hey guys today we would like to show you
The Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest room we’re back in Disneyland Paris and we’re
staying in a very special room let’s explore Sequoia Lodge golden
forest. As we told you before in one of our episodes about Sequoia lodge and
the history of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge this building is surrounded by real sequoias
imported from Canada and it gives this feeling as if you are somewhere in a
lodge . Well that’s exactly what they want of course. It’s got a very nice atmosphere also
very suitable for a morning walk. They even got a beaver dam over here. That beaver in the background, I don’t think he’s realizing that the dam is
already sprung a leak. hopefully the dam will hold. When you
parked your car it’s very easy to walk towards the main entrance of Sequoia
Lodge if you are staying at the Golden Forest room there’s a separate
reception on the left also in the main lobby you can find a concierge and The
Redwood Bar and Lounge with a real log fire. We don’t have to carry our luggage. They are going to carry the luggage for us. Nice! I’m so happy with the extra Fast Passes you get with this room. You get additional fast passes with this room. Let’s get the card (to open the door) Okay, It feels very weird to stand in such a small hallway. This looks really wonderful! This asks for a certain moment We are in the Disney’s Sequoia Lodge theme. They’ve got Bambi, Thumper. More deers mother dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh
dear but with this room you also get the
opportunity to go to the lounge And you can take something to drink and
something to eat. But what if you don’t want to go to the lounge? What if you
just want to stay in a comfort of your own hotel room? I mean it’s so beautiful
why go away? They’ve got something special for that! They’ve got an espressomachine and you can take your Nespresso! And some delicious coffee. And there’s also tea and of course a kettle. I like coffee, but after a long drive I
want water. plenty of water There’s plenty of water, there’s a whole bottle of water oh look! it’s the backside of water! Ok, give them a tour Sven! Wow
clean towels, a bath. This is spacious this is very very nice but there’s something really special about this Disney’s Sequoia Lodge room. What is it? They’ve put a paper here and it is in Dutch. And I think that’s a very nice touch. They print this probably for every family to say: welcome family Smith! I’m
a big fan of these things. A little bit too much I think. Coins everywhere! Every day your bed is made up and decorated with 25th anniversary chocolate coins. And let us not forget the most important thing: a card with a beautiful Disney
quote. Take them home for an exclusive souvenir We are sitting in Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Lounge. We came in and there was this lovely lady she asked what would you like to
drink? So we asked for coffee and here we are. And we got this very cute
Mickey Mouse sugar cube and also a Disneyland Paris chocolate bar! That’s the Golden Forest Lounge guys! This is so nice! and it’s all inclusive with your Golden Forest room And it’s not just coffee maybe that’s a good idea to show
everybody at home what else you can get on your EasyPass are the times when you
can get access to the Golden Forest Lounge. It starts in the morning, with the
breakfast between 7 and 10.30 am. And then between 12:00 and 22:30 pm you can get drinks and coffee Between 16.00 and 18.00 pm you can get the same drinks and teatime snacks, which we will show you later in this video. This Easypass also gives access to the swimming pool between 7 am and 22.00 pm in the evening. that’s in a separate building from the
main building but we’ll show you that as well. Somewhere between all those trees is the swimming pool. so the Disney’s Sequoia Lodge swimming pool is outside of the main building you need to walk towards it. But
here it is! This is the swimming pool. And as you can see it’s a little bit of
a refurbishment. It looks like the inside pool is open and the outside pool is under refurbishment Foggy! A bit foggy, but it’s a beautiful pool. Is it large? Quite large, and there’s a hot-tub and a small slide. we wouldn’t try to invade people’s
privacy so we didn’t film inside but trust me, Big thumbs up. You’ve probably become curious about the Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Breakfast by now. Bonjour! Special about the Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Room is that breakfast is served separately from
the people who are staying at the normal rooms. For breakfast you need to go to
