Interesting, yeah Okay, um just maybe maybe yeah, can I see a menu? Let’s see the menu first Welcome to another video Groovy so you might be wondering what I’m doing wearing this ridiculous outfit. Well, I’m trying to look like a tourist I think I might be pulling it off maybe a bit too much but you know the whole I love Beijing You know, I never wear baseball caps. I know it’s kind of weird Anyway, the whole point is I want to be a tourist today I want to go to Tiananmen Square which is you know, where the Forbidden City is and all that That’s where most tourists go when they come to Beijing and I want to see what happens to tourists. I want to see if People try to scam me and I’m gonna be very open-minded and I’m going to just go along with pretty much anyone who approaches me And let’s just see where it goes Because at the end of the day, I want all of you guys my friends who come to China to have a fantastic tourist experience and And, Well, let’s see what happens Okay, so as soon as I stepped off the Metro I was approached by a scammer, but unfortunately they’re very wise to cameras, and things like that, so First of all, she came up to me and immediately She was trying to pull her thing like about “aye where are you” from it cetera et cetera, which was the typical thing it’s exactly the same as what usually happens, but Then, first of all, she spotted my friend because we weren’t expecting this to happen so soon. Maybe there’s one of them over there anyway thing is Yeah She spotted We’re being listened to let’s move First of all, she spotted my friend with a camera and said “Oh your friend is there” and I was like “no He’s not my friend”. And then she saw I had my handy cam in my hand. “Is he recording the audio?” Which is like what’s that? Like it’s a camera and then all of a sudden she was like, “okay bye” and she basically cut off the conversation I can’t carry like this. Yeah see but I don’t about you felt more like a man But before she noticed the cameras she was all about like “aye where from what are you doing here” type thing and then it’s like Cesar cameras nearby, so they’re very wise to all the stuff So we’re putting the cameras away and I’m just going to use my phone Because it’s very hard sunlight if you can assume the brightness all the way down They won’t be able to see that. I’m actually recording on the phone. So that’s that’s my next trick. Yeah I speak English. Oh, I’m from England. How about you? Yeah, I’ll try that’s cool Yeah, I’ve only been here for two days, yeah Really? that’s cool Yeah, I love China it’s so interesting, you know, I’ve only been here like I said for two days my first time My name is Winston. What’s your name? Hello Lili. Nice to meet you Lili I don’t have any plans today. I just wanted to come to see Tiananmen Square and look around you know? no big plans Yeah Yeah, yeah – Oh, Hello! Hi! How are you? – Good Good!, My name is Winston, what’s your name? Liu Ying, it’s so difficult to say. Do you have an English name? Angela, okay! Okay, Angela and Lily so nice to meet you guys One cup of beer that sounds nice where where is there to get beer here? Okay, yeah cause’ I don’t know this place – yeah too many people. Okay, where do you think we can go? Okay. Okay. All right. Sure. Let’s let’s go. That sounds good Yes, yes. Many, many Chinese restaurants. I like to go, I like to eat Chinese food, you know, I think its very cool. Uh I might. I can’t use them. I’m very bad. I just can use a knife and fork, but Yeah One one day I think I will practice more and then maybe I can use use the chopsticks. Yeah. Yeah, just a different culture Yeah. Oh I can only speak English. Yeah, how about you? But your English is very good. No, I think it’s very good Yeah, it’s so strange I found it very difficult to find my way around here Right now I’m staying in the, it’s called the home in plus home in plus yeah Yeah, it’s not that far away uh maybe Yeah, but I took a taxi here I just showed the card for Tiananmen Square to the taxi and then the taxi driver took me here Oh, really? Don’t know how to use a subway Yeah, it’s too too difficult for me Because I can’t understand them Yeah, I can’t, I can’t understand the names, you know Too strange. Yeah. Oh I went to um – Yes in Beijing! There’s a famous place called the Silk Street Oh, it’s your favorite color? Thank you, I like it too. Oh really? That’s really cool. Awesome. Yeah. Yes, I think so too. Oh really ? Oh, that’s very cool Me? oh, I work for a bank So yeah, I do the computers in the banks, you know Yeah, yeah also also for me it’s a good job in England If you can work for the bank means you – Well, no, I see people touch money every day Well because I Really want to travel more But because my job is so important. I’m always staying in England so what I like to do in my spare time is, I have my own house and I like to spend time, you know in my house to fix my house make it bigger and Yeah, I’m quite thirsty. So you say somewhere somewhere near here. We can have a beer? Oh! very cool Yeah, okay. Uh, Yes, I have one sister yeah. How about you ? – Do you have any sisters and brothers? That’s very interesting. Really yeah? That’s pretty cool Well, you know I started to work when I was very young so I’m not that