God, bless the marriage goes on fine.
– Bless everything goes on fine, God. Neither paid interest for loan
nor vacated the place! When are you vacating the house?
– Why should I vacate the place? Every time I sent interest cheque,
it was your father who refused it. Are you threatening after
charging very high interest? Do you want us to charge bank interest
and look after camels in Rajasthan? My father Gothra’s interest is
higher than any usury in town. You bowed before my dad
when seeking loan. If we ask you to repay,
will you go to court? A marriage is going to happen here,
if you create a scene here, then, I’ve to call police. Madam, we’re here after
informing police. Value of each cheque returned
by your husband is Rs.1 lakh. 10 cheques have been returned. God has taught us very well
the value of money. I too know it was you who
taught God to make money. I’ll not talk to you,
my lawyer will talk to you. The lawyer engaged by you
will get only adjournments. But lawyer engaged by us
will buy court itself. Don’t you’ve souls? Do we belong to Gandhi family
to have souls? We’re ruthless usuries. We’ll come back,
if we don’t get back Rs.10 crores, we’ll take your house and
throw you on streets. Come on…get in quickly! Come…come…
– Coming! Hello, she was calling me not you. You are…?
– I’m boy friend of that butterfly. Since how long? From the time I got her seat
in this train. How could you fall in love
at first sight? I can fall in love with a touch,
if I get kissed, won’t I? When did it happen? When she turned,
her sensuous wet lips touched my body! How is she?
– Rocking! Arabian horse! Perfect body! You mean she’s galloping
without having horse gram! You got the point perfectly. Did you express your love to her? Just now I’m uploading the details
of her age, size in my heart. When I express my love to her,
she must close her eyes, her lips must shiver, waist must dance, an RDX bomb must go off in her, I’m thinking how to start, boss! Boss! Like this? Oh no! Leave her man! This is pure betrayal!
Impure betrayal! Betrayal? I love him for 10 years. Are you trying to get between us? Please give it to your brother-in-law.
– Okay, I’ll give. Brother-in-law? If you’re my brother,
you’re brother-in-law to him, right? Brother-in-law, while coming
without forgetting… Want me to get raw mango? I was telling you to bring
dowry, brother-in-law. My butterfly flew away! How am I to date any girl? Find a machine for that, God! Boss…brother-in-law…sister…
you carry on. Getting late! What? Getting late, aren’t you ready yet?
– On the way. First we’ll visit a temple and
then go to shop for wedding. I called Siva, he’s on the way.
– Go! I said go! Who is she shouting near my door?
– I don’t know. I get smell of corpse here. Mustn’t get. It mustn’t! I can smell corpse here. What’s it?
Who are you asking to go? What do you want? Like snake devours moon during eclipse,
sorcery is used to terminate your family. Please give them way.
You, please come in. Come, dear. Do you want to become
their daughter-in-law? There are two no moon days this month. On that day… What is she saying, father?
– Nothing, you go inside. Ganga, you’re going to be bride,
don’t go out of home. Evil spirits mustn’t come near you,
please take her inside. Come.
– Go, dear. What? Are you scared? What? Am I scared?
Me? This is my future home. I was dreaming about
my happy life with you here. Dream? Come. This is happiness…
Happiness doubles up hereafter… This day….this time…this passion… When we’re alone, do you know
what a man does with his wife? What should I do? You must hold me tight in your arms. Holding you in arms? Don’t you know? Type, pass word. After typing? You must search. Like this? You’re too bad. You didn’t let me sleep entire night. Then, sleep now.
– Get lost! Okay, get lost! You must ask hot tea now.
– I’ll become hotter. Is it okay? That’s it. Do you know what a husband must
do when wife is making tea? What should I do? Holding hips must sprinkle
sugar on lips. I’ll do it now. Finished bath?
– Why? Okay, go. You mustn’t say okay go, it is wrong. You must ask, come let’s bath again! You naughty! Leave me.
– Okay go. I’ll say like that but
you mustn’t leave me. Hold tightly and kiss me. O mischievous girl…O my maiden… Our love is our fort… You’re my world forever… I can’t live a moment
away from you…. You’re my world forever… I’ve united with you in love… Let’s make love our home
and live happily ever after… Let’s live as one soul
and two bodies… Let’s cross this sea of life
together with love… Love reached my heart
without permission… Your love fell on me like
heavy shower without thunders… I breathe for you….
I see only you… I lost myself completely to you… If God asks to seek a boon…
You will seek only me, right? Is there any chance of asking
any other boon than you? Whether in real or dream
it is you everywhere I see… Our love is beyond death
and generations… We’ve bought everything
for Siva’s marriage. Have we forgotten anything? Everything is ready, just Siva has
to tie the knot with Ganga. Wait a minute, I’ll call the car. Driver, come here. Careful! Who could be thinking about you
when I’m here? Who let you inside? Get out! Throw him out and
lock the gate, boys. This is my home,
the home we’re living! Nobody can throw us out. I can! Whether it is God or an infant! If anyone takes loan from Gothra,
I’ll get my back my money at any cost. I’ve taken everyone in film industry
from Raja to Roja to court. Half of the cases in court
have been filed by me. The case is in court, right?
Why did you come here then? Property owner is quiet, you’re here for first night rehearsal,
are you talking to me? Are you testing chemistry
behind the doors? Hey girl, pay my interest? Why are you ruining lives for interest? The interest you got is running down
as tears from your eyes. Will your body be cremated
with currency? Your father would’ve told your name
as Siva in your ears. But my father told call money! Just to take care of legal cases in
LB Nagar, Nampalli and High Court, I’ve 3 sons and a daughter for family! Not just in Punjagutta,
my flag is flying high in entire city! Do you want to see?
