Hi everyone, Welcome again to my channel. I went to India during the Christmas and New Year holidays. we stayed in six different hotels in different cities. This video is going to features the
hotel that we stayed on the first station, New Delhi. In New Delhi we stayed in this executive suite of Shangri-la’s Eros Hotel. Even this is not a new hotel, but the newly renovated the whole place last year. So the design is very modern. This suite is divided into two parts. One is the living area here and the other
one is the master bedroom. The bed of Shangri-la is the best of our
whole India trip. It is so comfortable. T his marble bathroom is so spacious with a separate shower and bathtub. Before I went to India my friends told me the water qualities of India’s is not reliable. They warned me not to use the
tap water to brush my teeth or even open my mouth during shower. The manager of Shangri-la reassured me that all the water is filtered and safe to be used. I did brushed my teeth with the tap water and it was totally fine. But of course I will only drink the bottled water. I arrived to hotel very late at about
midnight, so I couldn’t see the view from the room in the night. On the next morning when I opened the curtain I was shocked by how polluted was the air in New Delhi The Horizon Club Launch is available for
all guests who stayed in either club room so or suites. It serves drinks, buffet breakfast and
evening cocktails here. There is a one whole floor of health and
leisure facilities, including a spa, a gym an outdoor swimming pool, an indoor
jacuzzi, a sauna and steam room as well There are three restaurants and two bars
in this hotel serving international, Italian and Chinese food. Shangri-la may not be the most
luxurious hotel in New Delhi but it is in a very convenient location with
excellent service and with a very reasonable price range. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone comes to New Delhi for business or holiday. I hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it press the like button or subscribe to my
channel. I’m going to show you more and more other beautiful tales around the world. See you next time