Hi. I’m Chris Tavano for Tunda Restaurant
Supply and we�re here at the Oskar Blues Home Made
Liquids and Solids, right up the street from the Oskar Blues Brewery. This place seats about 600 plus occupants
and in order to keep up with that volume we’re going to showcase the Sharp Twin Touch
RC Series Microwave. Some great features about this Twin Touch
microwave is exactly that, the Twin Touch. If you notice it’s got two rows of buttons
at the top of the unit and at the bottom of the unit directly on
the door. The reason why is so that way these microwaves
are designed to be stacked on top of each other. It’s a great use of space. A lot more efficient for your prep area and at the same time when you’re stacking
them three high it might be a little bit difficult to get
to that top row of buttons so they added the lower row of buttons on
the door itself. The nice advantage about cleaning this unit
is it’s all stainless steel, interior and exterior. That is a great advantage because it just
wipes clean with a de-greaser with the greatest of ease. At the same time it comes apart very easily
to change your filters because that is the one component that is
going to break your microwave, not cleaning your filter properly. On the bottom you see the 1 through 10. Often times on microwave units that denotes
how many minutes you’re actually going to cook for. Instead on here that is just ten pre-programmed
presets of time durations at your discretion. Number 1 could be 15 minutes, number 5 can
be 10 minutes, number 9 can be a minute and a half, whatever
you decide to program. There’s up to 100 programmable options in
there. A great feature to this Twin Touch unit is
the four stage programming. This is certainly acceptable in the sense
of defrosting chicken breasts. Keep in mind old units would just defrost
at one constant power level the entire time, cooking the exterior of your food. You don’t
want that. You just want to defrost it and still keep
it raw so that way you can cook it on the stove or
on your range. The four stage programming is going to allow
you to defrost at a low power level, then maybe the last two minutes it’ll bump
up to a high power level. The nice thing is that four stage programming
can be overwritten beyond the defrost state so as you program
all of your Twin Touch buttons you can program any one of those buttons to
go through four different power levels throughout it’s duration of cooking time. Another great bonus about this unit is it’s
volume capacity in the interior cabinets, .75 cubic feet. It doesn’t sound like a whole
lot but once you start putting in your half size,
six inch deep, Lexan pans, you’re going to realize you can fit a lot
more stuff in there than you realize. I’m Chris Tavano for Tundra Restaurant Supply and that wraps up our demo of the Sharp Twin
Touch RC Series Microwave here at Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids and
Solids where we enjoy live music five nights a week. Come on down and join us!