Hey everybody, In this video I’m going to
show you how to get easy WiFi security. I’m going to show you the easiest, most simple
way to protect yourself. It’s so easy. First, go to this website, EASYINTERNETSAFETY.COM.
You can also click the link below, it will take you there. OK, you’ll find a bunch of helpful articles
here, but what we’re doing is just clicking this banner at the top. What this will do
is take us to the VPN Privacy software that I recommend and that I use. When you get to the site you can see all about
it. It lets you browse any site anonymously, let’s you access any blocked websites from
any country, and it secures your Wi-Fi so that when you’re in a coffee shop or something,
you don’t have to worry about people stealing your identity. This was a big problem, just
recently in the news. So what you’re going to do is click this button,
it’s going to take you to the purchase page, it works out to 2.49 a month at time of this
video, it might increase or decrease from the time of this video, I don’t know, but
it’s still a bargain at just a couple bucks. Once it downloads you’re going to install
it, follow the install directions, and then you’re going to see this window when it’s
installed. You’re going to sign in with your paid protection,
and this is going to avoid having banners, it’s going to give you all the features, give
you great customer service, but look, the reason I choose this service, hotspot shield
elite, is not because of its low price, even though its lower than all the other major
VPNs. But because it’s so simple to use. For example right now, for demonstration purposes,
I’m showing that I’m in Japan. I’ll get random IPs from 4 different countries so people can’t
track or spy on me. I’m in Japan, so let�s test my protection just to show you what this
system is showing. OK There’s my IP Address. It’s a Japanese IP Address and it shows where
I am on the map, that’s where my IP address is on the map. Now let’s go back to, let’s go to United Kingdom
instead. So it’s going to find me a secure connection, a United Kingdom IP Address. Let’s
re-test. There you go, I’m in the United Kingdom now. That’s where my IP address is. So this
is great or people who are concerned about people tracking them, spying on them, if they’re
worried about downloading files, music, videos, whatever. If you want to keep your activity
private, this is a fantastic, very simple, VERY simple, app to use. It’s going to let you view websites like Netflix,
Hulu, YouTube, (Facebook & Twitter) all types of websites that are blocked in certain countries,
you’ll be able to view it from any country that you’re in, and you won’t be getting spied
on. So now with this software you can browse the
web without worrying about who is snooping on your information, and you can access sites
that you couldn’t before. How easy is that? So stop listening to me, go to easyinternetsafety.com
and you’re going to find this awesome software, you can use it on 5 devices at the same time,
you can use it on all major operating systems, it includes malware protection, fast customer
support, it’s really good, I had to make this video to share this with you. If you have
any questions just let me know. Thanks guys, good luck out there.