King, are you going to finish you lust now itself? For your new bride Queen Pingala, are you not keeping anything? I have a great appetite for Romantic lust Understood? To satisfy my appetite, I can have as much as I want The 1st night of his felitious feast And the night he finishes the battle, all the men Celebrate their victory What’s the delay? You know right If we dont get Queen Pingala on time then even God cannot save

the queen from Avanti Our Queen gets very angry You should not get any bad luck Come Queen Hail King Hearty Congrats on your highness wedding Thank you marshal -Happy married life to the king You look very handsome Lord Pingala, who came from the land of lust will be surprised to see you Let not talk about Queen Pingala Today I shall come to your room You have forgotten

the way to my temple long back I am proud of you You have taught me

my responsibilities as a husband That is why I came to your temple What did Vikram say Avanti? Why worry about Vikram now? Rani is awaiting your arrival She should not fall asleep

looking forward for you Oh King, have you ever got scared seeing any woman? No Fear is closed and unknown to us This beautiful figure, your youth, outline of your hip, No measure between heaven and earth What great beauty I have no words for your beauty What gift have you got for me? Mayadevi, What is value of her beauty? -20 Gold Coins

-That’s all? Her beauty is so cheap? I will give whatever I have Please accept this Thank you! Hey Romantic King! I would also like the previledge

of being in your service The beginning of love is not on the lips Its only on these hands When the hand touches the body, and when they embrace, the lips strengthen that relationship In addition to the touch on lips, the proper use of the hands gives immense pleasure to the man and woman The important fact here is that the entire body pleasure and the entire emotional pleasure there’s a huge but small

difference between the two The body pleasure last

for for a few moments But the emotional pleasure, is alive even after

the physical pleasure ends When we decide to involve in

a physical relationship with a man register that man in your mind Later the pleasure that you will give will satisfy that man a lot Hey Romantic King! please wait, please hear our appeal The coins you told that

you will pay are paid The woman you like can be chosen

from a collection of fans as the town bride, it is your right I need your help to complete this process Tell me, what can I do for you? For the selection of new towns bride,

Queen Avantika is deciding those who will satisfy minister Vasanth in the art of sex Her openness in the art of sex the way she played positively, her body that was burning in lust, the expression of love

that came from her body the lust that came from that expression, the intercourse that we had

through that lust For that she can definitely be selected Vasanth minister is blessed I have finished the selection

in 10 gold coins Goddess Maya! Vasanth minister’s bowl

is filled with gold coins What are the characteristics of a bride? Beauty, epic, music, dance, and similar exclusive characters is very much required This art which can give

complete body pleasure is awaited by our Vasanth minister Still, all of you use your sexual art and satisfy him Fill your characters with gold pieces Which woman wins the most gold coins, after this year ends,

for 2 years, will be announced as the town bride. The queen has sent Adhirata to bring you in Really? Adhirata? Let him in As you say Did you hear? Adhirata has come for Lavanya Now why are we required here? Come, let’s go Sure, get up. Let us go out. Get up, get up soon What is this Lavanya? Why are you worried? Two hundred gold coins to collect what you have won, to share it for a happy life, you should not be worried You should not commit that mistake To live well, money is all that is required You have spoken well You do not know much about what I said The body’s need is to be

involved with a man Only the body enjoys that relationship But to marry the same man, is the society’s need Escaping from those things, neither you nor your future generation will be able to do anything Should you punish your children like this? The man may not be rich But his body, heart, and strenght are beyond anyone else in this kingdom Then why are you talking about such men? Namaste! On the occassion of the King’s marriage Rani Avanti has arranged a program I was sent here to call you Godess lavanya Please be alert About the men, what was it that you were saying? When the kingdom was in drought, when the kingdom needed money, the saving that this town bride

got with her body was given to this kingdom Without reason, dont insult men Why this silence your highness Please speak Why are you testing my love? Testing? Me? I dont think you know The town bride will marry someone I know I know very well to whom I know one more thing From 4 years you are the town bride Normally town bride stay only for 2 years Shall I say something else? The King likes you Is this how your proceeding with your career? Proceeding with career? How long will this career help me? I have not even participated

