Hey, do you ever look at the duty schedule and see yourself assigned to hallway, bus duty, recess duty? And then you see yourself assigned to the dreaded cafeteria duty. People cringe when they get cafeteria duty. I love it. I love it because it gives me a real opportunity to talk to kids in a setting that is extremely social. You know, we’re always talking about kids have no social skills. Or they have a lack of social skills, not all kids, but, you know, many kids have a difficult time in a social setting like the cafeteria. It’s loud! And you know what? It should be loud. If you’re resorting to things like ‘Silent Lunch’ because you’re afraid kids aren’t getting enough to eat, well, eventually they will eat if they realize that they’re hungry. And they’ll learn how to eat and talk at the same time. Is it going to be loud? Of course, it’s going to be loud. How many of us go to a restaurant and sit and concentrate on eating and never talk to one another? And sometimes even restaurants get a little too loud because somebody didn’t quite get that social skill to look around them and see if they’re annoying other people. So the cafeteria gives us an incredible opportunity to teach these skills. It also is a place where you’re gonna get all your steps in. So if you have cafeteria duty, it’s that opportunity to walk around, constantly, visiting tables. “Hey, how’s those Brussels sprouts?” “You like that?” “Oh, that’s an odd drink.” “What’s that?” And don’t get all freaked out if people put ketchup on their cauliflower. You know, kids do weird things in the cafeteria. But don’t resort in some of the things that you think are weird or obnoxious, look at it as an opportunity. Yes, it’s gonna be loud. Yes, it’s gonna be a bit chaotic. If they’re throwing food, that’s one thing! You want ’em to stop. But walk around, teach them how to have that social setting, that enjoyable time to eat, let loose, and just enjoy that opportunity. And get all your steps in. Thanks for watching and I hope you found this video helpful! If you did, make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video. I speak and consult on school behavior and I love to help districts solve some of these problems. See you next time.