– Hi Guys, welcome back to – That YouTube Family! – And today we’re playing
Sardines in Sam’s Club. So we’ve divided into
teams and Ty is on my team. – Jacob is on my team. – Dad’s on my team. – So let’s go. – Okay, it’s mine and
Jacob’s turn to hide. We’re in Sam’s Club and
what is our idea, Jake? – I, you haven’t told me? – To build a fort. – Oh. – I’m thinking of building
a toilet paper fort. – [Jake] I know the best place to hide. – But I don’t really know yet. – So, we’re here waiting for
Jordan and Jacob to hide. – So Ty actually chose to be on my team which nobody ever
chooses to be on my team. Well, Ty chose me because he’s tired and he feels like walking today. – And he wants to sleep when we hide. (laughter) – Good reason to be chosen. – So I know where they’re
gonna go hide, hmmm. So I just got a notification on my phone from Brianna Vasquez and she says do more sardines because
I love sardines videos. So shout out to Brianna,
this one’s for you. – Let’s go back over here. – The toilet paper’s way over here. – It’s still the best place to build. – We’ve gotta find the toilet paper, because I think that would be
like a great place to hide. Let’s go over here, we
could go behind, yes, yes, cause it’s easy to move, we
could easily hide behind it. ‘kay, we’re gonna build
a toilet paper fort. ‘kay, we gotta start moving it. Okay, so we made it. So here’s, it’s not really toilet paper, it’s like rolls. We made a little dip in there, now we just gotta find a way to climb in. Here, I’ll move this top one. You climb in. Now I climb in. Oh my goodness. – [Jacob] Ow. – Perfect spot, you could
come sleep on your face. Jacob and I made a toilet paper slash whatever this is fort. – So it’s time to go and
Ty and I are taking off. – Oh, you’re so tired. – I just noticed something. We can look at hiding
spots while we’re at it. – Yep, we will. – This store is huge so we’re gonna have a hard time finding them. – [Brianna] They could be anywhere. I could find them so
fast we would never know. – [Jordan] Dance party. You’re sitting right there. See, we made a little
chair and then you can peek at them right there. Hopefully we don’t get caught
so we don’t get banned. – [Mom] Do you think they built a fort? – If they did, we can use that. – [Mom] Ha ha. – I’ll build – [Mom] We’ll build a bigger one. – We will block the entrance. – [Mom] Yes. – Because I know how to make a fort. And then stand there forever. It’s easy. All you have to do is push stuff around. – Holy cow, this is going to be hard. This place is huge. And there are so many places
that they could be hiding. – [Jacob] Shhh. – [Jordan] That’s Ty and Mom. They passed us. They just totally passed us. Oh, that’s a worker. Please don’t see us otherwise
we’ll get kicked out. – [Mom] Hey, so here’s
the toilet paper, Ty. What do you think? Yeah, that’s a good spot, huh? – You could hide back there. – [Mom] Yeah, ya think? Think they’re back there? – [Ty] You could go all
the way up and in the back. – [Mom] I don’t see
them back there though. – We could go up there though. – [Mom] I know if we could
get back there somehow. – I can. – [Mom] I don’t know if I can. Do you think that Dad and
Audrey have found them? Who cares, we have the
ultimate hiding spot. – [Mom] But they might be already hiding over by the furniture. – Where do you think
Drew and Jake would hide? – So if you were turned
loose in Sam’s Club, where would you hide? Comment down below. – Out of all the places in the store, we picked the right one
because this is the comfiest. We have a double wall,
too, we have double layers so if someone takes
off the first row, they don’t see us. So we’re all good. – If they take off this from
there, I’m gonna be caught. – We’ve tried to build the fort, and I think we did pretty good. They’re never gonna find
us, this is a huge store. – So they were not by the
toilet paper which Ty says is the best spot ever. – And no one knows. – So now we have to go somewhere else. (light music) – There is a shoe. – [Dad] Is there? – Come here. – There’s a shoe. (laughter) – Maybe that’s the shoe of
the last family that came here and played sardines. – We can come up here, we could
get up and stand up on that. – [Dad] We could do a fort video. We could build a fort. We haven’t seen Mom or
Ty which makes me wonder if maybe they were found. – Alright, built for us
from the toilet paper. – [Mom] So Ty wants to