Do you want to see? My father-in-law gave you
interest cheques, right? Do you want us to make blue films
with returned cheques? Siva, it’s useless to talk to them. Call father-in-law. Are you making phone call? Never seen dead bodies
answering phone calls. Taking on call money lenders
is like calling your death. It wasn’t a lorry that ran over
your mother and father, it was call money gang. Hey you girl!
Kill him, boys. Come I say! Hey, why are you shocked? It seems your father didn’t offer
sacrifice while building this house! That’s why I’m offering your
lives as sacrifice! Dig a ditch! Let’s live as one soul
and two bodies… Let’s die together… Bury them! Whether I buy house or take a life,
I’ll never go without paying fee. Come on, boys. Tell me, Seth. If owner had sold the bungalow,
the price would be different. I’ve usurped it
so I’m selling it cheaper. If you face any problem,
I’m always with you. If Seth says it’s like court’s order. Gothra himself is court, right lawyer?
– Right, sir. We’ve empty bond paper signed
by dead Paramasivam. Let’s create a document of
selling the property to us. Lawyer, you always put question mark face,
of late you’ve started talking legally. You look after me well, right Seth? All this property I made by taking
signatures on empty bond papers. If I get my price I’ll sell, if not I’ll
raze it down to build a 5 star hotel. Impossible…
impossible for you to do it. You can’t take even
a bit of soil from there. Try going in, you’ll get ruined. Who is this old lady?
Shall I finish her? AC to finish a mad woman, go away. She says can’t touch a thing there,
I’ll arrange myself to sell things there. If she is still seen around here,
I’ll burn her alive. Well said, my son!
My sons are lions of Rajasthan! Hey old lady! Watch, how my sons
will open that bungalow! Come on, boys! Save me…save me… Save me! Father! Brother! Come, along with your companions! Come, Sanda! Tell me, Sanda. He’s coming in a four wheeler to kill
your family along with a partner. Isn’t there any way to stop it? There is…tie amulet around your house. Keep an amulet inside the thigh. I’ve diabetes, Swamy. Don’t ever come out the house,
there’s no guarantee for your life. Do you know who your enemy is? See! Two souls are hell bent to take
revenge on your family. Anda! The amulet I’m placing in thigh
after making a cut must save his life. Stop here. Puli, this is the vehicle
we’re going to take today. Senior, not a soul in
this neighbourhood. Let’s take it quietly under our arms. Puli, it’s the vehicle that managed
to escape from us for quite long time. We’re taking the vehicle and
getting our commission. Why are they bursting
crackers under auto? Are they celebrating Deepavali today? Look there, they’re garlanding
a monkey! He came with us in auto, right? There wasn’t any noise
while getting down. But when he got down, there’s loud
noise of bursting crackers, how? Junior, come here. A lady owns the vehicle
we’re going to steal now. That lady is a mix of arrogance
and oomph! If we manage to get the
vehicle from her. We’re the best in this world.
– Is it? 00 32 300What happened?
– Don’t worry. There’s not a girl I’ve not seen or
a police station I haven’t spent a night. The world knows that,
let’s get on with the job, come. Lip stick! She’s showing magic with fingers. Look at her waist,
it’s like MRF tyre. Your lips seem elongated. Do you know my conditions? Rs.500 to hug me.
– 1! If you caress after hugging me
will cost another Rs.500.- 2! All the games have rules
and regulations.- 3! It’s better to drown oneself
in drain than to hug you. Time starts now. Rs.500 to hug me. To rape?
– For that 7 years! I don’t think he’s here
to take diesel vehicle. Where’s Rs.500, my dear?
– It’s in my pocket. Opened the counter with Rs.500. Next, hands off.
– No way. I said remove.
– No way. Why? I had Rs.500 only.
– Tell him to take the keys. That’s all, leave me.
– No, I’ll not. I said leave me.
– I don’t have money. You don’t have money, leave me I say!
– I don’t want to become a defaulter. This is fate! Look at the keys! If you hug me like this,
I’ll take you to police station. Whether you take me to police station
or you get pregnant, I’ll not leave you. He’s talking about baby, check out. Hey large bureau! I’ll transfer
Rs.2000 to your account. Finish him today. Leave me I say! Puli, get the vehicle….go…go… Junior, first time in lime you got
a broiler chicken, eat her raw!- Get lost! Even key is fragrant. Hey old bus stand!
– Brother. Start the vehicle.
– Okay, brother. She has a bed in vehicle too. Hey old bus stand, go! Interior is like a lodge room.
– Then, let’s book a street girl. Puli, save me…save me… What happened, junior? She used blade on the thing
that got emotional. My good wish has come true!
Bye! Let’s meet in next operation.
– It’s paining! Ghost in Seth’s house run away! Ghost in Seth’s house, run away! Go away! Goddess Kali! Ghost, leave Seth’s house. Look at this myriad of amulets! He has used amulets
to ward off evil spirits. We must be careful. Why are you sprinkling holy water
like in Goddess Mariamman temple? It seems ghosts are hovering
around Seth’s house. Ghosts? You’re saying casually about ghosts
like Naxalites presence is seen. Ghosts will run away on
seeing your face, right? A sorcerer has buried amulets
around the house. Better he should’ve buried Seth himself. If he hears this, he’ll bury you! He mustn’t go out of home
for 45 days. For the sins committed by Seth,
nothing in this world can save him.. Move.
Come, senior. He got scared! Come in. Your home looks like
a sorcerer’s place. Your face looks aghast. No, you came like lady luck
while I was offering prayers. Keep the key in plate. Get 3 glasses of almond milk, Pooja. Add little saffron also.
