[SECHSKIES FOR YOU] [YG cafeteria] [Sliding open] [JAIJIN & SUWON arrive together] [I wanna sit next to SUWON] [Feeling his biceps]
– Working out? – Not as much. [Everyday talk between idols.mp4]
I gotta slim down for the shoots. [The door opens]
– I like you buff. – That’s all I have. [Leader JIWON is here!]
– Hey! – Come on in. [Peekaboo]
Guys, can I come in? [Surprised]
Huh? [JAEDUCK shows up with him]
I was right behind you! [SECHSKIES meet in a long time] [Why are they all together?] I asked you here because… – You asked for us?
– Yeah. No, I did that! To give us pocket money? [Let me talk first] You should give him a bow! [Can’t miss this chance] [Accept my bow] [Flat refusal] – Why won’t you accept?
– I missed it. [He’s never easy] You have a stuffy nose. Yeah, I caught a cold. Why are we here today? Why did you ask for us? Take one and pass them on. [Eyes locked in place]
What’s this? [SECHSKIES get cameras]
– What turns it on? – Give me. [SECHSKIES will film themselves] [Feeling excited] [JAIJIN turns it on first] [SUWON switches it on] Nice screen-shot. [JIWON gets it on next] [To see all there is]
Are these our personal cameras? Should I talk into the camera? Hi, there. Nice to meet you. [Inaudible mumbling] [!!!!]
Why do we have noodles? [Curious food is served] [Tteokguk for the new year]
– Tteokguk! – Yeah! [Nutritious tteokguk full of love] – Let’s get started.
– Wow. Bon appétit YG tteokguk has thick broth! It looks like cream soup. I’m going to add noodles. That’s like kalguksu. [Slurping the broth first] [JIWON tastes the rice cake] [Yummy] The broth is just amazing! They must have boiled ox bones. This will make me all better. [New Year ASMR]
I’ll record the tteokguk sound. [ASMR mic]
JAIJIN can slurp the noodles. [Please listen with earphones] [Listen carefully]
Now take a bite of kimchi. The crunching sound is chili pepper. [Grabbing kimchi for a bite] Kimchi. [This will make you hungry] [JAIJIN’s noodles this time]
Slurp them up! That’s right, all the way! Aw, come on! You shouldn’t have stopped. Too hot! [Slurping] Isn’t it our first time having tteokguk together in the new year? – Yeah.
– Yeah. I don’t think we did this before. This year feels good. We’re having tteokguk together! This is a meaningful tteokguk moment. As you guys know… …our comeback is very soon. It’s not far from now. SECHSKIES in the new year brings a new album with songs and concept. I hope we blow up this winter. The new song suits wintertime. It’d be a great listen when it snows. I’m dreaming of another “COUPLE.” Oh, really? JIWON! I win! [For their comeback]
Careful we don’t catch any cold. Let’s stay healthy after this tteokguk. My new year wish for the past years was for SECHSKIES to stay young. Now I want what JIWON said. For everyone to stay healthy. Don’t skip your meals. I really we take care of ourselves. [The producer pops out] [JAEDUCK’s camera screen]
I didn’t turn it on! – What didn’t you turn on?
– My camera. It wasn’t recording from the start. What do you wish for the new year? My wish? I want our album to do well. That can make our fans happy and people can play our music. I wish our album becomes a hit, so we get another quick comeback. What about in the far future? I wish that happens. What about way into the future? What’s yours? To live together in some town. [….] You know, like in a village! We can have our own houses, – but meet up together.
– Sounds fun. We can eat together like that. [JIWON has something to say] Done eating! I’ll take off. – Where are you going?
– Back home? JIWON says he’ll take off. Happy new year! You heard our wishes, right? We should practice our dance. We always do that thing. [LOL]
That’s for the ending. This works for every song. I wish you a happy new year. – Happy new year.
– Happy new year. For our comments and dance. Does this match our song? [Spoiler alert] Yeah, for that part. ♪ Bye ♪ [SECHSKIES FOR YOU
You’ll see all everything we are
2020. 1. 31]