in the new town’s bride selection The King selecting the new town bride is already written for the liberation

of all the leaders But you should know one thing horse man Till you come with 200 gold coins Goddess Maya wont allow us to be together Did you forget that? No I know my limitations I am just the horseman of Prince Vikrama Even to win my love I may not be able to save 200 coins But Godess Lavanya, is there no other way? Isn’t there any value for my love? Adhirata You are very sweet Lavanya Lavanya Lavanya stop! I said stop Lavanya Right now I can do anything Your rejecting has no value Not even Goddess Maya’s We should return to Antapuram Its already late It will be very late Athi Hail Oh Queen! Hail Oh King! Long life Vikramaditya Greetings Uncle Long life! -Gyanendra mentioned that you had gone hunting

-Yes So tell me Which animals did you hunt? Did you hunt the elephant? Actually… Gyanendra Do you know one thing, -Your father got a new idea

-Yes I know What happened Vikrama? You should not insult music Forgive me King Music makes us forget time Those who calculate time are not entertained in music Please sit Vikrama This time our wedding ceremony

should be held But you, and your Agruju did you say King Bharathahari

does not know to track time? Whatis your idea? Agraja Time will tell everything I am just an object of time For both of us to talk, tomorrow there are

a lot more valuable things What is the pun in your words? Isn’t my happiness your happiness too? Agraja Do you believe your happiness

is not my happiness? You have forgotten one thing I always do what makes me happy Go and take her blessings As you say Agraja I want to give Queen Pingala a gift Queen Pingala Welcome to our family Thank you My favourite person, whom I like a lot, my strong man Adhirata my horseman I want to present him to you Till you get a trustworthy man Please accept it Thank you for accepting the gift oh Queen Pingala Your luck is very good My Vikram has gifted Adhirata to you Adhirata, after he came, was a strong anchor for my kingdom Thank you for this gift Did the king do anything today? No From the time the small queen came the king does not look at anyone else I dont understand what magic she has done Everyone in the kingdom thinks she has masterrd sexual art

more than sex Gods Nothing will last mother You all wait and watch like a hungry lion the king will hunt her Foolish girl I understand your worry But this is the result of previous birth I will tell you a secret That saint Goraknath has told his mother how the King’s life is Bharathari will sacrifice his life

for the kingdom and become a monk How do you know about all this mother? At that time I was Father

Bharathahari’s favourite servant But mother, Nothing has happend

like what the saint said The king is playing with his luxuries Vikrama is the reason for his prosperity But the king’s fellow-wife has changed King Bharathari’s mind Animal lust has taken the thoughts

of being a monk from him That is why King is a slave

to animal like lust Some part of the Kingdom’s prosperity is spent for beauty only Thus at a very young age weddings were also enforced His fellow-wife also provided sweet drinks Understood? But why mother? I will tell, listen Because the king forgets the kingdom and is always in animal like lust Only then will Prince Vikram

be crowned right But see how lucky King Bharathari is he got a brother like Vikrama Very nice man The Vikramadityan I know is great But While the project is there tell me how will the kingdom survive What do you think mother? My prince, Bharathari will turn into a monk? Only time will decide that -Lord,

-Yes At this time what are you looking here? The colors of your beauty and youth The age of lust is like a woman’s body it is equivalent to 100 proverbs Is it? Thief How did that queen of sezual art limpress you? You are talking about

romantic age like this The question is not about Pingala or Avanti I will tell you a fact You know something? When the king is born to rule the kingdom, there starts the end In this life I am a king But the king in my dreams will rule for all his births to come But why only lust? This lust is not real -That is a magic