– Add it. Of all the sweets made by Seth,
this is the sweetest thing. Have it, please. Have used copious saffron, right?
I’ll have it and get fairer. Will you say cheers for
almond milk also? Whether it is tea or poison,
we start with saying cheers. What? A teenager like you must worry
about marriage not about poison. I would feel bad about it. I’ll never talk about it again. Did you hear that, senior?
– What’s this? She’s getting cozy with you. Keep quiet.
She made a re-entry too. Flying kiss too! When a plant grows and spreads,
it needs support of a stick, right? I’m that supporting stick.
– Stick is too old! Jealousy, senior! Seth is coming.
– Seth is coming with money. Okay, let’s enjoy the day! Take Rs.3000, enjoy happily! Seth, Rs.3000 will vanish
by the time we turn this street. Please give something extra. Take it. Enjoy with this! He wants us to enjoy with on rupee. Should we enjoy with one rupee? Enjoy to the hilt!
– Enjoy to the hilt? Didn’t reform after ghost attack too.
– If attacks him again, he’ll get sense.- Yes. Though we work so hard for him, he never goes
beyond offering almond milk and betel leaf. That’s why I’ve an idea.
– What’s the idea? Hey old bus stand, come here.
– What’s it, brother? Take the vehicle with duplicate key,
wait for me at burial ground outside city. Let’s meet there. If you come out, you’ll be finished. Who is taking the vehicle? Seth, that lady sent her men
to take the vehicle again. Shall I catch them?
– Run…catch them, quickly. Go! Without investing a rupee,
without ration card, ID, bank balance, do you know how happy it is to
become proud owner of a vehicle? You’re not the owner,
I’m the owner. I’ll buy sandalwood for
Rs.2 lakh loan I’ve taken. If I sell this in Chennai,
I’ll get 5 times profit. All our thoughts must be
in business only. Look there!
South Indian angel! There will be an angel like her
under every tamarind tree. Stop…stop…stop… Stop, a beauty is standing on road.
She’s asking lift! Beautiful girl in forest! Will you please give me lift? Senior, she’s ravishing! What smoothness like linking
NH 47 road and Chittoor road! What a smile! Don’t know how many rich
would become poor for this smile! Come, get in. Beau!
– Beau? Found a party! Would we say no seat to you, boss? They work with Seth. Come…come…sit here. You too join us…sit here. As soon you got in, the vehicle
is shining like star. What’s your name?
– Ganga. It is magical! Jasmine is mind blowing! Would you like to have a peg?
– I will. Can I get raw? Why not? Would you also like to have
a peg, madam? At times. Oh no, I’m getting into mood
like a rage, go quickly. Come, we’re going to be millionaires. Get down carefully, Puli. I don’t see any humans here. Is it airport or railway station
to be busy always? Forest! Are you senior group?
– I’m the senior. Tell me the number of
hundred rupee note. Night?
– Will be like day! Day?
– Will be like night! Afternoon?
– 3 crows! Reddygaru is waiting for you, come. Come! Why have they put Namam mark on rock? Is it rock?
It is molten iron. He’s Reddygaru. Sorry Reddy!
– Greetings Reddy! Greetings…Is money ready? Show the material, we’ll pay cash. Sandalwood is in our vehicle,
if you pay cash now, our men will deliver the
goods at your door. We’re buy a truck load of sandalwood,
will you give us few more kilos as free? No freebies, is it brinjal business? It is sandalwood business! Don’t get angry,
pay them Rs. 2 lakh cash, senior. Pay.
– Take it. Why are you saying Govinda
on getting money? Police have come… Police…police… Police are here, go…go… Lost Rs.2 lakhs in 2 minutes. We’re sad for losing money,
why are you laughing out loud? Did you see Reddy?
– We saw him. Did you hear sound of whistle
after money changed hands? It did. Did they say police is here, escape!
– Yes. How come you’re telling everything perfectly
as if you’ve seen it with magic glass? How did you know that? This is what Reddy has been doing
for the past 10 years. What are you saying? Don’t you trust us?
Turn the vehicle. By now, they’d be sharing the booty. We earned Rs.5 lakhs with
just a 5 rupee whistle, brother. I made more money with whistle
than by cutting trees. You’re too smart! God! Take your share.
Take it. That money?
– That’s mine. This is not enough, my wife is to
deliver our first child. We’ll take care of the delivery. Why did come back? Go away! Till now I cut only trees,
I’ll cut your heads. Reddy, don’t kill them in rage
….go away. Aren’t you scared of death? Come on I say! Thanks Ganga…thanks, bro. How come Reddy and his men
ran away in fear on seeing you? I showed them my other face.
– Do you’ve another face? That’s different, boss! It’s me…it’s me! I’ll come at midnight
crossing the threshold… I’m the devil for you… I’ll take on you…
I’ll demolish you… I’ll take on you…
I’ll finish you… King, if you’ve kingdom,
I’ll destroy it… My thirst will not quench…
My speed will not slow down… My anger will not subside…
I can’t give up… Come, I’ll finish you with iron fist… This is dangerous hunt…
an earth shivering hunt… It’s a hunt to flow rivers of blood…
I’ll trap and destroy enemies… The beast is out… It’ll find you… It’ll attack with sharp claws… MY heart is thirsting for revenge… Earth and sky will shiver… I’ll quench my thirst
with your blood… I’ll make a net of your nerves… I’ll give you hell as gift… To finish you, I’ll come back… I’ll come…I’ll defeat you…
I’ll finish you… My heart is up in flames of revenge… My legs are yearning to
enter the battlefield… I’ll sharpen my finger like spears
to fight enemies… I’ll also join to destroy evil and
establish truth and justice… Shall I settle your account?
