Once again customers holding a boarding card for Qantas Link 2414 to Emerald please see staff at the service desk as soon as possible, thank you. Hi travellers, I’m Anne’s daughter, Lileko and welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here I post new videos every week with tips and strategies that can help enhance your travel adventures. In this video I wanted to consider the usefulness of getting a lounge pass when you’re doing long haul flights [in economy] Particularly earning it through your frequent flyer program and as well passes that you can buy. What better place to do this video than in a lounge, okay, at least this part. I’m fortunate enough that I travelled a lot last year and so I’m Qantas gold and when I fly within One World then I have access to lounges. I also have purchased in the past Priority Pass, which for some people it’s not worth that for others especially if you coming from New Zealand if we’re going to London, and you’ve got a layover somewhere. That could be a time where it’s well worth it and some people do get it through their credit cards. Have a look on the app and decide is it good for you because I know they’ve just came out with that 25th anniversary, It’s got an email this week, and so the annual fee is a little bit cheaper. I’m going do I need it? Where am I gonna be going? I decided that it is because I really enjoy feeling fresh and it’s just so nice to have a shower, step into a change of clothes and be right, I’m ready for the next flight. As well as just having the shower access, gives you wifi because not every airport to give you free Wi-Fi. Especially in China don’t even get me started. Snacks sometimes they can be a bit hit and miss but I will say not having to buy water any yes you have already paid for it by having the membership fee so nice to be able to have you know a decent sized bottle of water to then go onto the next flight with and you can just ask the air hostess to fill it up. It’s very nice to have lounge access while I’m waiting for the next flight Put in the comments below what is your status of your chosen frequent flyer program? and would you consider buying lounge access?