[MUSIC] Hey guys, welcome back to Think Tank, Hannah and Nick Ferroni here, who is a history teacher but you are also one of the most influential teachers in America. Look, you got this amazing accolade for being an influential teacher. But I think there’s a lot of teachers that are very influential for people, and many people would consider their teachers to be the most influential in the world. Would you agree with that?>>I can name a thousand more who deserve it more than I did.>>No I’m not saying deserve it more, I’m saying there’s a lot of very influential teachers because teaching is such a powerful job and you have the impact to really change a kid’s life.>>Well, every elementary teacher should be sainted [LAUGH] in my mind. That’s definite.>>I love that, so we are exposing some school myths this week on Think Tank.>>And one of them is what teachers really talk about in the teacher lounge. Are they just shit talking all the students?>>Do we? Yes and no.>>That is a major, huge yes.>>Yes, the one funny thing too about the teacher’s lounge, it’s funny when former students come back and sub in the school and they sit there. And you realize that it’s just like the student cafeteria.>>Yeah.>>We have our cliques>>Math teachers sit together. They don’t bother anybody. Science teachers sit together, they don’t bother anybody. Gym teachers sit together, they do their own thing. And the history, social studies departments sit together too.>>And we kind of, I would be honest, more than we talk about the kids we rip on each other.>>Okay.>>Yes.>>All right, so it’s like a fraternity.>>It is a fraternity. And if you saw one on to a certain extent, it’s more like a comedic show.>>Okay>>Where it’s our moment, our midday break to kind of let loose and vent so that way we can get our mindset back ready to go for the second half of the day.>>Get all your cursing out, all your bad stuff out.>>We’re making fun of people who are trying to copy on the copy machine that breaks every five minutes as they’re kicking and punching it as other teachers are trying to get their work done. Other teachers trying to make parent phone calls, so it’s controlled chaos.>>What’s the worst thing you’ve seen in a teacher lounge? No names.>>No names? God. I mean, we had teachers who put on a talent show, making fun of other teachers who can impersonate. But you go and you see teachers sleeping, taking naps.>>I mean, in all fairness, school starts very early.>>It does, plus.>>It’s a very demanding job.>>Plus, they have kids now, so that’s the only time they can have 20 minutes to lay down to themselves.>>Yeah, that’s a good point.>>And I could be honest, a lot of guys, there are a few teachers I work with who go into the fridge and just eat other people’s’ lunch just for fun.>>That happens here too.>>Does it?>>That’s not for teachers only. Let me just tell you. Okay well, that was not encouraging at all. Basically teachers are like us and they will talk bad about you just like we talked about teachers. It’s essentially teachers are just like us. That’s what you learned today on Think Tank.>>Maybe worse than some occasion.>>[LAUGH]>>But we care a lot, yes, yes.>>That’s good, good, good. Well you need that time to relax after a stressful day teaching rascals. So we get it. If you guys have [SOUND] more questions for teachers and more myths that you’d like debunked by a real teacher himself, let us know in the comments down below and we’ll see you soon. [MUSIC]