hide in the toilet paper, but I don’t know if I can fit back there. – We could go behind this. – [Mom] We could go behind there. That might be easy. Ty, where are we going? – I don’t know, there are
probably like a hundred hiding spots. – [Mom] This is so hard. – So it’s so easy to find a hiding spot. – [Mom] This is not easy, Ty. – To find a hiding spot. – [Mom] Yeah, to find a spot, but to find someone else’s is hard. – We lost. – We lost, we’re stumped,
we don’t know where Dad is. – And we don’t have a phone. – And we left the phone in the
car so if they give us clues, we don’t know and we can’t track them. – We could go back. – Alright, let’s make one
more loop around here. There are so many hiding
spots, this is hard. – I should give them a clue. – No, no no. – Should we wait a little bit longer and then I’ll give them a clue? – About when this thing says 20 minutes. – It’s been 12 minutes? – They just walked past. – Who? – Dad and Audrey. – They walked past? (light music) – Okay, so I think we lost cause I haven’t even seen
Mom or Tyler walking around. – [Audrey] We’re gonna be here all night. I won’t have time to do my homework. – [Dad] Look, she’s stuck. (laughter) – She’s stuck. You can’t do that. – Comment down below if
you think that’s funny that we saw a girl stuck. – [Audrey] Well, looks like we lost. I don’t know where they’re at. – ‘kay, we’re gonna give them a hint. We’re gonna text them and tell them we’re next to where you
dry your hands, or . – At the back of the store because this is like
the back of the store. – Okay, we’ll them at
the back of the store. – [Mom] I think we did
not win this one Ty. – They’re right there,
wait where are they? – [Mom] Have you found them? – No. – [Mom] There are like a
bazillion places to hide here. – So many good spots. – And they don’t have their phone. – [Mom] And we left our
phone out in the car – So she text me and said they were in the back of the store. – [Mom] We’re like, we lost. – We said that. – So did you check around back here? – [Mom] No. – She said the back of the store, so. – [Mom] ‘kay, well we
already went by toilet paper but we’ll go that way. – Okay, so Dad and Audrey are on our tail and we are headed to the
back by the toilet paper where Ty originally said. Other than that, we don’t know where. – [Ty] I though they made a
miniature fort inside there. – [Mom] Ty, are they back here? I don’t know. It’s hard to say. I know. We already did when we came
through the first time. They’re over by the other
side electronics that way. So many. – There’s a ton of places, I know. – [Mom] At first we were
like okay, we’ll build by the toilet paper. Then we’re like, oh. We found them. – [Jordan] Ty, ty! (laughter) – [Jacob] How did they find us? – [Jordan] There they all come. We made a toilet paper fort. We gotta slide out now. I was born. We had to slide through there
and then we built up the wall. It’s two layers so if someone took it, then they wouldn’t see us. That was my plan. It was like very good. – [Mom] See Ty and I walk by? – Yeah and Dad and Audrey. – Now that we’ve found them
after 20 minute search, Dad and Audrey went off
to hide and there are so many hiding places here. – [Ty] By the toilet paper. – Alright, never been seen before, a grown man climbs in. – [Audrey] It’s even hard
for me to get in the tires. – A thing of tires. – It’s hard for me to fit all the way in. – And get stuck while
teenage daughter laughs her head off. – ‘kay, let’s go. – ‘kay so Dad’s trying
to scoot the tires out. (light music) – ‘kay now you have to build me up. I can’t get any more in. I’m stuck. (laughter) – Hello? – Oh, we’re so gonna get caught. – Do you notice me? – [Dad] No. – So there are security
cameras up on the wall. I can only imagine what the
security people are saying. I can’t get in the tires,
so I gotta just sit here squished between all of them. Hopefully I don’t get seen. Hopefully, my red shirt
matches the red railings. – It’s time to go find Dad
and Audrey, lets go, race ya. – [Mom] You guys go that
way and we go this way. – Hopefully we find them just walking. – [Mom] I think down one of these. – They probably went to like
the very front of the store or something, somewhere
way far away from us. So we don’t know where they are. Gotta catch up with Jacob. – [Mom] You think they’d
be in the middle here? – By the middle. – Okay, so Ty’s finding more spots and I don’t know where
Jordan and Jake are. I think we missed them, Ty. I think they’re somewhere and we missed. – You won’t find ’em. They’re gone. – [Mom] You guys haven’t
