Hello everyone. Welcome to my channel
again. This is another videos of my Croatia trip in the last July. This time is the
city Dubrovnik. I’ve actually stayed in two hotels in Dubrovnik. This one is the
Sheraton. This hotel actually is not located in the Dubrovnik old town, but
about 15 minutes away from it. The reason that stayed in this hotel was because after 10 days of road trip in Croatia, when I reach Dubrovnik, I want to have a
day of relaxing in the hotel, by the beach and I have made the right choice.
Unlike most of the other European countries, there are not a lot of
international brand hotels in Croatia. This Sheraton is one of the very few. And
of course Sheraton under the Marriott group and it was the Starwood group before,
service and the properties and guaranteed in good quality. This time I stayed in a Deluxe King Room. The biggest difference from other local owned hotel is
definitely the quality of the mattress. Starwood always provides a good quality
of mattress and I had one of the best sleep during my whole Croatia trip. The
bathroom is very clean and spacious as well, with separate shower and bathtub. One of the highlights of this room is
the balcony. It’s facing the swimming pool and the beach as well There are two swimming pools in this
hotel. One is the one you’re seeing is the outdoor here and there’s an indoor
one as well. Here is the spa. Apart from those pay
service likes Massage and Facial, all guests are entitled to use sauna and
steam room and the jacuzzi free of charge After all I did enjoy my stay in the
Sheraton Dubrovnik. As I mentioned before if you have a longer holiday ,I would
highly recommend you to spend one or two nights in this beautiful hotel apart
from the busy old Dubrovnik town I hope you enjoy the video. If you liked
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beautiful hotels around the world. See you next time