-Hmm A magic having been

only written through woman Do you know, the way in which a king through his love filled words, fools the people in his kingdom, in the same way a woman also fools a man through lust In that condition nothing is true and nothing is false In the end everything has to end Lord, you seem to be very knowledged or seem to be very foolish What happened Karthiyaini? What happened? No problem right? No But, I am pregnant Why these tears? What happend Karthiyaini? Its good only right No problem right? Say something I am asking you Karthiyaini There is no problem right? First tell me Give me an answer Karthiyaini What happened? Surya, This seed growing in my stomach is King Bharathara’s Oh my God! Why are you punishing us? That too in this way Dont alledge me The father of this kid has to be you Surya because as long as we lived intercouse is not there Let this seed grow Karthiyaini we are the King’s servants But whatever we have wished,

whenever we have wished, He has given us You are a servant karthiyaini A servant I am also a slave Whoever is the father of the child in you I will take care of him with love Wait and see Once the child is born and grows up, I will make him agressive Karthiyaini This is the result

of our deeds in this birth Those results gave us this life But wait and watch the kid that will be born to us, I know the science and signs Yes He should become a Pandit or King Only then will the generation grow strong Greetings Oh King! Greetings a saint wants permission to meet you -Let him in

-As you say Your Highness Come saint, please take your seat -Greetings to you

-Greetings I am a guest to you and your kingdom Thank you for coming here saint I am happy with your humbleness I have to speak

an important matter with you King, If you permit, I shall complete other work Go on As you say King Greetings I have heard a lot about

your knowledge and wisdom It is all your blessing I would like your answers

for some questions that I ask Please order For a person like you who knows everything, will be genius But for all your questions, I will try my best to answer you Before you know what I want to ask you are giving me this reply? Forgive me Saint The importance of your question I dont understand You are a rich man Rich people are like Antura Your in this world but havent seen the world Forgive me Saint Every man born asks for these luxuries The luxuries on this earth are of different types Luxury is always a luxury There is no difference nor distinction A rich man is luxurious and also a strong man is luxurious and a person with wit is luxurious Which luxury are you talking about Saint? Think Think about the way of your ideas Your way of ideas awakens you or your kingdom? Thinking gives birth to ideas The thought opens the sight and for attaining peace Gives an inspiration to

finish the wordly things King, why are you talking about

wordly things? All the wordly things

that you are talking of will end with this world Then what will be the fate of the soul? I am a king in heaven and also a priest in my temple only ruling matters whichever is the kingdom its like intercourse between man and woman the future will not be prosperous If its heard that in my kingdom all are monks my kingdom itself will come to an end Which kingdom are you talking about? This kingdom is a prostitute to be used It takes the same respect as a priest Oh Saint! The world was created

according the sun’s art It is difficult to seggregate it now A kingdom’s construction along with materials or decorations the devotional temple is also created Through this mankind purifies his soul and body Just like man purifies his soul in temple prostitues also purify their body So if we consider prostitutes what is wrong in that? For that reason only, in my kingdom rape, adultery and any sins do not exist King, your thoughts are big Big thoughts pave way for new ways I talk only from my mind Whatever is true according to my soul, I believe that it is right Whatever i say or how ever i say may not be right for to you You are clean Your mind has understood your soul So then someday while thinking about the soul i thought that I should give you a fruit Dear King, this is not a normal fruit Whoever eats this on a full moon night Whether it is a man or woman, Death is written for everyone You eat this and also

share with those you like and get the blessings King, this year is full of tests We all are sons of Sudra You also have the previledge

of being a warrior But King, The Sudra characters in him

have been immersed long back Because he is a Brahmin,

you will say anything? The question is not about being Brahmin or a Sutra Work is the important factor Brahmins follow the science and leads the society in a good path If anyone is born as a Sutra

then this character, will not come how much ever we try Instead if your born as a Brahmin with character from Sutras

he can acquire wisdom King, -King

-Yes What happened? If you can also think in those lines, it will be good Minister, Yes your Highness Please do as Vikram has said As you say Your Highness, If you will permit, this servant would like

to inform you something Later But first, get me something to drink the village is sleeping because they dont have that desperate beauty But in front of my eyes this beauty lies No need of any makeover for the beauty The reason for my love for you I dont know completely Pingala But Why do you love me so much? Your Highness Your prowess, your poetry, your elegance that I have seen the moon also manifests to serve you Same like that I am a simple woman One more question dear What will you do for my love? I will sacrifice my life on your feet I always wish and pray that I should not be unlucky

to be far from your body Is that so? What if old age arrives? I told earlier right I am yours Have I given the right answers

to your question? yes Then my body can satisfy you At all times and situations brave I am yours Pingala The moment I sae you I became young The beauty in you, the youthfulness, if I make it everlasting Then? Then my youthfulness will be dedicated to you till all your cravings are satisfied This is a fruit by default -You know something

