My name is Nick Littlehales and I’m an Elite Sports Sleep Coach. I’ve been all over the world looking at
all the crazy habits of how people sleep in different parts of the world. I’ve developed
techniques over that time and I now work with people like British Cycling and Team Sky,
Olympic squads – you name it, I work with them. Because it’s all about individuals
rather than sport or occupations. That’s what I do. If you would join me in welcoming Nick Littlehales. There’s a lot of people wandering around
who are just a shadow of who they should be. But shadows are all about slowly you become
something else. But you don’t spot it. And so in sport, all I’m doing is just filling
that gap back up and getting them there. I started in that area trying to look to see
if sport did anything different than everybody else. And the fact is, they didn’t. So it’s
very much about helping them, but it applies to absolutely everybody.
Napping for instance, snooze to lose, oh no no no no, if you just get a really nice period
at the right time of day – 15, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. Just zone out. You can have a
fantastic raise of alertness and awareness and really push on. So if you get on top of this recovery process it can change your life, it can redefine your
approach. It can unlock areas in your life that you’ve never even imagined. I would
always suggest get on top of it and it will literally change your life.
We need to raise awareness amongst young people about having good sleep hygiene. And I think
a lot of the points that Nick mentioned were really relevant. I’m looking forward to
coming to more future events. My friend has an account here. I’ve been
here a few times now in the last few weeks. It’s good to get a few coffees before university
or something like that. I’ve never really seen a bank that’s like
this. It’s like a proper place you can chill out and just enjoy yourself.