You can easily program your GE Appliances
refrigerator to automatically go into Shabbos mode with our new Shabbos Keeper. Developed with Zman Technologies, the GE Appliances Shabbos Keeper is the most advanced Shabbos-keeping device of its kind. It will automatically switch your refrigerator
into Shabbos mode each week and during holidays. Then once the Shabbos mode has ended, your refrigerator will automatically resume normal operation. During Shabbos, your touchscreen will be deactivated. All buttons, switches, and sensors will also be inactive. They will not recognize any user activity and will not trigger any computer actions. The interior lights will remain on at 20%
brightness, even with the doors closed. The water dispenser and icemaker will completely shut off. Keep in mind that if the icemaker began producing
ice before it entered the Sabbath mode, it will shut down after it completes the cycle. This is in accordance with Jewish Law. Plus, the auto-defrost system and compressor
will become fully-automated, using a unique system developed with Zman Technologies to
keep food at optimal temperatures without any user interaction. The Shabbos Keeper is easy to install. Plus, it’s compatible with over one-hundred
GE Appliances refrigerators. It has also earned the highest level of Rabbinical
approval and was certified by the Orthodox Union, the CRC and Rabbi Tvi Ortner. The Orthodox Union stated, “Many attempts
have been made to develop the perfect solution for using appliances on Sabbath. GE Appliances is the first to produce real results.” Get your Shabbos Keeper today at and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest updates, recipes, and more.