Let’s fit this gold bar to the shredder. Here we go hello Everyone, my name is Ben and welcome to my channel, tube Now you guys probably saw the title and you think this must be clickbait. Well guys, I can assure you. It’s not. This is the gold bar that I will be shredding in this video and I can assure you it’s real This is the certificate. So yeah, it’s a real gold bar. I will open it in just a moment But first guys, I want to tell you that there are some huge discounts on the merch So if you want to buy some merch I will provide the link in the description below now the gold bar Open it up right now So I’m gonna take it out together with a certificate This is the front of the certificate and the back And this is the gold bar guys It’s a 1 kilogram gold bar. It’s worth about $41,000 or 37,000 euros and I can hear you thinking guys what a waste of gold to put that in the shredder But I can assure you guys the gold will not lose its value It will only lose its shape a little bit and that’s what I’m planning to do I want to have gold nuggets and then I’m gonna Put them in here This is a good melting furnace. There is a little crucible inside of this as you can see But this bar does not fit in it So once I have gold nuggets I can put them in the crucible and then I’m gonna start casting some gold I’m not sure what I’m gonna cast it But if you have any other ideas, just let me know in the comments below guys. Okay, now let’s put this away Let’s go to the shredder, but before I go shred the gold I also have a bar of thin here This is about the same hardness as gold it’s about the same thickness At first I’m gonna try to shred this thin bar. So I know if the shredder can handle it or not So now let’s go to the shredder and see what happens to this thin bar Okay, guys welcome back at my shredder I clean it if you want to see how I clean it just go to my Instagram I will put a link in the description below to my Instagram page. Okay, so here is the bar of Tim I’m gonna feed it in my shredder and see what happens If the shredder can handle this then there is a good chance. The gold will also be shredded So, let’s see what happens if I feed in a bar of tin, here we go Okay guys that was very close but eventually it got shredded now these are the pieces From the tin I’m gonna take one of them. I’m gonna show it to you. The shredded sides are very Shiny, so I’m really curious if the gold will also be as shiny as this tin. Yeah, forgive me for my dirty hands guys That’s from the crucible that I just took out of that little furnace It’s graphite and your hands are getting very dirty of that now before I’m shredding this gold bar I’m gonna make sure the sugar is totally clean I’m gonna remove all the little bar little parts of tin and then I’m gonna shred the gold bar I don’t want any mix up between the tin and the gold. Okay guys. See you in a couple of minutes Okay, welcome back It took me roughly an hour to remove all the small parts of tin and now is the moment we’ve all been waiting for Let’s fit this gold bar to the shredder. Here we go Okay, guys the shredder has a lot of difficulties to shred the gold bar I think it’s because of the density of the gold It’s much denser than the tin. It’s the same hardness but it’s much denser. Okay, so this is what it looks like right now Let’s continue until it’s all eaten by the shredder. Here we go Yes, so as you can see the shredder is struggling very hard to shred the gold guys Yeah, let’s continue until this is all eaten and then I will show you the result. Here we go Okay, so this is the result a lot of gold nuggets from different sizes and the shredder had a hard time on it But I’m planning on buying a new shredder It will have two motors instead of one and it will be double the size The two motors will be four times as powerful as this motor each of them So it will be eight times as powerful guys. Now, I’m gonna show you the gold nuggets I think they look very pretty and now I can start casting some gold I’m gonna put them in the melting furnace and then I’m gonna cast something from it if you have any ideas Which I should make with this gold. Just let me know in the comments below and maybe I will make it happen. Okay? See you in the next video. Bye. Bye You