young I’m 36 It’s crazy. Yeah, I guess So so many people must have come to see the Tiananmen Square right? because it’s so famous Your English is so good. Yeah, how did you learn your English? It’s so good Really then you wow, that’s that’s amazing That’s amazing. Your English is really good. Because you know, I can’t even say anything in Chinese. I don’t even know one word Okay Alright, but that’s difficult to say like maybe I can say what can you tell me again? Okay Yeah, okay. Thank you See see see That’s quite good yeah very difficult the the language is so different it’s Are you okay? See the character? Yeah. Yeah, okay Yeah Yeah. I think so too because it sounds very different to Very different to English completely different and also I can’t understand any of the writing, you know Here? Beer and coffee Yeah, yeah. Yeah Okay, it looks interesting let me take a look Wow that looks a bit interesting yeah Okay, just maybe man. Yeah, can I see a menu? Let’s see the menu Okay, put your tea? What, what do you recommend? Oh Really? Okay, sounds good to me sounds good Success I managed to get low – Well, I managed to bait some scammers basically. So you saw kind of what happened there I was just walking through the forbidden palace area and I got approached by, guess what? two middle-aged women All sort of tarted-up in makeup and stuff which is very rare for people of their age in China And they started speaking to me and guess what? They said exactly the same thing as those scammers did to me two years ago ten minutes near mafia Coffee They have coffee here that’s nice haven’t had coffee today yet. Oh That’s that’s okay, like I said, I’m a little busy I’m just going to take some photos See, that’s why I have my camera. But thank you. Thank you very much, bye-bye do you want to get a coffee or a beer? and um You know last time I just ignored them but this time I followed them and All the usual stuff. How long have you been here? You know, what like, what do you do just silly conversations? It’s all nonsense anyway Because I can I can tell best part is they think I can’t understand Chinese which I can So when we arrived at their friend’s place typical little – I’m gonna go and film it outside so you can see the typical little beer, it says beer and coffee, which is ridiculous like anyway, it’s a little beer and coffee cafe thing with a bunch of private rooms in it and As I was walking in there’s a doorman and the doorman was sitting there and he saw that I was recording them on my camera sorry my phone and As the ladies were trying to get me to sit down and order stuff, right? He kind of walked in and in Chinese. He said in Chinese, he’s busy recording Stop, you know like get him out of here type thing So that spoiled the whole scam but it just shows you how vigilant they are these days The thing is as soon as I came out. I saw another guy being duped by another pair of same kind of women that fit the same thing and I followed them for a little while and I actually warned him we have another victim Hey, how’s it going man?, do you know – do you know anything about the area here? I’m just curious like a bit lost. Yeah, you knew you just new to the city. Yeah, I know Tiananmen is that okay cool. So and I there’s like a big sort of nice You’re about to be scammed by these two chicks don’t follow them into any establishment Thank you so much Thing is this is an incredibly common and easy this is easy to spot thing But if you are a single guy who looks like an idiot walking around like a tourist you are going to be targeted by these Individuals and their end game is to get them into their friends little shops like that and they’re protected by the way If you do go and complain to the police and stuff the police are in on it. They get paid kickbacks and stuff It’s not the police’s fault. That’s just the way China works. So it’s your fault for being scammed You have to understand that if you get approached by Random women walking around tourist spots that want to within the first minute to take you for a beer or a coffee You know that you’re being scammed. Don’t follow them It’s terrible and shame on you all of you to scammers here there and shame on everybody who actually defends them because they are Disgusting they spoil people’s experience of China and they make China look bad. These are the people so if you know scammers or if you’re involved in any kind of scam shame on you call them out Anyway, that’s it for this video guys I think I proved my point if you come to any tourist heavy place in China be at Shanghai Beijing wherever you go xi’an be prepared to have these people approach you and the more naive you look and the more naive you sound the easier it is going to be for them to scam you and one last thing i’ve said it before but the Best way to check if you’re being scammed or not is you choose the place to go They want to go for a coffee say right. Let’s go to starbucks. They keep insisting to take you somewhere else Then you just of course know that you’re being scammed Oh, and the the final thing is when I ask to take a photo with them and made the excuse it Oh, no, we’re buddhists with chinese. You can’t take our photos, which is a of nonsense Wait, so wait, we can’t can we take a