Shall I put an end to your life? Shall I finish you once for all? Shall I finish your manhood? Shall I behead you? Shall I make you pay immediately
for your sins? I’m a cyclone that crosses
the shore… Powerful tidal waves to drown you… Come, I’ll break your bones… I’ll make corpse also feel the pain… I’ll break you like coconut
with my stern look… I’ll rip you like coconut shell… I’ll tear you all up… I’ll smash your head to
the wall like a ball… My work is magical…
My arrivals are scary… Like a volcano hidden in a lamp,
it will burn down the world… I’m a trove of cyclones
and secrets… When I come out,
my path is earth shattering… I’ll avenge like a pouncing tiger… Tomorrow will dawn upon me… For Rs.10 lakh loan I took, you entered it
as Rs. 10 crores on empty bond paper. Please give me 3 months time.
I’ll return your money. If my daughter gets arrested,
will lose films in hand and honour too. Please Seth! Your daughter gave told press wearing
Rs.50000 sari that Seth is a sadist. Your daughter gave interview
to press in court. Where was your sense then? She has acted in 10 films. Went to attend 5 star nights
in foreign country. You’ve served the field of art
from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. I don’t care whether you go
to court or jail! Get out. Didn’t you know this while taking loan? I’ll do anything you say. Please save me, Seth. You did an item dance in the film
‘I’m ready for any number of men’. After seeing that dance not just me,
my two sons are also charmed by it. Go with my son upstairs and
discuss about interest with him, Sania. Take her with you, son. Why are you looking at your mother? I must talk to your mother
about principle issue. You talk to my sons about interest. Go…go upstairs… Take her, son. Go.
– Come, Sania. We don’t just run call money business,
we run sex racket also. Come. Mother…come mother… You’ve hung amulets all around but
still why are you committing sins? Is it okay now? Will you go to court
or come to bed? Tell me. Seth! Sandalwood is here! Open the gate, Seth! Wood….wood…sandal wood… Seth will ask about van.
I’ll tell white lies, you keep quiet. Go carefully, amulets may hurt your head. Who is that girl?
– Sexy star Sania! Sania?
– I can’t believe it. Crow…crow lays white eggs… Still selling eggs? I’m totally confused on seeing you. I don’t have pen or paper
to take your autograph. Sign on my head with your finger. I’ll take a photo and
upload it in Facebook. Watch how many likes
and comments I will get! You rocked me with your charm. If you visit me weekly once, your interest
and my tension will get reduced. What’s that thing?
– Not a thing but amulet. Don’t know when they kept it? What are you looking at? Come…come… Will you give loans to girls and
ask their honour instead of interest? He mustn’t get up, hack him! The thing I want to cut isn’t
in leg but between legs! My amulet! Where’s my amulet? Senior, we’re together like
3 lions on currency. But we’re not intelligent. Who said so?
– The world says so. Director Hari may have done
Singam part 1 and part 2, but we three are going
to release Singam 3! What? If we ask extra money,
Seth is giving one rupee as alms. Are we Superstar Rajini to reach
top with just one rupee? That’s why I’ve a plan for it.
– What’s the plan? To trap Seth’s daughter in love.
Good idea. I’ve seen many Hindi films.
– Don’t cook up tales! I joined Seth because he has
a daughter. Won’t I become her lover
by cleaning vessels in their home? How is it, senior?
– I’ve another plan. What’s the plan? Till now we’ve stolen bikes,
cars, and autos! But now, we’re going
to kidnap Seth himself. If we kidnap Seth,
who will pay us ransom? If we call his son,
he’ll come with cash. You’re senior indeed, super senior. How can we kidnap Seth?
His men are always guarding him. How can we? There’s a way for it.
– How? Tomorrow is solar eclipse.
– Is it? People will not come out in
the fear of losing eye sight. We’ll use the situation
and enter his house. We’ll kidnap Seth. My grandpa said not only these eclipses are
favourable to humans but to evil spirits too. If it is favourable to ghosts and devils,
won’t it help ordinary mortals like us? Eclipse…solar eclipse. Eclipse…solar eclipse. Eclipse…solar eclipse. Eclipse… Even all Gods join force
nobody can stop Lord of Death, Yama. I’m Yama to that sinner. I’ll finish him. Answer my call, Seth! Answer…if not you’ll die. Pick it up! Seth, I’m Chandaswamy here.
– Tell me, Swamy. Where’s your father? He has gone to Haridwar.
– Then, your life is in danger at home. What are you saying, Swamy? Today is solar eclipse,
zodiac signs will change course. Amulets, charms, mantra
or tantra will not work. My protection ring is broken.
You’re going to die. Run to prayer room and
light the lamp. I’ll kill you like mad dog… I’ll wear your intestines
like a garland… I’ll give you death as gift… I’m back to take revenge… I’m back… Jagan Seth, son of Gothra Seth,
an industrialist in Punjagutta, a gang of unidentified killers
killed him brutally and escaped, police are looking for the gang, police are confused over
who the killers are! Informed police sources say there’s
no evidence and murder remains a mystery. We thought of kidnapping Seth but
someone else killed Seth’s son. Would anyone die standing and
sticking out tongue like this? Did you see the pose he died? I feel some ghost has thrashed him. Even after death he’s still smiling. Though Seth paid us very little,
now that his son is dead, shall we offer condolences
and sing an elegy? Shut up! If we sing elegy there, they may suspect we did this
and police may arrest us. Police are looking at us. For Zee TV, I’m Bhavani
with cameraman Sudeep. Move…move…
– Go away…go away… Don’t disturb…go away…go away… Seth, disaster! Disaster happened! What happened, dear?