-No A great saint gifted this to me You know what he said? On the upcoming full moon night if a woman or man eats this then till the end of life, they will be young Right now I am gifting you this fruit if youth You know something! My wife is pregnant Oh is it? Congratulations Adhiratha The queen has ordered that you should take her to

the temple in the morning I shall take care of that, ok But before that,

my heartfelt congratulations to you Congratulations? For what? A junior Surya will come soon right How can you say that? It can be junior Karthiyaini too right If that is so, then no worries Your Majesty, Please take this and go inside I will wait here Queen Pingala, Queen Pingala, Queen Pingala! Your Majesty! Where are you? Your Majesty Pingala! Queen Pingala, Everyone is waiting for you Shall we go now? Let me speak Adhirata Fate is such a miracle Telling about God’s words, everyone is seen following it truly You know something, The biggest curse in life is beauty You know that I am the King’s slave You are my slave You are the art

for all children in our kingdom Though you are so dull you are valued in the society But those who have the curse of beauty the thought of respect is lost Those who have beauty are never respected in society Such people are made as dolls, used as prostitutes and made to be slaves Its getting late your majesty Whats the hurry? The King is not in Antapuram He is currently at the brothel If he can sleep with another woman, why should not I also enjoy that pleasure? Pingala Pingala Pingala Pingala Pingala Im your slave lover your majesty Its not Pingala Spoke unknowingly Lavanya What you said is very true I love Pingala with my whole heart Take it You should ask me why I gave this right? Why? My love is gone After the King gave this fruit I understood that what he loves is not me, just my body That is why I need my slave’s body Yet, How is this possible? Honestly, seeing her beauty, seeing her youthfulness, I married her Love, No wonder! She also loves me This is not an ordinary fruit Whoever has this on a full moon night, they will remain young

for the rest of their life What’s the reason

for this prayer minister? A small child, turning to youth is already written while he is in the womb For that there is a myth believed In reality the boy does not turn into a man But small kids, from mother itself they are created special But we have gone for wars right? Women is the reason for creation

Shiva is the reason for destruction Such a woman becomes a mother But destruction is also

equally required like construction right You are right But all the destructions are a cause for God’s creations Today, Pushpavati, the princess, has attained the previledge

of everlasting youth Congratulations Your Highness Congratulations my queen My congratulations to you as well You too Congratulations Thaleen Tell me Goddess Maya The slaves are not focussing

on their health right Your Your Highness Lavanya Yes Your Highness I heard that you are not

competing as the town bride this year Is it true? It is true Your Majesty There is something I should complete If you permit… Go Your Highness All the slaves are healthy For sexual activities they are completely healthy These are the most beautiful slaves

in our Kingdom Your Majesty Only one thing is true Goddess Maya I picked up the faithful Like Lavanya’s prolific appearance you have no match Even we have the same beauty that is in Lavanya Then where is the difference Your Majesty? Who is this beauty Goddess Maya? Her name is Vasnta Sena Your Majesty She is participating in

the selection of Town bride She is a champion in the art of sex Is it so? Champion in the art of sex Miracle Most woman will practice Vasanta Sena But, format may differ In reality you all are dead A man is not just a woman’s play thing such characters in her also attract him Let this servant also have the rights

