In today’s world of rules and legislations
even doing the ‘right thing’ can land you in trouble. At least that was apparently the case for
a New Hampshire school cafeteria worker who was fired for giving a student food even though
he couldn’t pay for it. The New Hampshire Union Leader claim that
Bonnie Kimball, who worked in the Mascoma Valley Regional High School lunchroom, let
the boy take $8 worth of food on March 28, telling him to inform his mom he needed money
to pay it back. Kimball told the Valley News: “I quietly
said, ‘Tell (your) mom you need money’”. Despite the boy paying the tab the next day
(March 29), Kimball was fired. The food vendor explained in a letter that
the district manager witnessed Kimball violating their company’s “cash handling procedures,
the school’s charge policy and federal regulation governing free meals.” twitted. Students and staff are rallying behind a Mascoma
Valley Regional High School lunch lady fired for allowing a boy to run up an $8 lunch debt
rather than go hungy. Bonnie Kimball thought she was doing the right
thing and the parent did eventually pay. Kimball had worked for the company for five
years, and told Valley News that she’d been following her direct supervisor’s orders
to avoid causing a scene, as the company, named Cafe Services, was vying to have its
contract with the school district renewed. She claims she’d been told by her boss to
give food to students who couldn’t pay, and then tell them they needed money on their
accounts. Kimball told the Union Leader: “We weren’t
supposed to pull trays.” Two of Kimball’s former coworkers resigned
in protest, and reports state that students and staff at the school are now rallying around
her in support. It’s certainly caused plenty of debate! What do you think? Was Kimball in the right or wrong? Let us know in the comments box below. Share this if you think Kimball should not
have been fired for feeding a hungry child.