How did it happen? Father! Dear…how did it happen? Father, I had come running hearing
brother’s cries! I really don’t know
how it happened, father. Brother! My son Jagan! Did you find how did it happen? They didn’t kill your son
for money or jewels. I’ve checked the footage of CCTVs
installed in your house. Nothing has been recorded. Then…they did it…
I’m sure they killed my son. Who? Tell me why are they? Ghosts! Ghosts? Son! I don’t know how to
save ourselves. Come, bloody rascal! You’re always amidst riches,
don’t you like the smell of corpses? Did all the amulets and charms
failed to protect you? Even if you make amulet in gold,
it can’t save you. You know everything about my family. Who are you, madam? I didn’t listen to you earlier and
lost the lives of my two sons. The number of sacrifices hasn’t
come down yet. Not only usurping God’s
property is grave sin, sins committed by one will
also destroy the family. I don’t want money, property or land. My remaining two children must be safe. First answer for your sins. I ruined the lives of
two innocent lovers. Tell me, what should I do
as remedy for repentance? Repentance? A man born in that family
is waiting for you. Who is that in burial ground? Stop! What are you doing in burial ground? Who are you?
I’m asking you, right? Where did you get so much
of neem leaves, Seth? Why are you dull like sitting on fire?
– Come. Is the buyer ready to buy bungalow?
– Where? The day I got the bungalow,
I lost my peace. My two sons too died.
Find a buyer for that bungalow. You spread a rumour that there’s
a ghost in that bungalow. How can I sell it? Neither anyone is ready to buy
or stay there as tenant. Unless we make someone reside there,
people won’t believe there’s no ghost. Here they are!
Three useless guys are coming! Trap them! Watch now! Come…come… Seth, you wanted us to steal
a vehicle in Dhoolpet, right? Give us address and advance. I like your dedication towards work. Did you see?
– I can see them. What are you eating?
Where are you put up? Seth, my parents who live 500 kms away
too didn’t inquire about our welfare. He’s overacting. Earlier we used to enter railway
stations buying platform ticket. We used find AC coach
and take bath there. We used to spend nights
in trains left unused! We spent life like that. Seth, I think there are
many stories behind them. Listen to this.
– What? Platform ticket is now Rs.10. If I sleep in some bus station,
police wake up at midnight, and bring me to my sense
with thrashing. Till now I bothered about my profit only
never cared about your comforts. Why are you crying for us, Seth? His eyes shed tears because of disease!
They’re getting carried by it. Don’t struggle on streets,
stay in my bungalow. Whatever it may be,
you’re God to us. Though I’m a bad man, you say
I’m God to you, I’m happy to hear it. Come again! Yes, father.
– Get bungalow keys. Almond milk… I told you to get keys, right? You always ask me to get
almond milk for them, father. That’s why I brought it. Okay, have it. Seth’s only daughter’s life is
going to get ruined. Was the almond raw or boiled? Again? Take keys. Ghosts in bungalow… Go to bungalow and sleep peacefully. Let anyone get affected,
the game has begun. Till now we had opened locks
with fake keys only. First time we’re using
original key to open a lock. This looks like 5 star hotel bar! No need to have drinks near dust bins. My country is very beautiful! My home is the sweetest place! Sky is up and earth is down! Whose base voice is that? That is echo! Echo means repeat what we say!
But this is different. Where are our bags? Yes, they’re missing. We kept it here, right?
– Yes. Is there anyone else living here
without our knowledge? We opened the lock, right? Door got closed, see! We kept our bags inside,
how did it come out? I’m also asking that,
who threw it out? Shall we think how bag came here
after having a peg? What you think will not
come true always… What you may not think will not
get stopped from happening… Man must think whatever happens
it happens for good… I want to pee urgently, Puli Take me to toilet and
help me to pee. Senior, just now you helped to pee
in toilet and put me to sleep. You should’ve finished then. When did I take you to toilet? Then, who took me to toilet
and removed my brief? I did it, boss. Hey, go to toilet and pee for senior
and sleep here. Sleep, senior. Who are you?
– I’m this bungalow’s watchman. Can I take the balance liquor? Puli, watchman is asking for liquor. If you ask liquor,
I’ll pluck your head. There’s nothing on his head to pluck. Balance liquor and watchman,
both are missing, Puli. Junior would’ve drunk it
without our knowledge. Come on sleep.
– Okay! Don’t crush me. Had a great night in new home
drinking to heart’s content! Ganga, never expected
we’ll be meeting again. Me too, uncle. Earlier we saw you in Andhra border,
then in the heart of Vijayawada city, do you’ve all India permit? We’re searching a house on rent,
didn’t find anything for our budget? We’re living in a bungalow,
would you like to stay there? Bungalow means high rent, right? What’s this, bro? Rent, AC, water, EB…
everything is free. Because of Ganga! Say okay, Ganga. You gave address and money for auto,
why hasn’t she come yet? That’s it.
– May be escaped with it? Escaped? She’s searching for a house. Moreover she’s very dedicated
towards her work. I’m sure she’ll come. Here she comes! Without leaving her alone
after fixing the rate, why is he coming with my lover? That’s it, I’ll hit and throw him out.
We’ll not have problem. We’ll decide later whose lover she is,
yours, mine or his! Let’s take the horse into
home first and feed it! Welcome. Ganga, not even a beggar woman
entered this house. Yes. You’re the first beautiful woman
to enter this house. There’s always lurking danger
behind beauty! Be careful! We let him stay here for free
but he’s talking philosophy. Tell Ganga to take good rest, bro.
We’ve to talk all through the night. You go to sleep in backyard
even if mosquitoes bite. Ghosts and devils after me
will vanish from today. I’ve got this after 45 days of prayers,
if I keep it in this house. Ghost will rot like this coconut. Tell me, Seth. If we tell them there are ghosts here,
they’ll run away from here. Yes. Tell them we’re here to tie
amulet to ward off evil spirits. We’ll tell. Blow horn. Who is disturbing us at this hour?
