take a break
from that, what would you do? What would you dabble in? Who would I shtup? Look, I’ll just stick with Jason Bateman,
he seems like a whole–wholesome — nice guy, kind of average and be–
beyond that I’m saying too much. (Guy) But it’s nice when they’re, like,
distinguished but moving towards 50, you know? (Shukri) Yeah, yes! [♫ Funky theme music ♫] That’s it. That’s Bar Talk at JFL. It’s over now. You can return to the other parts of the internet. Go watch porn, go argue about politics, buy some cryptocurrency, whatever you want to do.