to serve you Your Majesty Definitely Please bless me I have sent Balu to welcome the brave guy Life! What is this life? Was born as a slave, grew up as a slave Earlier I was Vikramaditya’s slave And now, to Rani Pingala Lavanya My Lavanya is also a slave who serves this kingdom right Here to the king, there to Goddess Maya I love Lavanya And you? How can I prove my love to you? Maya Maya wont give me those rights She wants 200 gold coins But I have only 190 coins This fruit Fruit of youth This gives everlasting youth Why cant I give it to Lavanya If she eats this she will be young forever Maya will get her gold coins and I will get Lavanya My love! Thanks! Thank you for giving me this fruit Two hundred gold coins What now? To get Lavanya you should give two hundred gold coins What is wrong with me Little savings also he cant make how will he get so many gold coins! Surprising No need to count there are only 190 coins 10 coins are less Instead of that this fruit Take this This ordinary fruit? This is equivalent to 10 Gold coins? Very strange Goddess this is not an ordinary fruit A great saint has given it If a man or woman eats it

on a full moon night they will be young their entire life That is true Very foolish Instead of 10 gold coins

your giving this fruit? Such people also exist That great saint saw only you to give this? Take those 10 gold coins from me Your also acting foolish Adhirata Our results Tell me what am I writing? Tell me L? Yes Now? Understood? -Didnt understand?

-No Your a kid Now tell me Mango Fruit? No Custard Apple? What I told is not a lie Lavanya This fruit really gives eternal youth Till the end of life From today onwards after 7 days eat it on the full moon night Ok. I will eat Queen Pingala Please bless me Live long! Fearing now will always

create a distance Vikrama You dont have the manliness

which Agrajam has? Wont you satisfy the lust a woman? Only if 2 bodies become one

there wont be any pleasure It is important for the soul to be one But you You wont understand this According to science, soul gives us spirit Its bound in happiness and sadness Not the body This active body is filled with lust Come and fill your thirst The kind of lust that you have I dont have in me Queen Pingala In the king’s life, your role is for a very short time Till the hunger is over, you are required In my touch no feelings

are generated Vikrama? Your body is burning

with the flame of lust You also forgot the promise

you made during marriage Vikramaditya In that promise, 2 lives were bonded But not the bodies According the changes in situation, you also have to change Superior thoughts are

like wisdom Your Highness No one can disrupt the soul,

nor captivate it The body designed the soul But the soul is like God Protect your unholy body Because there is no place

for soul in your body You will repent for

calling me unholy Vikrama Adhirata What re you looking at? Take it Tie my hands with that What are you saying queen? You dont have rights to question me I am you queen Obeying my order is your duty Tie tightly.The blood should clot Untie my blouse Now hit me with that stick Hit me with that stick Hit Queen Reason? What is it queen? After my emotions were dead, my body was also emotionless Adhiratha Minister, what is actually hunting? Killing animals by hunting them Man who does not fear Likewise, in order to rule the kingdom even when the people are scared, he will be able to guide them A great slaughter, minister Son Ruling a kingdom is not with love it is with fear ths is the justice 1st, in the minds of the people, create fear After that play with that fear Later those people will love you that love will change into people’s liking That likeness is what you want -Understood?

-Understood father Is my word correct minister? Yes your majesty. This is the kingdom’s law It is getting late Welcome your majesty Greetings! Long Live Greetings Agraja Long life How are you Vikrama? Im fine Agraja Pingala didnt come to welcome me? Pingala is in the temple She is a not feeling well -Not well?

-Yes your majesty Hail your majesty Welcome prince I dont know kingdom rules like you Minister, Did he hunt any animal there? Or just returned back? 2 deers. I hunted 2 deers on my own That is nice Pingala What happened? Tell me Pingala Nothing What are these bruises? How did these bruises come? Did anyone hurt you>Karthiyaini! Yes your majesty What is the reason for

her condition like this? I dont know your majesty Actually young queen, went to the temple after Vikrama went I just said what happened After coming back, the queen just went in and laid down Queen why are you hiding the truth? Tell me Who has done this? Tell me who it is For him, his life will become hell Will make it miserable like death Whoever that person is Just reveal him to me Just tell me once Your brother Your brother Vikrama What are you saying queen? It is not true Tell me That it was a lie It is not possible queen Vikrama? I cannot believe it It will not be the same way Vikrama Vikrama Can you teach me also this sword fight? Sure, will teach you I would like to learn now 1st let me teach Gyanendar After that I will teach you I want to learn right now No harm in waiting for sometime You have been referred as a cheap person We should cut the head

