hi everybody and welcome to this episode
of Beth’s Best! today we’re doing something a little different we are in
the nation’s third oldest city in Do you know where it is? It’s Portsmouth New Hampshire (NH) so I live in Massachusetts Portsmouth NH is a pretty
close drive. I’m here for a girls weekend with my mom spend some quality time and we are staying at the Sheraton Harborside Portsmouth Hotel in a deluxe room It’s a beautify hotel, perfectly located we are in a deluxe two queen-bed room here at the Sheraton Harborside Portsmouth I wanted to show you what this is all
about and maybe even show you some of the sights that are around the hotel
because there’s a lot here to do and there’s a lot on offer so first we’re
gonna check out the bathroom which is beautiful this hotel was
renovated not too long ago it’s not huge but it’s all really nicely appointed
and its super clean you can feel it when you walk in we’ve just
got the one sink here but plenty of counter space and then the shower also
has this nice marble tile I don’t think it’s real marble but it does feel nice and
certainly gives a nice overall impression like the colors, very
contemporary very cool perfect for a couple and you can probably even get
away with it with a four if you were here for a weekend or something like
that I hope we push it for a week that’s just me. Okay so coming back out
we now have a closet here with just some hanging space don’t worry too much about
that you’ve got a wall mirror here which is great so getting ready that we are
not just committed to the one in the bathrooms also get some extra space here
as well and we’ve got this giant piece of furniture here this giant
entertainment center feel like the TV should be bigger to match up with the
size of the entertainment center here but underneath here we’ve got some
coffee supplies so the Keurig machine in here we’ve got a couple of drawers. Oh,
actually that’s the safe we just learned something together this is the
safe and then, there we go
now we got a drawer and then we’ve got a little baby fridge its not huge
only good room for some water and some leftovers but it is here if you
need it so that’s great and then the giant piece of furniture continue with
this massive desk I don’t know if they needs to go this big with furniture but
they did it actually looks really nice gives a nice feel but that’s take a lot
of floor space we’ve got plugs here which is fantastic
we’ve got just standard plugs no USB unfortunately and then we’ve got this
chair which I thought was really cute not a lot of room for it but if you’re
just hanging out look at that the little foot stool comes right out. that was great
I could use that at home actually and we’ve got two queen-size beds and SPG is known for
their bedding I don’t think these are gonna disappoint nightly sleep on these
at the end of the room we’ve got the view so this is a deluxe room they have a
couple different levels here the Sheraton Harborside Portsmouth they’ve got a traditional room which is basically no view and then they’ve got this deluxe
level room which is some kind of a view they don’t guarantee what that views going to be and then they obviously have a club level room about this above the deluxe that guarantees you this beautiful view because we are right on the water here
which is great but we got at as a deluxe room, so that middle level, we got a room
with a view I hope you’ll be able to see this On this side there’s a little bit of water
here and from the harbor and some commercial stuff here in the front which
isn’t ideal but on this side if you’re familiar with the area
coming up on 95 or 495 from Massachusetts that’s the bridge that
crosses over, Maine it’s just right over there and we’ve got the harbor right
here so we do have a bit of a water view which is fantastic. So we are going to go out and have some fun. After the drive here, I’d like a drink so we’re going to go do some stuff and I’m going to try and take some snippets and some video of our
adventures and at the end of the video I’m going to what you know at the end of
my stay here what my thoughts were are here for two nights so I’ll have a
little bit of feedback for you and you’ll see that in a minute okay we’re here on Market Street we’ve only been walking from the hotel for maybe three minutes Market Street is one of those areas that you have to visit. The hotel is right down that way. If you spin around, there’s all kinds of shops and things to do. There’s the Portsmouth brewery, so we’re going to check that out. Okay, we’re inside the Portsmouth Brewery right now. we just demoed a whole bunch of appetizers This place is great. They have a rotating option of beers so check out their website before you come if you’re particular. But I’m sure they’ll have something for you. This is a great place to stop for a bite to eat, they do have a full menu, or you could just snack on appetizers like we did. So we’re refilling and refueling and then we’re going to go do some more sight seeing. Okay, so we just went and did some damage at some of the local stores. We’re walking back to the hotel. I wanted to point out this is the Moffatt Ladd House and Garden. You can do a tour. The owner of the home, William Whipple, was one of the signers on the declaration of independence. Right near the hotel, right here in Portsmouth hi everybody