Who is here? Looks like Seth is here.
– Yes. Instead of sleeping at home peacefully
amidst amulets, why did he come here? Get down, Seth. Manage him.
– My father-in-law is here. What’s it, Seth? Welcome. You had amulets tied to your home,
why did you come here with drums? Is there any problem in bungalow? Any bad dreams?
– Bad dreams? Did you see anything? No. Hey Seth! Are you trying
to escape with sorcery? No amulets, charms and mantras
will work on me. Father! Escape! Quick…start the car…
quick…quick… Why did he get scared
on seeing you, senior? That’s what I’m also confused. It’s a miracle to me, he should’ve
at least told me before going! He did inform me before going. Who are you?
– This bungalow’s watchman. You were not there when we came. When you came I went to pee,
then I zipped it up. Why is he blabbering nonsense? Okay, enough of the talk.
Come out of the boundary. You’re calling me to cross boundary
but Seth is crossing the boundary. Look there! Seth is hiding behind God
fearing ghost. Seth, come out.
– Come, Seth. Don’t go, Seth! You’re here in his form.
You’re a ghost. Let’s say few words that
are like slap to him. Let the corpses get up and
dance in the unbearable heat. Start the ghost music! Punjagutta Seth,
lock your home safely… It’s midnight,
this is ghosts’ route… Fear…fear…fear of ghosts… Scary if souls of burial
ground attack you… Fear if ghosts come with
sound of anklets… It’ll possess young maidens… It’ll seek sacrifice of hen… It hides behind amulets and mantras… It’ll hang from the trees of banyan… It’ll smoke beedis and
drink local brew… Hanging out from footboard for girl… Mad boy gets crushed
under bus tyre… One goes after girls in bazaar…
he fails in love and kills himself… Spirit will go around the world… Ghost will come without legs… Those who die in accidents, suicides,
fights and young will roam as ghosts…. Beat the drums! Rock it! It’s roaming at high noon… It wants to possess a young maiden… Gang of goons is scared of ghost… With millions Seth too is scared… Nail it to the banyan tree…
Don’t near that tree… Ghosts are scared of brooms, slippers
but not afraid of guns… I love you too, dear. Can’t you send a message
of love to me? Douglas? You? How are you? Family was going on smoothly,
now that you’re here to ruin it. Don’t get angry,
whose tea shop this is? Mine!
– What? Have you become owner of tea shop?
– Yes. Let’s discuss this in detail,
first order vadas for us. We’ve new items like Anushka
and Dhanush vada. We offer something special vada also! 3 vadas please… I think we’ll get late with vadas. Shall we ask if thread will pass
into the needle from Vani? You shut up. Get 3 hot teas. You’re staying in a ghost house,
why do you want hot tea? What are you saying? Yes bald man, there’s a ghost
in the house you stay. Not only that this ghost has
connection with Kanchana’s ghost. It seems it is meeting Chandramukhi
also at midnight. Nobody knows how the owner
of the building died. Don’t know how you’re managing
to live with those ghosts? It seems gates open and
close on its own. All the dogs join at night to cry! It seems dogs and ghosts
have a connection. Connection? Who is first born among you? All three of us. Your fate is damned…
what can I do now? Ghosts love first born. Because of him!
– Ghosts are like that! Is there a watchman in that house? He eats 60 parottas and
uses pot every 5 minutes. Is he there? We came for morning coffee,
don’t scare us with your ghost stories. We got you in trouble many times but
don’t fool us with ghost stories. You do not believe me. Hot vadas! Eat! You’re supplying vada, why are you
announcing it like that to scare us? Take it…eat! Talk softly, okay? What’s this, Vani?
Vada is full of hair. There’s hair in my vada also. Is this Vani special vada? The place of making vada is like that. Where are you making vadas?
– Let’s see! Dirty rascals! This is not Vani vada
but arm pit vada. He says there’s ghost in our house but making
arm pit vadas with a one handed ghost. This route to home is new to us. Ghost won’t know this, right?
– No way! Even if they know, nothing to worry.
– Why? We’ve power with us, right? What’s this?
– Tell me, senior. Whichever side we enter the home,
it leads to hall only. I think the man who built this house
may be possessed by ghost. Boss, this house has 10 rooms,
8 AC’s, very big bungalow. Wherever you go,
it’ll lead you to hall again. How do you know this? When you’re not in home,
our job is to look around this house. That’s okay, how come you’re here
with holy beads and tridents? What’s the matter? There’s a talk outside that
there are ghosts in this house. I mean there’s a virgin ghost What different types of ghosts?
All ghosts are same. Keep quiet. Why? Are you scared of ghosts? I’ve offered beer and taken
ghost to picnic as a kid. Senior has offered beer to ghost
but I’ve put ghost on bed… After putting it to sleep on bed… Making ghost sleep on bed,
I was midwife to many ghost deliveries. Were you midwife to ghosts? Why have you applied
sacred ash on forehead? Fashion, moreover ghosts are
scared of sacred ash. What if it is converted ghost? I’ve amulet from Kasimur Dargah. This is an amulet from Kerala. Look at this, this will calm down
from Islam ghost to Christian ghost. What if ghost attacks you despite this? There’s a way for that also.
– What’s that? Before ghost attacks us,
we’ll attack the ghost. Senior, give vermillion to Ganga. This is vermillion from Anjaneya temple,
ghost will run away in fear. Sorry boss, one minute…
– No need of that. When you’ve so many weapons,
ghost will not dare come here. Keep it aside.
