I am now checked in and I’m heading to the SATS Premiere Lounge I haven’t been there for quite a while
so now I’m gonna check it out And see what’s new in 2019 Just like Blossom Lounge in terminal 4, you can also make your own laksa Chicken korma and rice Cream pasta Veggies Cup noodles if that’s your thing By the way, you can only consume this at the lounge The actually have two coffee machines, I
don’t know why but actually they have it Tea selection There’s beer too They replenished this section The sandiwches to go If you just want to come by the lounge and grab some food Before you head on to your connecting flight Oh my god, buffet?! and a beer Hi I’m here at Terminal 2 SATS Lounge I used my Priority Pass And I got these A lot of items Since it’s already 2pm, I can drink Cheers [casually rejecting the soup] This is the chicken korma That’s actually quite good It’s kinda like chicken curry But with a bit more Indian spices And the rice has coconut I like it This one’s the beef bolognese Nothing special It’s quite good It’s like the beef inside a lasagna I’m still drinking at the lounge I’m going to Bangkok in a while I haven’t been in 2 years I’m going with Che, Nicey, Floyd, and Matteo The 5 of us traveling together It’s gonna be crazy I’m done with the SATS Premiere Lounge I think it’s quite okay There are lots of hot options for food So if you want to have a heavier meal before your flight Or if you are connecting to another flight If you’re laying over, I mean Then it’s good But I think the one at Terminal 4 is better Thanks for watching And I hope you liked this mini-tour of the SATS Premiere Lounge Bai!