the GOLDEN FOREST LOUNGE There’s more choice than at the normal breakfast and the atmosphere is really calm and quiet. Wonderful to start your day like this. Some potatoes in the morning… … who doesn’t love some potatoes in the
morning? bacon I’m starting somewhere in the middle as you can see, because it’s quite a large breakfast. And yeah what to do? There are so much so much, much, much. We’ve got also sausages, well there’s a lot of meat as you can see. Scrambled egg. We love egg. I love egg! Sven is a big pancake fan. Also in America he used to eat those
pancakes oh those are baked beans. Here he goes You’re doing it like a professional, Sven. These lights they remind me of the Rapunzel movie where all the lights are going into the air. Really
nice, really pretty. With the tree and everything it’s like you are in giant forest. We have got all kinds of jams (jelly’s) of and preserves, brioche and here
we’ve got water. And I love water. Here is some grapefruit juice, fresh, and here we’ve got coffee. All kinds of coffee. Oh Sven is having HOT Chocolate. Sven, that’s a sweet breakfast you’ve got here I’ve got sweet tooth. and here we’ve got the machine with where the Applejuice and over here, there’s more, there’s
more. Because we’ve also got cereals, and milk, and more cereals and
more milk. Also some nuts, raisins, more nuts. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Breakfast You can toast your own bread. These are
different varieties of bread. Here we’ve got all the yogurt things. And you can put some topping on it. There’s also sojamilk for people with a milk or lactose allergie or just if you’d like it. I like the way they put these on the side because if you are
smaller you can still read it. And here are the meats. And cheese. Emmental, Tomme cheese and Gouda cheese. If you don’t want to have huge Breakfast, Here behind me you can get a small breakfast Croissant, little bit of orange juice. It’s
a lot cheaper and you can eat it here in the lounge A bit strange about Sequoia
Lodge is the way you have to walk to the Disneyland park. We often
see that guests have lost their way because it’s not very logical. To get to the Disneyland Park,
you have to go down the stairs and walk towards the Restaurants. Via the swingdoors you can walk,
through Disney Village, to the park. so before the exit to the park, there are two restaurants. Hunters Grill and Beaver Creek. Here in the morning, for regular guests, there’s the breakfast and in the evening, you can have your dinner here. It’s always an all-you-can-eat, international, buffet. Here behind me is Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Lounge and you can have a snack there
between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm They serve all kinds of sodas,
coffee and tea and some snacks. Those are little ‘petite’ snacks. Like a little bit of toast with some
cream on it, things like that. They are very tiny, so it’s not
a meal it’s a snack. They also got sweet things
like cake and pastries. it’s a nice place to stay especially when it’s cold in winter time
and you want to relax and get warm after and a morning in the park. It’s a really big advantage that
comes with the Golden Forest Room You think you’ve seen it all right?
Well, not quite! Because we haven’t done one very important thing… Shopping! the Sequoia Lodge Giftshop
is beautifully decorated and it got some lovely
windowdisplays and they sell some beautiful items. Look at these special bags for the Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary. That’s nice! 16 euros. It’s a
real big shopper. It’s a big shopper with a zipper. This is cool. This is a bag with logos
of all the Disneyland Paris Hotels on them. Hotel New York, Hotel Newport Bay Club, Hotel Santa Fe Newport Bay Club, Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, Hotel Cheyenne But, where’s the Disneyland Hotel?
Where’s the Disneyland Hotel? Here, stay at the Disneyland Hotel and feel like a king. and how much is it Sven? Oh yeah, very important! €6.99 There are birds living here as well in the Sequoia tree. It’s a zoo. oh there are a lot of birds
in it actually these are snow globes that I haven’t
seen before in the park maybe I’m not looking well enough but it’s new to me
and this from that Aristocats is also very very cute €40. Well guys, this was an overview of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Room Well, we hope you liked the video
and if you have also experiences with the Golden Forest Room
or another hotel here on the DisneyLand Paris property, please let us know. well next time we’ll SEEYOUINMAINSTREET bye! hey do you think you can stay here for
let’s say three or maybe four nights in there it’s going to be difficult huh
yeah yeah should be at least thirty nights Hotel Sequoia Lodge Golden Forest Room