– Okay, boss. Beautiful Ganga, we’re fresh now
after few drinks. Please song a song for us, dear. I don’t know to sing. At least dance for us. Yes.
– I don’t know to dance also. If you want, shall I tell you a story?
– Story? Chandamama story or Avatar story? Story of my experience. Oh nativity story.
Start the story. Union of Siva and me is end of
last birth or start of new birth, I really don’t know. From my childhood I liked
3 things very much. Eating raw mango! Playing basketball! Chasing Siva with my love! Do you know this?
– What? I heard only pregnant women
eat raw mangoes. Is it, beau? Go man! Our love as accepted by both families. But Shankaranna didn’t accept it. No, beau…listen to me.
– Maya, stop! Why are you running into me, Shankaranna? You’re calling my brother as beau,
am I brother to you? Hereafter you must call
only me as beau! Got it? Leg piece is super without pepper also! What you did is wrong, brother! Go…go away! Just because you got a 50 kilo beauty,
your brother has become enemy, right? I went to home scared
that day after school. How come you’re here? Don’t come near me, brother. Leave me, Shankaranna! Stop calling me brother. You’ve to massage with your lips
in the place you slapped me. Brother, please… You love and marry Siva but
offer this 50 kilo beauty to me now. Leave me! Father! Father! Father! Leave her!
– Leave me! You come out, dear. Come…come out. How he’s sitting like rock
after doing the mistake? Hit and kill him. I’m dying with shame for
having such a son. He’s my son, betrayed his brother
but look, how he’s unmoved like rock! He too is my son, right? How could you misbehave with Ganga?
– Don’t you’ve sense? She’s going to be your brother’s wife,
kill him I say! Go, ask forgiveness. Seek forgiveness. Go! Go and ask.
– Wait, uncle. I too have a child. I’m unable to see him getting beaten up. Leave him.
– What are you saying? Is he my son?
Did he at least say a word? Hey, seek her forgiveness!
Seek! Better I had a pig than you as my son.
Are you human? Don’t stare at me. Die elsewhere! Don’t stand before me, go!
Go away! Will you get me thrown out
from my home? Even if this world vanishes,
your body will not vanish from my eyes. I’ll come…I’ll come back! Go…go away! Don’t you dare enter this
house again! Get out! Die! Throw him out. Whatever you may say,
what you did was wrong! When Siva and I were about to marry,
Gothra Seth buried us alive to kill. We’ve become ghosts to
take revenge on him. Hey Papa! How is the bungalow?
– It’s bright like your bald head! Would I get the bungalow
for the price I quoted? Papa is here, won’t bungalow be yours? Go in, I’ll take a photo of the house. We’re going to see this house,
why do we need a photo? If customer like you rejects, I’ll send the photo as WhatsApp
message to the next customer. Rocking! Hereafter this is our house. Oh no! The door is opening on its own! Did you open the door? Hello broker! You’ve brought two dolls!
– Dolls? They’re prospective buyers
of this house. Seth is going to sell this house.
– What? Is Seth selling this house? Where should we stay then?
– On platform as usual. Senior, it seems my shameless father-in-law
is going to sell this house. Which pig is going to buy it? Here they come, broker has brought them. Is he the buyer? He’s so short. Please come in, madam. Water here tastes like Kinlay
and Aquafina mineral water. You mean like cocktail of rum and gin!
Am I right? Did you see how well she analyzes it!
– You’re right. It’s his great fortune to get you
as second wife. Stop talking and show me water. I’ll show! Blood…blood…its flowing blood… It’s not blood!
We offered prayers in house. I told him to sprinkle vermillion
in all the rooms. The fool dumped entire box
into water tank. That’s why it is red,
let’s see bed room now. Bed room?
– You may feel giddy here. Go…go out from here… It stopped on its own! Please come in, madam. Don’t get scared, this is bed room. Papa! Perfect size bed for you! Yes, you’re right. If you open this window,
Arabian sea wind will flow in. Look there, if you open that window,
Indian ocean wind will blow in. No need of AC at all. Why window is rattling? Have silent ghost turned violent? Where are they? They came in trusting me, right? Please open the door, madam. Thank God! I think I got caught here for
pittance commission! Don’t know where are they? What are you doing here? You were talking to yourself,
we used that time. Used it? I feel giddy.
– Why? Do you’ve high BP? Not BP but ghost! Ghost?
– Ghost? I didn’t mean ghost but
vapour from cooker. Come, let’s see kitchen. That’s okay, show me that first. Come…come… Look around. Why are you hitting me? How dare you hit on my back after
knowing I’m his concubine? Will you hit on her buttocks? If not you, who else would do it? If you stay here, you’ll get trapped,
come out! Boss, it seems Seth is going
to sell this house. You may have to leave this house.
– Yes. Why are you silent, bro? Who are you?
Who are you? Why should we leave this house? This is our home. Who is selling it? This is the home in which
I’m living happily with my Ganga. Nobody can come inside.
– Yes. Go away! Get out! Father, tea. Take the keys of your house, Seth. Did you send us knowing well
there’s ghost in house? It was Ganga’s ghost,
so she forgave and let us go. Had it been any other ghost, our bodies
would’ve been shredded to pieces? Did you see the ghost?
– Seen the ghost? We came running all the way
from that house to here. Take the keys and settle our account,
we’re leaving this place. Instead of helping to drive away ghost,
why do you want to leave now? I don’t care if you sell or
raze down that building. First change that watchman.