it’s day two of our weekend in Portsmouth yesterday we did the harbor trail
walking tour which is fantastic you can get maps for that online
its a great kind of way to get the lay of the land and see some of the sites and historical homes here in Portsmouth. we had a wonderful dinner, we went to
River House Restaurant which is right on the water. we sat outside it was great and when we got back to the room last night we enjoyed the hotel’s saltwater
swimming pool which I will insert a photo of so now as I said, its day two we slept in and just had lunch here at Popovers on the Square which was
really tasty they have lobster filled popovers which were great they have a bunch of other savory options and also some sweet popover options as well and a variety of alcoholic beverages they also have desserts and pastries things like that so today, Saturday, we’re going to go over to Strawberry Banke Museum which is
like a historical area in Portsmouth and we’re going to dinner at Martingale
restaurant and right on the water tonight so I will add some more video it’s day
three here we are in Portsmouth NH Sheraton Harborside Hotel
and I wanted to catch you up on what we did yesterday, I filmed a little bit yesterday at the popover place and then we went over and we went over
and did a strawberry Banke which is fantastic its the number one rated thing to
do a TripAdvisor here in Portsmouth and I understand why. So Strawberry Banke
just give you a quick moment to understand what that is it’s basically
ten acres here in Portsmouth right near the water that has been
preserved and they are it’s got like 39 homes and they’re
renovating and restoring them so it’s really lovely area to kind of understand
the history of Portsmouth there’s a lot of colonial architecture here so it’s
definitely worth the time for a visit if you have the time while you’re here and interested after that we went to dinner at Martingale Restaurant last
night was not particularly good I do not like giving places a bad review but I
would not recommend that restaurant the view is fantastic I would certainly recommend River House
restaurants or Surf restaurant, there are a variety of great restaurants here in
town I don’t recommend going to that one if you have a choice just my two-cents
and then we went back over to the brewery because we love the Portsmouth Brewery
so much and we went to La Maison it’s a patisserie here in Portsmouth they have
fantastic macarons and wonderful French pastries and desserts so that’s
definitely worth checking out if you have moment they also have crepes savory
and sweet crepes if you’re interested as well and we are probably head back over
there or grab some breakfast before we check out today but I want to give you
my thoughts next on the hotel itself not a lot of storage
only essentially two drawers for storage and then there’s some closet space with some hangers as well the very light on the storage is just something to be aware of
but the bathrooms are large the beds are fantastically comfortable and if you book a
room with a deluxe view or higher you should have some kind of view of the water
which is also great and really the big thing about this hotel is the location
location location location you are right near Market Street right
near Bow Street there’s lots of activities all within walking distance
which is just absolutely wonderful this hotel can get expensive justifiably so
for the location this is an SPG hotel this hotel I believe is a category 5 so
it’s about 10,000 SPG points a night and it is well worth it when you compare it
to the rack rates you can definitely get a good thing for your SPG point here if
that’s something that you’re into I definitely recommend this hotel the
housekeeping has been fantastic the beds are great and it’s really all about the
location so if you are coming to Portsmouth New Hampshire which I do
recommend that you come and visit us here this is the place to stay in my
opinion there are some Hilton properties right next door as well, but they arent quite as nice,
so if you can stay here I do recommend it hi my friends, so we checked out of
hotel and we headed back over to La Maison the patisserie, that I mentioned before, we did ultimately get breakfast/lunch here which was amazing the croissants are fantastic, so butter, so delicious and reasonably affordable which is great so we’re
just sitting here enjoying our last couple of moments of Portsmouth
and I forgot to mention before that Stonewall Kitchen, if you’re familiar with them, their original store is right here in Portsmouth so be sure to check that out while you’re in town. As always if you
have any questions to type those below thanks for watching this Beth’s Best video. I’ll see you next time!