photo together? Oh wait, so wait put it can’t take photo Okay Anyway guys that’s it for now unlike scammers as always stay awesome and I can finally get out of this ridiculous outfit Guess I can’t get rid of the outfit just yet because I haven’t told you guys how much that would have cost me if I Had stayed because I did get a look at the menu and only for a brief minute I managed to take a look but it’s very sneaky. It says like for a cup of tea I mean it ranges in prices But the main one is like 30 RMB served like 30 40 there abouts RMB for a cup of tea but then in Chinese, which of course not tourist is going to be able to read in Chinese and fine print it says you know per couple of grams and it also has something written there that if You buy a cup of tea You must pay for a whole pot of tea and then the pot of tea stuff is like on a different page Different pictures completely unrelated and there it says like 600 RMB for a pot of tea So, you know the thing is if you sit down and you have like a cup of tea And this is a normally ask you to try different ones to say Oh, you must try these different Chinese teas. Bla bla bla. This is our culture. This is they’re kind of tricky That way you’ll walk out with a massive bill now I’ve got lots of subscribers who have told me their first-hand accounts of being scammed by tea house scammers and They walk away with bills over a thousand dollars. And in fact one guy about two months ago. He had to pay 17,000 RMB which is absolutely ridiculous You know, this is something they get away with all the time And okay You’re sitting there you order a drink the girls order a drink and they’re very clever because whatever you order they order something different so that the prices all add up and These things are cheap if you want to go to a shop You can buy a bag of whatever tea they’re selling to you in that shop for like next to nothing Probably about 20 30 RMB for the bag. Okay, you’re getting horribly horribly ripped off But the worst part is is the way they force this is if you sit down you have your cup of tea They have their drink whatever. Oh and snacks as well. It says like 20 RMB for you. No peanuts, but then it says per X amount of grams so you know they get you with that as well So you think you’re paying 20 RMB for plate of peanuts because it’s got a picture but you actually end up paying like 300 or 400 or 500 or 600 for a bowl of peanuts because it’s got this program thing. It’s it’s ridiculous, right? anyway, the thing is Once you get the bill and you see this outrageous bill of like a thousand dollars two thousand dollars Whatever it is and you protest all of a sudden they start bringing in all those heavies You may have noticed on the street now on the street. You see a lot of these big chunky guys just sitting around doing nothing and those guys as soon as they get the call they’re gonna rush in there and they’re going to start to sort of manhandle you Kind of intimidate you into paying if you don’t pay they take you to your hotel or they escort you to an ATM to get more money and they use all these kind of intimidation tactics and you as a Tourist, you know, you’re in a foreign land you can’t speak the language, of course It’s a very uncomfortable situation to be in and I’d like to end this video with the following, you know Beijing is China’s capital right Tiananmen Square the Forbidden City all of that is one of the biggest tourist attractions in China and I find it’s such a pity that these people are allowed to operate Because obviously they’re allowed to operate if the police and the government didn’t want them there. They wouldn’t be there That’s what China is like But they’re allowed to operate and you know what it gives China such a bad International image because when someone goes as a tourist to another country, it means they’re interested in the culture that interested in the country they want to go and visit they want to you know experience China and just think about it if your Uncle Sam or something goes to China and he gets Scammed by one of these people and he has this awful Experience where he loses a lot of money and he also loses all his trust and faith in Chinese people He’s going to go back to the UK or back to Australia or back to America and he’s going to tell everybody That Chinese people are cheats Chinese people are scammers China is a terrible place and his entire experience of China would have been ruined all because of those Scammers that are allowed to operate right underneath the noses of the police and the army right there Which really pisses me off because they’re so easy to spot they all have the same MO And in fact, of course they have the same brick-and-mortar Establishments all around the area, you know, they’re not moving anywhere They take them always to the same places and they get reported all the time It’s like when people get scammed they often go to the police and say hey, you know This is where they took me and nothing happens. They stay in business So just think about that China just think about that for a minute. Anyway, that’s it. I’m wrapping up now I can finally Finally get rid of this outfit and if you guys like this one, I’m gonna go to Shanghai next because Shanghai is even worse amazing