found them either? – No, we looked through the entire place. – [Mom] We looked through everywhere too. – These tire are moving slightly, ’cause I have to like keep the
circulation in my legs. It hurts really bad. – We could do the tire challenge,
I could knock Audrey over and roll her down the aisle. – Probably could. Oh, no, no, don’t. My legs hurt so much. I don’t know. I’m gonna be stuck. I’m gonna be stuck. Cause I can’t get up. My legs hurt so much, like my knees they’re on the tires’ rims and it hurts. – [Dad] Okay, it’s been how
long since we’ve been here. – I don’t know, it’s been so long. We’ve been here for so long. My legs are starting to really hurt. I don’t know how I’m
gonna get out of here. Like, (grunts) – [Dad] Surrounded by these tires. – What did I do? – [Dad] And you’re inside
a whole bunch of tires? – So we just got a text message
saying Jake walked by us around in back. – [Mom] Around in back? – It said round and black,
but I think that was an auto mistake. – [Mom] Were you in auto? – What? – [Mom] Were you over by tires? – Oh my gosh. – [Mom] Were you by the tires? – Come on by the tires. – Jacob, Jacob. – Go go go, the tires, the tires. – [Mom] Jordan, did you
go over here before? – Yes, but Jacob was like
maybe they’re in here. I was like no way. – [Mom] She saw me. – We got her first. – [Mom] Well I heard you
say Jacob and I’m like. – I don’t know how I’m
gonna get out, I’m stuck. – [Ty] Dad, you could’ve climbed. – [Mom] Oh my gosh, we
went everywhere but here. Okay, so it’s mine and Ty’s turn. – You guys just go shopping. – [Mom] What if I just shopped? – And then go get a
drink and then go back. – [Mom] And then go home,
because I have the keys. – No, go back to – [Mom] You wanna go get a drink. – I wanna get a drink
and then like come back and you know give them a drink. – [Mom] Where do you wanna go? Ty’s in there. ‘kay, but there’s a
worker and I don’t want to get in trouble. – [Mom] Ready, watch
out, cause here I come. Ty and I are hiding by the Shark vacuums, and we’ve built a wall,
but we have this wall that I need to build up. So we’ve got this wall, I
need to build up this wall. I am so tired. Ty and I have made ourselves a little fort behind these vacuums, here. – We need another layer. – No, if we just stay
low, they may not see us. So we are surrounded all
the way in this fort. Okay, so now we just wait. – We can have trees. – We don’t have a phone,
so I can’t text them when they are getting close, when they’ve passed, so this
might take a little while. – [Aubrey] Let’s go find them,
guys, let’s go find them. – What if they, feel like they might go to the freezer section. We should go back there first. – So we think we know where
Mom went, cause she said in the electronics, there’s
lots of places to hide. So I think they are going to
be hiding in between piles so we’re gonna have to
search really really close in a lot of these areas. – Yeah, now we’re just sittin’ here. – [Mom] You think we won this? – Yeah, there are no cracks basically. – [Mom] Yep, we made a wall. – Tryin’ to find them, and
so far they’re nowhere. Look for a teeny black camera. – [Jordan] Yeah, they’ve got the woggy, so if you see a woggy anywhere, you know that’s them. – They’re probably not here
because there’s workers walking all around here. Oh, let’s go check the sheds. – They wouldn’t be able
to close it though. – [Dad] That’s true. Okay, I am buying this shower head, sorry, but it’s now mine. – [Brianna] Oh my God this is huge – I’m sold. – [Brianna] It’s so big. – It’s awesome. – [Jordan] Alright, five
days later, still searching for Mom and Ty. We keep running into these
crazy weirdos over here. What the heck. Oh my gosh, it’s like deja vu again. – [Mom] If we here ’em, should we whistle? (whistling) – ‘kay, shh. Do it again, one more time. (whistling) (distant whistling) – [Mom] One more. (whistling) (distant whistling) – [Mom] Did you find us? You have to move a box to get in. I know, I had to do it
with two workers nearby. It was embarrassing. Hurry, before they come
and then hear a wallop. (whistling) We’ve got to give ’em clues, cause they don’t have a cell phone. – [Jordan] Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking, walking, go high. Hey, they’re here. Hey, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, you guys. What, you guys are here first? (laughing) – They found us. – [Jordan] Now try and get out of there. – Thanks for watching. Make sure you like, subscribe, and share. – Bye. (light music)