there is a school all in new york that
is surveying completely vegetarian lunches now uh… down reported new of
new york city elementary school cafeteria is the first of the nation’s
economy class students at pete s two forty four the active learning
elementary school are being treated you at practice fare like allot balto fluent
sesame side i think he’s a d_s_ and its going really well the kids love it they started doing this attestation at
and tested forty four uh… three days a week and then they went to forty-three
n_f_i_b_ too weak it is completely needless and so far they say the kids
love it it’s also meeting all the u_s_d_a_ standards which if you remember school lunches probably
bars without and they said if the kid doesn’t want you know what whichever whoever every
week but they’re not making in the kitchen and yet the school analicia the world by agreeing with this because normally i’m against any kind of
trading restrictions by emal you know well-known fasts and
uh… and it’s called antitumor sandwich up with more may on
it attended macaroni salad mix to put more
mails sub out the green beans for more tater tots he acted and look at how i
can right now if whittier delta sorority
even in the junior height you don’t do get off the kids that’s right yes right
the narrow elementary school kids they don’t know any better could be bigger battles mitigate you see that’s why i like
vegetables so i i i like it i think it’s healthy i don’t think it’s you know i i’m not
that worried about the feelings of a kid was in elementary school like iarc
saldovar carnivore and you don’t know what you are out of the needs of a lot
exactly and also i think you know it’s cool
doesn’t you know american kids and i grew up in the public school system what are you still is if your bringing
lunch from home it’s peanut butter and jelly pretty much at school it simply
leaves outside the pizza square and if i can have my palate you know uh… that
the sort of more sophisticated at nine years old i think that’s fantastic
indian ocean help unsophisticated need a ride whether it would ever go to sam sicily
all these student unifi seat s companies you know i have
free food in their cafeterias ziwei key people in the building right so they
like keep working just use a brief mood but whatever you know it’s like really
needs this in the weeks now yes i think that i don’t i don’t even
know what that is what you wanna somewhere else so and then they have a
lot of might work for people with the flu food you want somebody you have not put it
but i’m not in third grade right and if i was a third-grade eat whatever
i mean that’s what i did when i was again my mom whatever magic here was
somebody should send me with went to school with a sandwich right and it was eggplant and feta cheese
obvious that sounds so delicious i can’t even
tell yeah can i tell you how much fun i got me
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