of those who do wrong Bad luck That you are Agraja’s brother Will send you to the streets This is not your fault Agraja Its your imagination You dont know the truth Body may be very beautiful but its only momentary Reality is different But that is everlasting Permit me Agraja I dont want to be a part of this kingdom

which is becoming foolish Greetings What happened Karthiyaini? Why are you crying? I am afraid about our kingdom’s future King Vikramaditya could not bear injustice and walked away The kingdom is equivalent to a woman initially for herself, for her father, then husband and after that sons take her rights That is life But according to situation wherever someone is in control that is better place That’s why, that’s why Karthiyaini Pray that whatever happens to our kingdom Happens soon Let it be so Hope that the Gods make your words come true The kingdom that we are in should always be safe It is bound to be given to the coast What is this Lord? You didnt think about

hearing his side also? You were not just Agraja for Vikram A leader for the kingdom Why should I eat this fruit? To be young for the rest of my life To continue the life you have If I really become young for entire life, if I dont become old, Even if I want, I will never get freedom

from being a prostitute This prostitute life also, equivalent to hell I dont have rights on my body Body lives on the orders of others Suppose if I get lifelong youth, I wont be able to enjoy it

like a normal woman Suppose I start eating, I will be stuck with it forever My dreams of marrying Adhiratha to have kids with him, to love those kids as their mother to join Adhirata and grow old everything will be destroyed What are you thinking Lavanya? This is a lucky gift for you A strength for you You will turn into a strong woman For the luck that you have received, you will be more strong. But, No I should not be eating this This fruit is needed for true men That youth life that strength will be useful for this kingdom and society To bring the kingdom to prosperity this is the best option Who is the right person? Vikramaditya Yes Vikramaditya Lavanya Lavanya King Vikramaditya has left the kingdom The king is upset about this Queen Avanti is calling you to Antapuram Now see my trick Goddess Maya Yes Where is Lavanya? Maharani had called her She has gone to Antapuram And that fruit? Where is it? Do you need anything lavanya? No your majesty Lavanya, today you have made us happy So this chain I am presenting to you Your majesty! I would like to ask you something Ask If I like it I will answer Your majesty For you and you kingdom I have given my body and served honestly As a gift this servant wants to ask you a question Lavanya, its true Without any hesitation

you have served me and the kingdom Ask Ask whatever is in your mind Your majesty I dont want to ask for something

costly or too difficult Adhirata Your majesty Please accept our love Every moment I worship this love Please relieve me from these services I need Adhirata I need his presence Impossible Wait Take it Love has encompassed you Lavanya Love is born in you You belong to Adhirata Thank you your majesty Live happily Both of you live happily Anything more you need? Oh your majesty This slave who used to serve you every moment was waiting for your mercy all this while I would like to give you a gift Please permit me permitted What is it? What is my gift? Your majesty, with this my service ends From now on she is your town bride Please accept this Your majesty, there is

a valuable item in this It is more valuable than anything Fruit? It is not a normal fruit if you have this you will be young forever Today is full moon night It should be had on this day The saint told this to Adhirata If Adhirata had not given me this fruit I would not be able to give it to you Please accept this and

bless us your majesty Your majesty, why the anger? I have been cheated My play has cheated me only Give me your blessings Agraja Live long Live happily Now I am giving you responsibilities

equivalent to Chandragupta The image that you have will always help you rule for long Minister Im taking leave As long as you are there This kingdom will be completely safe. I believe that Take care of Vikram You experiences will help in the future of this kingdom and also for Vikrama’s rule Whatever I planned to finish in this world

I have completed Now I am going in search of eternal peace Queen Bless me Father Your majesty -Forgive us your majesty

-Forgive us Forgive us your majesty It is not your mistake You were fulfilling your duties as a slave All the best