– Watchman? I don’t have watchman there. Watchman died about 7 or 8 months ago. Was it ghost that ate,
had drinks and slept with us? Senior, both Ganga and
watchman are ghosts. I feel like going to toilet now. Ghost says the bungalow belongs to her,
better take an EC for it. You claim it as yours, whatever it is, people who ruined her,
she’ll not spare them. Go north direction in search of him. Is that old woman Goddess
to happen whatever she says? Or else is she sorceress? Why did you come to me? A man known as Paramasivam
owes me Rs.10 lakhs. When I asked him to repay,
he went to police and court. I killed and buried him. To avoid trouble in future,
I killed his son Siva, and his future wife Ganga
by burying them alive. Siva and Ganga have come back as
ghosts and killed Seth’s two sons. You must save me and my family. Razing down my temple, killing my family deity, have you come seeking
protection from me? You didn’t kill my Ganga! My heart in which she resides! Who are you then? I’m elder son of Paramasivam. I’m Shankar! Mahashankar! How dare! Stop! I’m also sorcerer and
know witchcraft very well. Hey Swamy, show your power to him!
– Watch now! Ganga, Shankar is coming for us
after killing Gothra. I know! Though he knows I’m just a soul, to have me, he killed a demon, letting loose 1000’s of evil spirits, he has done 8 years penance upside
down amidst bats! Battle between a soul and
a demon has begun! I’ll kill him if he thinks
of having you or kill you! Even if he’s my brother,
I’ll kill him. I don’t mind if we live as ghosts
but we must always be together. Is it him? Mustn’t be here anymore! Hail Goddess Kali! Why did you come here? I came to meet my queen! I’m not here as your brother! I’m here as a demon! Get out! Hey devil! You’re my body, life and soul! Come! Where are you hiding? Where is Siva? Though years have passed, you still retain your beauty
and fragrance as it is! Where is my Siva? He’s unconscious falling
to my charm. He’ll never again sleep in your lap! Had you given yourself
to me as I wished! I wouldn’t have gone to forest. I spent all these years in forest
to sleep with you! Ganga…come… I’m a soul! You’re soul to others only. To the eyes of a sorcerer!
Ravishing beauty! After death you look sexier! You’re killing me! Come…come…come… Hey Satan! Why are you after flesh? I don’t have flesh at all! Even if you don’t have flesh,
I’ll not spare you from enjoying you. Come I say! Nobody in history has told about how a child
born to a demon and soul would be like! Let’s create new history!
Come on…come on… Come! You’re thinking about him, right? You’ll not agree till he’s
in this house, right? This is heaven where I
and Ganga are going to live! The place you deserve to go
is cremation ground! Save me! Go! Save me! Go! I said go! Have you come here after
losing everything? Yes, mother. Ganga and I didn’t live together
when we were alive, but Shankar is not letting us to live
together after death also. I want Ganga. He’ll come to this cremation
ground leaving Ganga! How?
– I’m your family’s first member! I’ve seen 1000 full moon days
and 6 generations! Like every family has a family deity,
forest too has a protection God. He’s Harischandra! Go…call him out! Pray to him! When you pray him,
your soul will get power. His power and my power of soul
will join forces! You will turn into a man
with power of 1000 Harischandras. You will demolish that demon! Go! Go I say! Mother… Hey old woman, leave me. Are you trying to go against me
with the help of that old sorceress? You’re an ordinary ghost,
but I’m Satan! Lord Harischandra! If you’re truly the protective God
of this cremation ground. If mother’s soul is real,
the lady who sacrificed life for us, then, grant me the power
to destroy that demon! Give me power! Give me power, lord! Come here! Lord, give me the power
to destroy that demon! Give me power! Lord Harischandra! Lord Harischandra! Lord Harischandra! Go! Evil spirits in my control come out! Destroy my enemy! Come! Siva! Kill him! Don’t spare him…kill him! Kill him….kill him… Kill him! You would’ve seen thrashing,
bashing, caning and stoning! You would’ve seen pounding,
hammering, crushing and ramming! Have you ever seen getting
beaten by a ghost? Satan! You died very young! Did you see the end of evil gang? Though we’ve Rs.300 crores of property,
we’re on streets like beggars. Isn’t that our car, daddy? Puli, look there! What’s it, senior?
– Gothra and family are sitting like beggars! May be got tired visiting few places on
no moon day, inquire and send them out. Okay, let’s go. Why are you sitting outside
without coming in, Seth? Entire Punjagutta is under
the protection of slippers. We couldn’t enter the area,
so we’re sitting here. Tell me, if anyone wants loan
on interest. Haven’t you given up call money
business even after death? I was born with it and will die with it. That’s our natural trait,
how can we give it up? At least after seeing them,
I think call money gangs will get sense. Who are you talking to, beau?
I don’t see anyone there. With a useless bugger,
wait, my darling. That way leads to cremation ground. Are you my daughter’s husband, Puli?
– Yes. Did you call my daughter as treasure?
– Yes. Would my grandson be dark? You said you’ll come as diamond
but ruined my daughter’s life. Don’t worry, I’m taking care of your daughter
as well as your home in Punjagutta. I sold off two other houses to make
my senior a Telugu film director. He? Junior who was with me, I gave him title ‘Power Star’!
I’ve made him a film actor. I’ve sent him to Japan
to fight Jackie Chan. We’re struggling as ghosts here,
are you celebrating? Why do you worry, Seth? Come as crow every no moon day
on my terrace, I’ll make special pongal with pepper,
eat and fly away happily! Apple polishing me,
have you made me a crow now? Can you do me a favour, senior?
– Tell me, Seth. Finish two things!
– Tell me, we’ll finish anything. You’ve to finish Lord Yama
and his bull! Seth hasn’t reformed even after death!
Escape! Ganga, this is our home. No need to worry about anything. No power on earth can separate
Siva and Ganga! Ganga, I’m also a ghost now. Shall we make love now? I love you!