Toronto is a city full on foodies and
we’re gonna be talking to a very special one tonight. We’re gonna be chatting with
Serge Ibaka, NBA Champion about food, food and more food. Deepa: I would say that it’s
easy to classify you as a foodie. So, being in Toronto for so long, how has
that impacted your love for food and what is your favourite restaurant in
the city? Serge: Something I love about
Toronto is, you know have many cultures. Different cultures here. So you
can find whatever type of food you want. You know, if you wanna eat Asian, you
know. You got Jamaican food. You got African, American,
European-style, you know. So you can find anything. That’s what I love about here and it makes it so easier, you know. When I decide to eat
something, I just go out there and they and find something. One of my favourite places to go… I like
Rol San. Yeah, yeah. Also one of the things I like about my show is I see a lot of comments
from people from Jamaica and from other places and they’re so happy to see the food they
eat back home. They can see that I’m serving those kinds of food. It’s one
way to show the world some food that we think is crazy or stupid, but we let you know some countries they eat it. I think it’s
something I’m looking for most the time. Deepa: Now I would say you’re pro chef, so
I’m curious… Serge: I’m not pro yet! Not pro yet, but I’m gonna be there soon. Deepa: What’s one meal
that you’re an expert in cooking and one meal that you’re maybe not so good at
cooking? So, one of my favorite measl I love to cook and I love
to eat is a…it’s a peanut butter sauce with chicken and rice. Deepa: That sounds pretty good. Serge: Oh yeah! Very good, trust me. Deepa: So, you’ll make it for me one day right? Serge: Yeah one day, yes. Deepa: I’m not holding you to that promise! thank you so much for your time! Serge: You’re welcome.